A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30000  by Caleb Pryer
"Yeah, something like that," said Caleb, kicking his heel against the ground.

Taking a seat next to Robin then he said, "That and he wanted to yell at me a bit more, make sure I knew how serious this was and why the rule is there."

He pursed his lips, then said, "I feel bad. But not bad enough," he ended with a slight smile." Looking t his bottle then as he turned it about then he said, "Soooo... you love me huh?"
 #30001  by Robin Glover
Robin smirked, looking at her own drunk before eventually nodded.

"Looks like it...thought you would've already known. Didn't really act subtle about it, I didn't think. Especially since I always let you have the last slice of pizza."

She smiled widely at him.

"And...You said it first." She smirked.
 #30002  by Caleb Pryer
"Whaaat? I did?" said Caleb with a grin. "He took a sip of his beer, then said, "I guess I do then. Well, what does that mean. We should move in together?"

But suddenly remembering her living situation he said, "Oh, right. Nah, never mind. I need my space anyway. We should get little tattoos that say Caleb and Rob forever. With a heart around it."

He was joking of course. They had already had a discussion about how they thought people who did that were just jinxing themselves...
 #30003  by Robin Glover
Robin started to grin as he blatantly suggested moving in together...But then...it was hard to be saddened when he was straight in with another joke. He always managed to lighten her heart.

"I want mine with an arrow through it and a butt-naked Cupid." She jested, taking another drink. She cleared her throat.

"I do wanna live with yer, Cal. Sometimes I feel we already do. We just sorta....mesh." She bit her lip. "My uhm...my mum..." She swallowed. "Do you think she would hate me if I ever did move out? Would she even know? Sometimes...She doesn't even know who I am. Pippin sometimes gets fed six times a day, sometimes none. I've been thinkin' a lot lately that...maybe she should have a live in carer or..."

She shook her head.

"Pft, look at me. Gettin' serious and all that. Time to celebrate saying the big L." And with that, she took a big swig.
 #30004  by Caleb Pryer
"Yeah I... can't really give you advice on your mother," said Caleb. "I'm bias. And selfish. So you will have to figure that one out but... I support whatever you decide to do."

But after taking a sip of beer he said, "Maybe you get a care taker five days a week, and on those five days you stay with me, and then on the weekend you stay with her. that way you get two full days in to make sure everything is in good shape, that she's being taken care of proper, and you get to spend some quality time." he shrugged, then said, "And if you try it for a few weeks and it just doesn't feel right well... No harm done. You can go back to the way things were."
 #30006  by Robin Glover
Robin hummed.

"Well...that's a possibility I suppose. I would definitely be open to spending longer than one night with you, and I could always have Lily babysit the dog. Or I could bring her...she's a quiet lass." She ran her hand through her hair, but then began to smile a bit at Caleb. "Look at you wanting to spend time with me...so adorable."

She rubbed the top of his head and grinned.

"Y'know...I think, since tomorrow is going to be stressful, we should call it an early tonight..." she glanced around for a moment, lowering her voice. "Perhaps have a few rounds of our own." She spoke, smirking.
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