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Jodie scowled at him for a few seconds. "Shut up." She muttered, finally lifting herself off her chair and moving toward her clothes to finally start getting dressed again.

Without even realising, her skin started to lighten again.

"There's a new guy around. One from the Kingdom. I think his name is Freddie...or that's the name he's given out. But I can tell...he doesn't like it either. Doesn't even like some of the people from his own unit. I've seen the way he looks at Reef." She shook her head, picking up her jeans and fiddling with the waistband. "He's a nasty piece of work."
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"Wait!" said Simon, standing up slowly. Swinging a leg over the chair he walked closer to her, then said, "I don't know I... kind of feel like I got that question right so..." He glanced down at her bra, but then looking back at her again he smiled and said, "Just kidding. But can you stay as yourself for a bit longer? Why change back? Why not be authentic around me if no one else?"
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"Is it?" said Simon, his brows jumping. "I mean... well... what part of this is a conquest?"

He then stepped into her. Very... very close and said in a low voice, "Am I about to conquer you Jodie?" He brought his hand up close to the side of her face, as though he meant to touch it but... not quite.
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Jodie met his eyes, holding them for a few seconds as she swallowed his words. She felt her breath quicken, her heart lurching in her chest as she flicked her eyes to the side, seeing his hand lingering in her peripheral. She bit her lip, shifting focus back to him again.

"No." She said, backing away abruptly. Jodie began to pull the jeans back on, hopping on one foot as she lost her balance, stumbling into the wall before steadying herself again. She quickly tugged them up, fastening them and then reaching down for her shirt. "You take the first night watch. I'm going above deck for a walk."
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Jodie dragged her top on, pushing her hair out of her face before almost frantically pulling her boots on. She didn't even bother putting her socks on first.

"Yes. I'm sure." She said quickly, snatching up her bag of sweets and shoving them in her pockets before heading to the door. "None of this happened." She said over her shoulder before turning away again. As she made to leave, her hair was seen to straighten and lighten further, just as her skin was too.
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Simon watched her go, then muttered to himself, "Nice going idiot..." he glanced at one of the snakes that seemed to be staring at him and said, "what are you looking at?"

He then walked about the room once more, checked the other hatch, then found a corner where he could see all angles of the room at a glance. Going to his bag he took out a hammock and set it up, attaching it to two magical pins in the air. But there was no time for sleep now.

Simon soon took a seat on the floor with his back to a crate and began to amuse himself with a game of solitair.

... but it wasn't easy. His thoughts were distracted with Jodie.

Jodie... so beautiful. So easy to get along with. When had he ever had such an easy time getting along with soemone with out sleeping with them first?

Simon pucnched the floor of the deck hihs his fist. Why had he tried to make a move so soon?! Why did he have to at all. Fool!

He tried to settle back once more to his game..
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A few hours later...

Jodie had been out on deck for a while. But it was now to the point where she couldn't stand the motion up there. She could see the rise and fall of the horizon, and could hear the choppiness of the waves. Even her liquorice sweets weren't helping at this point, and the dizziness became too much. Her first point of call was the first aid room to get some anti-nausea potions, and then she helped herself to an enchanted cooling cloth. That indeed felt extremely good on her forehead and the back of her neck.

Now stocked up on supplies Jodie headed back to the cargo hold, soon stepping in and glancing around. Everything seemed in place how it should be, and she could see Simon in the corner. He looked a little creepy sat there. Once again, her skin was back to the usual lighter tone, and her hair had a few lighter strands in.

"I can take over now." She said, taking another swig of the potion.
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Simon got up, stretched and nodded, then left to use the restroom, but returned shortly. He glanced at Jodie, then made his way over to the hammock he had set up.

Kicking off his shoes he said, “I am going to lay down. If anything out of the ordinary happens ... wake me at once. Got it?”

He then proceeded to clime into the hammock, but rather then shutting his eyes he folded his hands behind his head and just... gazed in the direction of Jodie.
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"Right." Jodie responded as she settled down into the corner, using a blanket she packed as way to soften the floor beneath her. She leaned back in the corner, legs outstretched and crossed at the ankle. She shuffled the deck in her hands, and then flicked one of the cards over to reveal it. At the sight of it, her appearance began to change to imitate the elderly king. And then she flipped the next, her appearance altering once again to impersonate the young peasant girl on the 'two'.

After a couple of these, she morphed back, eyes flicking up to where Simon was lying. Though she looked back down at the cards.

"It feels like you're staring at me, y'know."
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