A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #27228  by Felix Speyer
Location: Band Camp, Camp Wandsworth • Date: Summer 2003

As a former band camp attendee, Felix had been honored to receive an invitation to offer workshops for this year's crop of musicians. As a lover of music, a radio host and a repressed rock star, she had a lot of opinions to offer and a lot of advice to give.

On a more personal note, Felix had been looking for an excuse to escape London. Between feeling like her career was at a standstill and her latest heartbreak, the city had started to feel oddly restrictive and redundant despite its ostentatious size. Without as much as a glimpse behind, she had packed her bags and had taken a flight to Canada.

The first day of camp had been as exciting as she had expected. With only one of her workshops given, Felix was already convinced that she was changing lives and inspiring the next generation of artists. It is with a smile that reflected this impression of success that Felix left her cabin ready to join everyone at the evening's campfire.

Even under the starlit sky, the coniferous forest emanated a luscious green tint to their surroundings. As the weather permitted, Felix was still wearing her kakhi shorts but she had traded her t-shirt for her favorite sweatshirt. A few campers were already seated around the campfire, some of them holding their instruments obviously ready for a nighttime jam session. "Is this seat free?" She asked politely before she chose a seat.
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