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 #27214  by Nathan Iver
Nathan nodded, then said, " I do not blame you my dear, or begrudge you your choice. She is very beautiful.... captivating even."

Truthfully Nathan was simply captivated now by the way Astrid touched the other woman, and at the idea of the two of them kissing!

Wile two women together had never been at the very top of his list... He definitely was not going to say no to it by any means...

And there was something especially intriguing when one of them was his wife, and the other the less experienced Hera. He enjoyed seeing her squirm against her own thoughts and feelings.
 #27215  by Hera Cleary
Hera listened to Astrid's words carefully. They were eerily true, particularly about Egan; truthfully, Hera had been concerned about how much she gave to Egan after finding out he liked to run his mouth about it to the men at work. She remembered being utterly mortified when she found out Dice knew all about her speaking French and her attempts at teasing. She grew redder just thinking about the embarrassment.

But she had to wonder whether she could even trust these two either. Thinking about it, she had never even heard a whisper about their private life, so maybe they was being honest. But did that mean they would be honest at her? She glanced at the photos again, biting her lip. They kept that a secret and brought them to her attention...

Astrid's words refocus on the other woman, and then Nathan's words added to the overwhelming feeling. Were they both really so taken by her? What had she even done that was so alluring to them? But how was she supposed to deny that look in Astrid's eyes? How many secrets did this woman own?

Without realising, she had begun to lean forward, not actually giving an answer to Astrid's question of permission. But she didn't need to. A few seconds later and her mouth was pressed to Astrid's, her eyes closing, and her hand placed gently on top of the Swedish woman's that rested on her leg. Hera had never kissed a girl before, aside from maybe Cecile - though that was not exactly by choice. But something felt...good about this. Even with Nathan watching, it felt relaxed, comfortable even.

She accepted Astrid's bid to deepen the kiss, her left hand resting carefully on Astrid's waist.
 #27216  by Astrid Iver
Adrenaline pumped through Astrid's veins. It had been a while since she had kissed a woman, and a woman as beautiful as Hera! Hera's little hesitations and insecurities set Astrid off; she wanted her.

Without a second thought, Astrid deepened the kiss, sliding her hand up further Hera's leg, and then used her other hand to guide Hera to cup her breast. It felt magnificent! She moaned into the other woman's mouth, appreciating her soft skin and plump lips - far different from kissing Nathan. Better? She wasn't so sure, but a close second all the same. Astrid wasn't about to be coy anymore.

She began to touch over Hera's body, revelling in the way Hera shuddered an tensed before relaxing at each new sensation. She flicked her eyes open, looking to her husband with those eyes. She pulled back slightly, whispering against Hera's lips; the other woman seeming somewhat dazed from reality.

"And now, I would like to watch you kiss my husband."
 #27217  by Nathan Iver
Well.... this was different. And to think all their troubles started because he actually did kiss another woman...

And then he saw Astrid, her eyes burning with an intense heat! And then telling Hera to kiss him...

Nathan betrayed almost nothing. From his expression one would think her order did not shake him at all... But it did. The paranoia set in. But looking at Hera he gestured her over with a nod of his head, sitting back fully on the sofa, his gaze intense as he began to look her over slowly. He wasn't going to help her, give her a words of encouragement, or go to her... Because if she followed Astrid in this "request" which was really an order... who knew what else she would do...
 #27218  by Hera Cleary
But Hera hesitated. Despite having just kissed Astrid, and being told to kiss Nathan by that very same woman, there was something that felt more nerve wrecking. She had already played with fire with that kiss, but kissing Nathan Iver...

She recoiled into herself, shaking her head slightly.

"I don't know if I uhm...If I should..." She trailed off, trying to avoid Nathan's eyes.
 #27219  by Astrid Iver
Astrid felt her heart lurch in her chest. Not out of fear or anger...but excitement. This woman was worried about kissing her husband because of Astrid, but she would gladly kiss Astrid herself. It was weird to wrap her head around, but it was also a high.

"Then I shall kiss him first and you will see. Come."

She stood up, holding her hand out to Hera and leading her graciously toward Nathan. She gestured to Hera, helping her lower herself on the sofa beside Nathan, Astrid following on the other side of him. She reached across her husband, taking Hera's hand, and placing it on Nathan's chest.

"Relax, dear. All is well." With that, Astrid easily kissed her husband, her hand skirting into his hair, kiss deep and vibrant with passion. And then she pulled back, looking immediately to Hera. She cupped the other woman's face, giving a little helpful nod, the same way that Nathan had. Hesitantly, Hera began to approach, and as she did, Astrid moved a little out of the way. She began to kiss at Nathan's neck, grazing her teeth over his skin before whispering lowly into his ear.

"Go for it."
 #27220  by Hera Cleary
Hera was utterly confused why she was still here! She should have been on her way, head hanging in shame, likely scolded for her actions. But instead, she was watching Astrid tease her husband, and she was feeling herself lean closer to Nathan. Her fingers curled at his shirt, her body tense.

In a weird way, she really wanted to, but a part of her was concerned that this was all going to backfire. What if she kissed him and then Astrid killed her or something? What if more photos were going to be used against her?

But she wanted to trust them. She wanted to understand the pleasures that they indulged in.

And so, she leaned forward until her lips pressed against Nathan's. It was at that moment that she heard Astrid inhale sharply through her nose, and felt a feminine hand grip her lower back, dragging her closer until she was pressed flush against Nathan's body.
 #27221  by Nathan Iver
Nathan fully enjoyed the attentions of his wife, even more than he enjoyed Hera's evident discomfort... As she began to kiss him he could feel a passion behind it that he had not felt for weeks! In truth all he wanted to do now was make love to his wife! He didn't even have the faintest draw or desire for Hera- Ok, that was a lie he couldn't even make himself believe. Hera was beautiful, with a beautiful body, and seeing her kiss Astrid did something... and Astrid's own kisses to him fully aroused him. It made it quite easy then to accept the kiss from Hera. He brought his hand up then, gently brushing at her cheek by way of encouragement.

It was all... strangely exhilarating. He could not worry about how Astrid may or may not feel after.

And then suddenly he felt Hera pressing up against him! It was as though a fire had been ignited inside of him! He wrapped one arm around her waist, his free and reached down and took hold of her thigh, pulling it around him so that she straddled him, all the wile kissing her with a slow growing intensity..
 #27222  by Hera Cleary
Hera gasped as she was pulled against Nathan by Astrid. She had never desired to see Egan with another woman, and yet was this really something Astrid wanted so intently? Hera didn't have the time to fully question it before she found herself being hitched up, straddling Nathan, her chest against his with the intensity of the kiss growing.

She had never been with a man like Nathan, and never a woman at all. The sudden burst of excitement seemed to override the panic, and she felt herself starting to grip at him, clutching him.
 #27223  by Astrid Iver
Astrid was in heaven. The moment she saw Nathan give in and let go of his reserves, Astrid found herself unable to escape euphoria. This had been a secret craving she'd had for a while, and now it was happening. A part of her desperately wanted to watch it go all the way, to see her husband take Hera. But she wanted to drown in suspense. She wanted to nervously anticipate and dream about the night she was planning.

With that in mind, she pushed her fingers into Hera's hair, leaning up and whispering lowly into her ear. She felt Hera slow her kissing, listening, understanding, and finally nodding. She was very well behaved as a lady of her stature. She should stick around.

Hera pulled away from the kiss, and then instead kissed Astrid, far more intently than previously before the two of them moved to kiss Nathan simultaneously. With that, Hera began to work on unfastening Nathan's shirt, Astrid at his belt, the two of them placing kisses over his lips, face, and neck.

Just because Astrid wanted to save the finale for the event did not mean they couldn't do something else.
 #27229  by Nathan Iver
Nathan was in heaven!!

And to think this was a gift for his wife.

When Astrid began to undo his belt, Hera kissing hin and unbottoning his shirt, he let out a quiet, audible moan.

Ah, the thing he had to endure to keep his wife happy...


When all was said and done... Nathan lay back in the corner of the large sofa, entirely nude now, one leg draw up onto the sofa bent, his arm resting on his knee with a cigarette hanging from his finger tips. He had his eyes on Hera as he took a long drag then said casually,

"Care for a cigarette?"
 #27230  by Hera Cleary
Hera felt like she was going to sink into the sofa, her head resting on a cushion as she tried to keep herself sat up. She was positioned in reasonable proximity to Nathan, but she certainly wasn't cuddled up to him. After all, this was still Nathan Iver. She flicked her eyes up as he spoke, a small smile on her lips.

"I don't smoke." She whispered, fingers drawing invisible patterns on the fabric beneath her.
 #27231  by Astrid Iver
"But you do drink." Astrid spoke, pouring another drink for Hera and passing it over. The other woman took a second to accept, but accepted regardless. If Astrid could not enjoy these things, she would ensure everybody else did so she could at least taste it on their tongues later. Astrid was seated between Hera and Nathan, and she began to shift. She pulled Hera to rest her back against Astrid's chest, her own back leaning against Nathan.

If she was honest, she was in bliss. There was nothing more pleasant than having the feel of a woman between her legs and a man behind her. She rested her head back, looking up so she could see Nathan's face. He had impressed her. She couldn't even try to lie about it.

Astrid pulled Hera closer, who seemed to accept the closeness.

This felt odd.

Astrid was not a cuddler. Even with Nathan, cuddling required a special occasion. Perhaps this was one of those times. She wasn't sure, but she felt a relief of endorphins as she began to playfully braid Hera's long hair.

"You are quite something, Hera. Certainly one of the most..." She took a breath. "intoxicating women I've come across...do you not agree, darling?" She looked over her shoulder at Nathan. "Would you like to explore more with Hera?"
 #27232  by Nathan Iver
The most intoxicating woman? No. Astrid was. When she asked the question to him Nathan looked down at her and silently shook his head, then tapped her on the end of her nose. Wasn't as if Hera saw.

But at her next question he said, "I believe I would?" he took a long drag of his cigarette, then said casually, "What do you say Hera? Shall we indulge her on a future date? She is quite taken with you... and to be frank, so am I. I am not sure how your husband ever let you go."

"What were you thinking Astrid?" he said, laying his head back and looking at the ceiling, watching the smoke rise, swirl and dissolve... "Some time after our son is born?"
 #27233  by Astrid Iver
Astrid blinked as he tapped her nose. He did not do that. That was extremely unlike him, and yet, it made her smirk a little. Only a little; she didn't want him to think that he had washed away everything so quickly. But did reaffirm something, even if it was only a small gesture.

This act did not change their dynamic. He was still solely for her, and she was still solely for him. In her thoughts, at least.

Astrid closed her eyes, enjoying the moment, humming in agreement with Nathan.

"Yes, that sounds perfect. Perhaps we will have another join us; I would feel guilty if one of us got left out. Perhaps a man. But we can discuss those details later." She waved, dismissively before going back to running her fingers over Hera. "If you agree, of course, dear."