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[The Three Broomsticks] Finding time

PostPosted:24 May 2019, 17:25
by Morgaus Blackwell
Location: The Three Broomsticks • Date: 24 May 2003
Time of Day: Lunch • Weather: Cloudy skies

Zac, Come see me. We should talk. Three Broomsticks. Let's have a Butterbeer and hang out
With everything that had been going on Morgaus hadn't really gotten to hang out with her friends individually. She was trying to fix the trouble happening and she hadn't felt like she'd the time to be herself. So she had decided to go to the three broomsticks and get a butterbeer. But she couldn't find Zac so she just sent him an Owl and headed over.

As she arrived she realized the letter could have been seen different than how she wrote it. And we should talk could mean anything. But shrugging it off she found a table and ordered a couple butterbeers and waited for Zac to arrive. She didn't know if he would but she was betting he would want to come being curious about what she wanted to talk about.