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 #26429  by Barbas Binx
Location: Binx Manor: Hogsmeade • Date: May
Time of Day: Nighttime • Weather: Warm & Storming

Barbas had arranged for a meeting with Nathan Iver, and Perrine. During the vampire's wait for the others arrival, it began to chuck it down. He went to the back doors in the dinning room which lead out into the back gardens, opened them and watched as the night sky lit up with flashes of lightning.

Barbas loved a good storm, he found it oddly relaxing, and given he has to talk about his granddaughter this evening, he could do with a bit of relaxing. After a few moments of standing in the back, he heard the front doors go. He sighed lightly to himself as it was 'show time', then headed back inside.

As Barbas got nearer to the hall he could hear the house elf had opened the doors to let the visitors inside. "Good evening!" he called out as he came into view and greeted his guests. "Thank you for coming, I know it was a bit short notice, but given the wedding is only around the corner, I thought it would be best to speak sooner rather than later".
 #26430  by Nathan Binx
Nate was suppose to be joining in on the meeting too, however he was currently at the Blue Lagoon giving Johnny his orders.

Barbas thought it was a good idea if one of Michelle's brothers were present, they had been her guardians for a while now, so it made sense to them that one of them were involved. But seeing as Johnny could never keep his cool when a touchy topic involving his sister was around, he wasn't invited.

Johnny was banished from the manor for the evening, until Nate would come to the Lagoon to get him once the meeting was done. Until then, Johnny was left at work, Misty making sure he stayed put and didn't try to sneak home.

Now Johnny was aware of what was to happen tonight, Nate left the Blue Lagoon, and made his way back to Binx Manor. Of course he was going to be late, but Nate didn't mind making a fashionably late entrance.