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 #26256  by Winter Rains
Sitting in a booth with a few of her friends, and her brother was Winter. Sitting in front of her on the table was a stack of about four or five pieces of parchment. “I’ve requested you all here because I have a problem...” she spoke with a serious tone and seemed much more grown up than she really was.

“Well, to be quite honest, we have a problem. Zac has been caught fighting again and he’s giving our name a bad reputation with the Professors. If we don’t do something about him soon he could ruin the Reapers for us”. She sighed then added “Which is why I called someone else to our meeting...”
 #26257  by Anubis Binx Jr
Anubis had been sitting at the next booth over, listening to Winter, and when he heard her final words he got up and moved around to their table and took a seat. He slid the parchment that was in front of Winter over to himself, and read off a few things that were written down.

“So he’s been caught fighting on several occasions... Been caught doing graffiti around the school... He was also caught letting off dung bombs in the girls bathroom..” Anubis continued reading to himself in silence.

Looking up at them all after he finished reading, Anubis asked “who invited him into the Reapers? And why?”
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 #26259  by Rixius Rains
“I did” he replied defensively. “He’s a good friend, so what if he screws up sometimes!” Rix turned his attention onto his sister, then snapped “what did you have to tell him for! I told you I can handle Zac”.
 #26324  by Morgaus Blackwell
Morgaus had entered Three Broomsticks wondering what was so urgent. Winter had seemed so flustered over the situation that it had piqued Morgana's interest. So when she saw Winter she patted her shoulder in a "you've got this" kind of way for comfort. Whatever IT was.

She sat down in the booth. She was always one of the last ones. She nodded at Rixius in greeting. She didn't smile very often so it wasn't that she disliked him. They just had a cool and chill friendship. Than she listened to Winter speak about Zac. "Why must he try to ruin everything," Morgaus pouted. But as Winter said she'd invited a special guest she looked up to see Anubis Binx Jr. "Why do we need help," Morgaus had started but as he started reading to himself she realized it might be good having that extra help.

"Rix you handling Zac has gotten us nowhere. He's going to get us in trouble or worse expelled," Morgaus piped up.
 #26425  by Winter Rains
"Because, Rixius! Anubis might not be in school any more or officially be in the crew, but he still created this".

Winter looked between everyone now as Morgaus asked why they needed help. "I strongly believe if someone is breaking rules and making the rest of us look bad, and they won't listen to us, then Anubis should step in. The Reapers, it's his baby in a way, the last thing he wants is to see it destroyed by the likes of Belzac."

Winter then turned to Rix and spoke mainly to him, "and seeing as Zac is your friend, the last thing you want to do is kick his arse or have me kick him out. So, perhaps Anubis can scare some sense into him without you having your friend turn on you for anything. "Morg's is right, Zac won't listen. So it's time to break out the big guns".
 #26431  by Anubis Binx Jr
"Well, I would like to officially inform you all that you're looking at the new Counsellor for Hogwarts" he said. "I wasn't planning to apply for the job for another year or two, but things change I guess. And clearly some of you need guidance.... I'm not having this Balthazar lad ruining what I worked hard to create. So when I move into the school next week, I'll be keeping an eye on you all".
 #26433  by Rixius Rains
"It's Balzac!" she said defensively to Anubis, as if the older guy had gotten Rix's own name wrong. But Zac is his friend, and everyone was happily doing this meeting without Zac behind his back, so Rixius was a bit annoyed.

"Great..." he said sarcastically when Anubis informed the group he was the new school counsellor. "So your dad quit then, or did he just get the boot for the younger version?" he asked as he genuinely was wondering what happened to Anubis Sr.

Looking to Morgaus, Rixius suggested "why don't you talk to him! He fancies both of you, but won't listen to Winter for some reason, but maybe you can try and talk to him. Flirt with him or something, flirt him into keeping out of trouble with the Professors that way?"
 #26474  by Morgaus Blackwell
"So if you're going to be the counselor how will that help?" she asked Anubis Jr. very curious how he thought he could change Balzac's mind. "It could be a very bad thing if we get disbanded," she agreed with Winter than realizing the circumstances were what they were.

"So will you be punishing us if you catch us than?" Morgaus ever the brave one asked. She was very curious and she kind of had a little crush on Anubis. Not that she'd ever act on it.

As Rix suggested she flirt with Balzac she kind of laughed. "I mean I could try that. Zac is a sweetheart," she said
 #26581  by Anubis Binx Jr
"That's for me to know, and for you...." he didn't finish the sentence off to Morgaus, he simply turned to Rix and replied about his father. "My father is none of your business, and I won't be speaking about him with anyone. I don't answer to any of you...." By not answering to any of them, 'Nubis was referring to the third degree he felt like he was getting from both Rixius and Morgaus.

Anubis's attention then was back to Morgaus and he said "I have to admit though, perhaps you trying your luck with Balzac might be best". His eyes glanced for a moment to the side, where Winter was sitting as he added "I'd rather you didn't try and flirt with him... You know, from a leader point of view it doesn't look good".

With Anubis becoming a staff member of the school, he looked between them all and said "with me officially being a Hogwarts staff member, I can't be doing any meetings like this out of school. If anyone needs to speak with me, then by all means, come to my office and we'll speak. We can use as an excuse that you're seeing me for advice, should any of you need to meet with me".
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 #26598  by Morgaus Blackwell
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Morgaus listened to Anubis start to speak but than he trailed off. She crossed her arms ready to speak when he started on Rixius about Anubis Sr. and his business not being any of theirs. "I'm only asking questions for the sake of the crew and I," Morgaus spoke looking at Anubis. Still her arms were crossed.

But as Anubis's attention went back to her she uncrossed her arms and softened a little bit. "I mean I could try and see what happens but I'm not promising it will help," she said.

"And as for your being staff. We could still hold meetings but in the school and use it as study time and have you come and help with the extra curricular part of it like you took on helping students as part of your counselling," Morgaus suggested.