A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #26198  by Angel Silva
Location: Muggle London • Date: May
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Warm

Angel had the next couple of days off work, so she decided to go by Nicole’s and surprise her. She just presumed Nic would be free, but as it turned out she was working tonight, she’d gone out for dinner with Ragen and was planning to head straight to work from there.

Angel had recently been given a key... well, more correctly, she managed to sweet talk Nicole into giving her a key. But it did seem like a good idea to Angel! The women had been together for a while now, and they were friends not just lovers. Angel was also around Nic’s quite a lot lately, so it made sense!

Angel rummaged around in her pocket for her keys, then pulled a small set out. She flicked through her few keys looking for Nicole’s, and when she found it she proceeded to open the door to let herself in...
 #26213  by Arnaud Lacroix
He had not seen Nicole in almost two weeks. Work and other commitments had occupied his time, leaving none for his friend. He wasn't sure what had made him decide to visit her tonight or maybe he simply wasn't willing to admit that he had felt lonely.

Approaching her flat he noticed someone at the door. Someone whose hair was too light to be the woman he was visiting. "You got a key," he chuckled noticing the small object in Angel's hand. "If this were a competition, I would be tempted to think that you won it."
 #26214  by Angel Silva
Angel turned around when she heard Arnaud, then gave him a little smirk. “Because of a little key? No, I think if we were in a competition it would take a bit more than that to win... Maybe getting her to say she loves one of us, now that would be a win I reckon. And I would still win”.

Angel glanced over her shoulder to the front door, and with a little nod toward it she asked “are you coming in?”
 #26217  by Angel Silva
Angel laughed when Arnaud confirmed she would win. “Spoken like a true man” she smirked and had wanted to imply men had commitment issues, but she knows full well women could be just the same! However, she wanted to sass him a little.

“Excellent” she replied, having the same idea as him; the look on Nicole’s face to seeing the two hanging out without her, it would be amusing.

Angel opened the door and headed inside, she made her way to the kitchen after dumping her jacket on the back of the sofa. “What’s your poison, handsome?” She called out while opening the fridge to see what Nicole had in. “It actually looks like you have a choice of water, milk, tea, coffee....” she paused to grab something from the side of the fridge, held it up in Arnaud’s direction and added “or my good friend, Jack Daniels”.

Nicole wasn’t a big drinker, so the only thing that was in that was strong to drink was a bottle of Whiskey angel had left. “You’re an afternoon drinker, right? Or was you looking for just a cup of tea?” She asked while closing the fridge door, then made her way to the cupboard to grab two glasses.
 #26558  by Arnaud Lacroix
He did not mind being teased about his reluctance to commit, his intents had always been clear and they had not changed.

"Whiskey will do," he relented once it became clear it was their only option as far as adult beverages were concerned. "Hey, can I ask you something about Nicole?" The man inquired, quick to talk about the woman they had in common.
 #26561  by Angel Silva
When Arnaud conformed he'd take the whiskey, Angel placed the glasses down on the kitchen table, then proceeded to pour the drinks. "You can ask, but I might not tell you whatever it is you want to know" she teased, then slid Arnaud one of the glasses over.

While leaning back against the kitchen side, Angel took a sip of her drink then gave Arnaud a curious look, which was soon followed by a serious one, her joking demeanour pushed aside for now. "What do you want to know? If I can tell you whatever it is you want to know, I will. Within reason of course".