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 #24233  by Michelle Binx
Location: Scotland: Binx Manor • Date: March
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: warm

So, it would seem Michelle couldn't avoid having anything to do with the lies she told her grandfather. All Binxy wanted to do was stir up some trouble, maybe get a few people fired from the beast decision of the ministry, without having to deal with anyone herself. But it seemed her grandfather couldn't deal with it alone. Great.

After Barbas had arranged with Vera Hadley to come by the manor to discuss the complaint face to face with Michelle, Binxy rose from her bed and went down stairs to the living room to wait.
 #24234  by Barbas Binx
Barbas was already up, the sun hadn't even gone down fully yet, but with the manor having protective windows so the sun's rays didn't harm any of the vampire members, he was fine to walk around the manor so early.

Barbas was currently setting up tea in case Vera wanted a drink, when he spotted Michelle waltzing into the living room and wasn't properly dressed. "What are you doing?" he asked, to which Michelle just looked lost and confused. "Go and get dressed, Miss Hadley will be here shortly and you are not decent! Go!"
 #24390  by Vera Hadley
The manor was imposing, but not as austere as her colleagues had described. Since her involvement in the Binx case had made it to the Ministry's gossip mill, Vera had been met with various questions and concerns. Colleagues whose name she barely knew had found their way to her office to pry information from her. Always courteous and polite she had gently dismissed them without sharing information about the case.

The blonde knocked on the impressive doors of the manor and waited for someone to greet her.
 #24405  by Michelle Binx
Michelle rolled her eyes at her grandfather wanting her to go and make herself decent. “I don’t see why I have to, I’m in my own home, I’m suppose to feel comfortable doing this stupid interview aren’t I?” But regardless that Michelle didn’t want to get dressed out of her night dress, she still went to do so.

As Binxy was passing the doors she heard someone outside, before They had even knocked. Binxy opened the doors just as Hera had finished knocking, then looked the older woman over. “Miss Hadly, right” she asked while stepping aside for the other woman to enter. “You’re a lot prettier than I thought you would be”.
 #24406  by Barbas Binx
Barbas stopped what he was doing when he heard what Michelle had said to Hera. He muttered some profanity under his breath and in a flash was with the women.

“Michelle! Go and get dressed” he pointed to the stairs while giving her a stern look, then turned to Hera. He smiled and said “Miss Hadly! Welcome, please come into the living room and i’ll fix you a drink”.
 #24520  by Vera Hadley
Due to her line of work, Vera had been made to meet an impressive cast of characters, many of them colorful and eccentric. Yet being complimented by a vampire upon arrival was not something that had ever happened to her. A little taken aback Vera struggled to respond and her discomfort only amplified when she noticed that Miss Binx was in her nighttime attire.

"Yes, I am Vera Hadley, I am here to investigate your claims regarding the Vampire Law Enforcers," she finally stated deciding to ignore the compliment all together. Averting her eyes she looked at the man rather than his granddaughter.

She followed Barabas towards the living room. "I trust you had received the owl confirming my visit," she asked him wondering if perhaps Miss Binx had not been expecting her.
 #24604  by Michelle Binx
Michelle smiled at Vera when she confirmed she is the woman who was due to call round for the meeting, then said "well I'm glad they sent you. You seem a lot nicer to deal with, compared to the others".

Binxy opened her mouth about to throw some come-on line at Vera when Barbas told her to go and get dressed. She rolled her eyes hard at her grandfather, then huffed. "Ugh! Why!? It's no different than if I were on the beach in a bikini! In fact I am more dressed now than I would be at the beach". Barbas gave Binxy a stern look, to which she rolled her eyes again then said in an annoyed stone "fine."

Michelle turned back to Vera, that sweet act back on as she excused herself. "I won't keep you waiting long" she added then vanished to her room to get dressed.
 #24605  by Barbas Binx
Barbas watched Michelle closely, he could tell she wasn't going to be on her best behaviour. Crap.

Barbas nodded over the owl coming in, and replied "it was received". He sighed, took a sip of his drink then said "I'll have to apologise in advance for my granddaughter. I really hope her behaviour tonight won't affect the report... She can be a little playful and flirty when she sees someone she likes. And... I can tell she liked you".

Salazar give me strength was all he could think while taking another sip of his drink. All he could think was if Michelle acted the way she usually did around someone she took a shine to, it might make her claims not look to credible.
 #24687  by Vera Hadley
She took the cup of tea she had been offered and set it on the coffee table before her. Doing her best to repeal everything she had heard about Miss Binx, she focused on the man before her. Even as he confirmed some of the rumors she had heard, she did her best to parse her thoughts and keep an open mind.

"Flattery is not something that will be taken into account when assessing this case," the blonde stated. "Only the facts matter," she added as she took out a piece of parchment and a quill.
 #24729  by Barbas Binx
“Oh I didn’t mean her compliments to you a moment ago” he replied, “I mean her behaviour of what is most likely to come when she returns”.

Barbas was glad to hear only the facts mattered, maybe Michelle couldn’t mess this up after all, or maybe Barbas’s presumptuous thoughts of Michelle would be wrong and she would behave... For once in her life.

Barbas could sense Michelle was on her way back, and after taking a sip of his blood laced tea, he said “she’s coming down now”.
 #24730  by Michelle Binx
Michelle waltzed back into the room, then plopped herself down beside Vera. She smiled and opened her mouth about to speak to the older woman, but stopped and turned her attention to her grandfather.

“You seem tense...” she could sense her grandfather’s bad vibes as they were that strong even a muggle could probably pick up on it, not to mention she could hear parts of what Barbas was saying when she was on her way down.

“Relax, grandfather!” She huffed a little then turned back to Vera, adding “Isn’t it me who’s suppose to be all edgy and nervous?”
 #24855  by Vera Hadley
Vera crossed her legs and charmed her parchment so it would levitate in front of her as she wrote. "No one should be nervous, I am merely asking a few questions to ascertain the facts," the blonde explained with a polite smile.

"Mr Binx, as I have mentioned during our prior meeting it would be better if I could meet with Miss Binx alone though she is entitled to ask that you remain present," Vera looked at Michelle as she was the one who had to make the decision.
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Michelle looked over to her grandfather when Vera had mentioned to him the meeting should be done without him. She smiled at him and said "I'll be fine, grandfather. You can leave" then turned back to Vera. Michelle originally did want Barbas there, but seeing as he'd ruin her fun, she changed her mind.

Barbas sighed lightly then left the room.

With Barbas gone, Michelle turned her sweet smile into a mischievous smirk. "So... Where do we begin?" she asked, but before Vera got the chance to answer, Michelle asked "have you been doing this sort of work for long?" she scooted a little closer to Vera on the sofa, then asked "are you married? Do you have a family?" She really wasn't interested in doing the interview, all she was interested in was Miss Hadley.
 #25117  by Vera Hadley
Remaining still though she felt uncomfortable with the other woman's proximity Vera kept her eyes on her notes. "Let's start by the events that transpired that day," she insisted though many other topics had been suggested.

When Michelle did not budge, Vera pursed her lips. "Your complaint is a serious one, in order to address it I will need to hear about the events." After a short pause, she continued. "My personal life is not pertinent to the topic."

The blonde had been warned about the vampires' alluring senses and she had no intention to give in.
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“But which day? There have been a few days when I’ve been treated poorly by the officials who’ve come by” she replied. “To be honest, though, I didn’t want to complain, it was all grandfather’s idea for me to inform someone.” Everything that came out of Michelle’s mouth was a lie! “I just see it all as harmless flirting, but grandfather insists it’s wrong and needed to be reported”.

Michelle watched Vera closely as she kept her eyes on her files, and didn’t answer any of the personal questions the vampire had asked.

Binxy ignored Vera pointing out that her personal life wasn’t pertinent to the topic, and asked “so would it be wrong for me to keep going off topic by saying I think you’re very pretty, and I find you rather... intriguing, and I wish to know a little bit about you?”