A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #24214  by Noah Fitzralph
Location: Muggle London • Date: 3.02.2003

When Beth had told Noah that Olive would be staying with a friend, the chaser hadn't once imagined that this was where he would find her. The house looked two seconds away from falling apart. The windows were either board up or blown out, jagged glass sticking out from the edges. Graffiti covered nearly every single surface and rubbish was strewn across the front lawn. The gate and fence that separated Noah and Alexis from the house was barely non-existent. The whole place screamed unsafe and it made him see red.

"Alexis," He spoke without turning to look at her. "You should go. I don't want you seeing whatever is inside there."
 #28189  by Alexis Nightshade
Like Noah, Alexis had no idea what the house or this 'friend' of Beth's would be like. Needless to say what they were presented was not what they were expected.

"Merlin..." she uttered under her breath, perhaps it was one of those houses that was hidden behind a veil charm but that wasn't likely. She tore her gaze away from the building, if you could call it that, to Noah.

"I think you forget Noah, I was an Auror once and I assure you while I've never seen a house like this, I've seen a hell of a lot worse." her hand twitched, and her wand slid down her sleeve, the tip of it just resting in the palm of her hand, another twitch and it would be in her grasp within a moment's notice. She might have stopped been an Auror several years ago, the instincts never truly left.
 #28468  by Noah Fitzralph
Noah let out a whoosh of air that sounded like a small chuckle. He was relieved frankly, dealing with that was inside there was going to be difficult, and he wasn't sure he could do it alone. Truth be told, Alexis was far more equipped wit such shady situations than him, so he needn't worry. Though that was easier said than done. The woman beside him meant a lot to the him, and he didn't want her to get hurt because of a situation he put her in.

Licking his lips, Noah nodded, looked at Alexis and then moved forward, climbing the stairs to the front door two at a time. He knocked immediately, too worried that if he hesitated any more, he would chicken out all together.

It took only five seconds before he heard the thundering of footsteps and the door was pulled open and a small girl peered around it, "Hello," He said quietly.
 #28469  by Olive Tate
Ever since she was little, Olive had been taught to always use her manners, respect her elders, never talk to strangers, and to only answer the door when an adult was around. They were four pretty basic rules to follow and so far Olive hadn't messed up, but when a knock sounded at the front door of her Aunt Shelley's home and she was asked to answer it, Olive found herself unsure of what to do. Her Mum would never have asked her to do it, but her Mum wasn't here, and if she said no, that would be naughty. Olive never said no, at least not to adults, but surely it would be okay to answer the door if Aunt Shelley asked her right? Her Mum wouldn't even find out.

She shrugged, climbed down from windowsill she had been sitting in and moved to open the door. Peeking around the corner, she peered up at the tall man in front of her, "Hello," She answered back shyly before realizing someone else stood next to the man. The sight of the woman made her feel slightly less scared. "What do you want?" Olive then asked.
 #28570  by Noah Fitzralph
Noah had known of course that coming to this place that he would be faced with the child he hadn't known existed. That was of course, exactly why he was here, but for some reason he hadn't thought that it would have been so soon.

Finding himself speechless, he looked at Alexis and then back at the girl who was his. His daughter. "Olive?" He murmured quietly.