A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #19127  by Michelle La Fratta
Location: Michelle's home, Compiegne • Date: Wednesday, 9 October 2002

Surprisingly, Michelle's sprawling home had smaller rooms. October was proving to be a rather chilly month so Michelle found herself in one of these smaller rooms. The fireplace worked faster and she desperately wanted to get warm. Dinner had been delicious as always; now Michelle sat on the floor next to the fire, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. A number of files lay in front of her. In a strange pang of longing for her home, she sipped on a cup of tea. Louis slept next to her.

She looked at the man sitting in the armchair next to her, enjoying his own drink. "I feel like I need to move past supplying wolfsbane," Michelle said to him, continuing their conversation after a moment of silence. "It makes it seem like I'm playing black market instead of being a serious contender."

At least, that's how other people made her feel. Michelle drank from her cup.
 #19128  by Hadrian De Palma
Hadrian thought on her words as he drank his mulled wine. It was a recipe Heloise had come up with and to merely call it delicious was an understatement. "You're not wrong," he finally replied to her. "Selling a highly regulated potion is not as high-risk as some of the things your father or your peers participate in. But it's not something you can just drop."

He looked at her. "Remember, you're the only market for that in a few hundred kilometers. And werewolves aren't really known for their even temperaments."
 #19130  by Michelle La Fratta
Would she become the target of someone's revenge? Michelle remembered dealing with these people when she first started providing the potion; cursed and desperate, grasping for anything to make them feel even the slightest bit normal. She could only imagine how they would feel if their only source suddenly went away. Sometimes Michelle wondered if she was turning these desperate people into addicts. However, when she thought about the alternative — werewolves rampaging through the countryside, tearing out the throats of anyone who was unfortunate enough to run across them — Michelle figured she was doing something beneficial to society.

"But that means bringing someone into the fold, letting them see my recipe, taking orders, all of that."
 #19413  by Hadrian De Palma
He figured she wouldn't want control wrested from her. "Well," Hadrian said as he watched the fire for a bit.

"It's just like cooking. You could have Heloise make it. You trust her more than anyone else on this planet. Sure, she may be a Squib, but—" Hadrian shrugged. "It's worth a shot. We'll have to find more runners for it though. She wouldn't survive doing it on her own and I'm too busy having to watch you since you decided to stick your whole leg into this pool."
 #19415  by Michelle La Fratta
What Hadrian suggested wasn't a bad idea. He was right about Michelle's level of trust in Heloise. They were both on each other's side and Heloise's friendship was the closest friendship Michelle had ever experienced. If Heloise ever decided to go back to a restaurant career, Michelle would pull as many strings as she could to get her into a very well-known restaurant.

"I'll talk to her about it," she said. "I'm thinking I should hire a person for magical staff. She already does so much; adding potion-making to it would mean the cleaning nor the laundry gets done." Michelle turned to Hadrian.

"Could you place an ad in the paper for me?" she asked.