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 #19475  by Pavel Albu
Truly, this was not a great time for Pavel to deal with his friend's drama.

Then again, it clearly wasn't a good time for Radu either.

The greenery worker paused a moment, taking stock of the situation. He stared at Radu for a time, unsure what to think while Manuela voiced her concern, and even if he had not seen her start to cry he could have heard it in her voice. This was a mess, both in the spilled drink and broken glass and in every other sense of the word.

"It means someone lied to him," Pavel guessed, his gaze meeting Radu's. He knew there was a lot the other man had never told him, but there was a lot that he had. That, and his relationship with the Katoracovs, told him everything he needed to know to make an educated guess about the situation.

"Am I right?" he demanded, anger still in his tone from the way Radu had reacted toward Manuela, mixed with sadness for his friend.
 #19510  by Radu Georgescu
Radu was drunk, but he wasn't drunk enough not to notice what Manuela said and how she said. He was still capable of reading between the lines. What did it say about their relationship that the first thing she assumed was that he had lied to her?

That it was over. That he was a fool for ever thinking he could get some sort of happy ending.

He looked at Pavel and nodded.

"Da," he affirmed weakly, "His name was Vanya. He was like a father to me."

He was finally letting it hit him. Vanya had not taken Doina's body to be buried to save Radu the pain of seeing what had happened to her. There had been no body to for Radu to see. The plan had not been kept from him. He had been it's catalyst.
 #19515  by Manuela Balan
She knew so little about him before her. Other than the brief glimpse Radu had given her and a few unreadable silences, Manuela felt like his past had always been off limits. Even as secrets of his past were threatening their present, it seemed he wanted her to leave. She looked at him, as he spoke to Pavel, feeling like she was being ousted from her own life.

He was in shock, she had to remind herself. His wife, a woman he had loved, lost and grieved was alive. He had been betrayed, by a man who had apparently acted as a father figure. Without dismissing her own feelings, she had to realize that he was going through worst.

She couldn't hold on to them if she wasn't willing to hold on to him. Wiping her tears, she took a hesitant step towards the cabin. "How did you find out she was alive?"
 #19639  by Radu Georgescu
"I ran into on the street outside the bakery that sells the French pastries."

He was being really specific. Manuela was at least listening and he did not want her to think he was lying still. She was still going to hate him later, he was sure of it, but at least he was telling her the truth.

"I don't know why she's here. I didn't think to ask. She's Russian now. She's married and has kids."
 #21142  by Manuela Balan
She was married, she had children. Manuela was almost ashamed at the amount of relief that revelation brought.

So very confused by the entire situation, she stood in the cabin's doorway. "What should we do?" She did not mean the put the decision on Radu, but she felt so far removed from her fiancé's former life that her opinion felt completely invalid.