A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #28441  by Olivia Dunn
She thought of her family and tried to figure out the best way to describe her family to Tim. Of course she couldn't go into the details of her families professions or lifestyle, considering Tim was most likely a muggle. Still there were plenty of safe topics.

"My mum and step-dad have three kids and they're all kinda...nuts," she said remember her half-siblings running havok and screaming as they chased each other. "Then there's my dad and my puppy!"
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"Being a single kid can be... lonely sometimes. But I am not sure if I could manage 3 siblings... especially ones who are nuts," he said honestly. But not having any wasn't ideal as well.
"Darn... I always wanted a pet... but never got one," there was a mild level of envy in his voice.
Tim was trying his best to be careful, but since he fell down his shirt got a bit loose and now every time he went for a branch he revealed the wand in his back pocket, not even realizing it...
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"It took me years to convince my dad to let me get her but-" she stopped mid sentence for as she turned around she saw a long wooden stick poking out of Tim's back pocket. She questioned whether, perhaps, it could be a stick like the ones they were gathering. But even from the little she could see, Liv was able to tell that this wood had undergone a degree of artistry that wasn't found in common sticks. It was too clean, too well shaped to be a snapped branch. Yet, she was still hesitant to ask, not wanting to sound crazy.

"What...whats that?" She said, trying her best to sound casual, "in your pocket, what is it?"
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Tim smiled when she talked about convincing her dad about the dog. Perhaps he should try to be slightly more annoying and persistent. But the smiled froze on his lips a bit when Liv asked him a question.
"Oh... that is... a stick," he was possibly the worse lier in existence.
"Uhm... how do you call your puppy?" that was his best attempt as misdirect, changing the topic quickly while hiding the wand.
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She knew that so was not just a stick. She crossed her arms across her chest. She was used to being lied to, her siblings lied about the silliest of things and didn't quite understand how to lie. Even her parents sometimes lied to her, it would be a long time before she forgot the misjustice of Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Yet she was not accustomed to being lied to by her peers, most likely due to a lack of peers.

"Her name is Tallulah and she loves sticks," she said bringing the conversation right back to the topic Tim seemed to want to avoid. Liv was persistent and was hardly likely to give up any time soon. "In fact she would probably love that stick in your pocket, can I see?"
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Tim wasn't a good lier because he didn't lie. And he wasn't quite comfortable doing so right now. Partially because his parents lied to him most of his life about the magical world. Or... well not telling him was close to lying. He had enough of it.
"Yeah... I wouldn't buy that as well. It's a wand," he said pulling the wand out of his pocket. It's not like it was that weird for boys to have wooden swords, wands or guns. So the wizarding world should be safe.
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Liv rushed forward wanting to see the wand for herself. She had of course seen wands before, her mum and step dad both had wands for starters, but she had never really been granted the chance to truly examine a wand. She was usually warned not to play with them as they are not toys, as if Liv didn't already understand that. Toys weren't half as interesting as real wands for starts.

"What wood is it?" She said not even attempting to hide her excitement. "Have you ever used it? What's it like? Does it bend?"

She might have felt sorry for overloading the poor boy with a million questions but she couldn't control herself. She wanted to know everything. More than anything she wanted to try and use it, even though she knew she wasn't allowed. She didn't know the ins and outs but she knew she was too young and either she or Time, or maybe even both, would get in trouble. It didn't stop her from wanting to though.
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Well... apparently Tim bumped into another young wizard kid by accident since all the question were very... direct. And there was a lot of questions.
"Uhm... it's fir I think? And yes... it's very flexible and bends easily," he said and swing it a few times to show how flexible it really was.
"I was using it for the whole year," he explained. Well, except for the DADA lessons with the pink toad.
He wasn't going to let her try to wand though. Tim didn't quite understand how wands worked but apparently, wands were choosing their owners very carefully.
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She really couldn't believe her luck, to find a wizard boy whilst on holiday was just mind boggling. She had a thousand and one questions she could bombard him with but she tried to show restraint. She paused and took in a deep breath, perhaps she was best limiting herself to one question at a time. One and a half if she really had to but certainly no more than two.

"That's so cool," she said still staring at the wand with idolisation. "What was it like, when you got your wand? Did it hurt?"

She would be getting her own wand soon. Her mum had promised her that they would go as soon as the funds were in place and she had the time to go down to Diagon Alley. She had been to Diagon Alley many times before, of course, but usually buying sweets, ice cream, books and knick-knacks. She had never ventured into Ollivander's as she had never needed a wand. She was really excited but nervous, everyone kept saying how you never forget your first wand. Was it possible to somehow mess up and be told no wand was suitable?
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And that was probably the end of den building since Liv seemed to be incredibly curious.
"Well, uh... we went into a small shop in the... Diagon Alley, I think," he started. It was his first and so far the last visit to the place and the name itself was far less interesting than all the places there.
"I just tried like a dozen wands or so before this one... and this one chose me... or so they said," he explained.
"And it did hurt a little since I waved one of the wands and knocked a heavy book on my leg," Tim explained. It was probably just him who managed to hurt himself while picking up a wand.
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She was so focussed upon what he was saying and nodding along with everything he said, all thoughts of the den had slipped from her mind. She was making mental note after mental note. She had learned that Timothy had tried a multitude of wands before one was finally selected and that he had indeed been injured in the process and so Liv should be careful when she tested her own wands. Avoid pointing at anything heavy or delicate looking might be a good rule of thumb.

"I can't wait to get a wand, I'm getting one this summer!" She said waving an imaginary wand through the air. She had had multiple daydreams about her future wand. She was more excited about getting a wand than she was about actually going to Hogwarts. "I hope I get chosen by a wand, is it possible for no wand to pick you?
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Tim shrugged.
"I am not an expert on wands but I imagine they have thousands of wands out there. And I never heard about someone not getting chosen. So I wouldn't really worry about that," he said. There probably was a chance of that happening but probably insignificantly small.
"So... you are starting school in September?" he asked. That would mean that they could easily meet at school which was something that made him instantly happy. It would be nice to stay in contact after this holiday ends.
 #28536  by Olivia Dunn
It was reassuring to say the least, with thousands of wands out there Liv was sure there must be at least one that liked her. It wouldn't be long now surely before she had one of her own. Perhaps if she saw Tim again she would be able to show him the wand she had gotten.

"Yeah, September..." She said, trying to hide the churning inside her stomach from showing upon her features. Truth be told she was trying her best not to think about September and all that that would entail. Her mum asked her each day if she was excited to go to Hogwarts but her mum seemed more excited than Liv was, which didn't exactly help. So, much like she had done all summer, she continued to pretend that she was raring to go. "I can't wait..."
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"Well, that's nice... I mean... it's still a school but you can have one of these... " he said and waved his wand around.
"And you will learn a lot of neat spells..." he said suddenly feeling for some reason like he should sell it.
"Wanna see a spell?" he asked suddenly. He learned a lot of spells in his first years, some from teachers, some from people from his house. There were a lot of elder kids who helped if you asked them.