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[St Mungo's] An Amalgamation of Grief

PostPosted:26 May 2019, 09:08
by Minerva McGonagall
Location: St Mungo's • Date: June 1996
Time of Day: Early Morning • Weather: Overcast

It had taken a preposterous amount of deliberation, but eventually, her doting nurse had accepted to help her up. The journey had been tensed and strenuous, but Minerva stiff joints had managed to carry her from her bed to a nearby chair. Though she had been sitting for a few minutes, her muscles were still jolting from what should have been a menial jaunt.

Once she had been sitting Minerva had sternly requested a copy of the day's paper. Desperate for news of the world outside her accursed hospital room, the Professor was even willing to consider reading the Daily Prophet without her usual disdain for its obvious propaganda.

The suspiciously long delay was making Minerva rather trepidatious. Was the nurse avoiding her request for fear of the burden of bearing bad news? Just before she could ask for the assistance of another staff member a familiar figure stood in the doorway. "Dianne," she greeted slightly surprised.

Re: [St Mungo's] An Amalgamation of Grief

PostPosted:03 Jun 2019, 15:55
by Dianne Osgood
Dianne had been horrified by the events of a few nights ago. Before that, her biggest concern had been whether Umbridge would sack her if her students didn't perform well enough in their exams, but then Umbridge herself gradually became more and more of a problem. Hogwarts didn't feel at all like the home it was for Dianne growing up, and all of it culminated into this one dreadful night when her fifth years were taking their O.W.L.

Not able to sit back and fly under the radar anymore, she decided to do something about it. Everyone, including Umbridge thought she was away at her home she had with her husband in Hogsmeade, but instead she paid a visit to St. Mungo's.

Knowing that this needed to be a secret at all costs, Dianne confunded the nurse taking care of Minerva, and quietly slipped into her room.

"Minerva," Dianne replied, still finding it very odd to call her former Head of House by her first name, instead of Professor.

"How are you feeling?"

Re: [St Mungo's] An Amalgamation of Grief

PostPosted:04 Jun 2019, 06:12
by Minerva McGonagall
"Peachy," Minerva pinched through tight lips. Though the effort she had put in pinning her hair in a tight bun, transfigurating her hospital gown into presentable robes and giving her cheeks a bit of color supported the positive appraisal of her condition the professor was eluding the true extent of her discomfort. Her joints were still stiff and every movement came with a generous dose of pain, not to mention that she had required help to walk the few feet that separated her bed from the chair in which she was currently sitting.

Quick to avert the concern directed towards her, Minerva stiffly pointed at a chair close to hers thus wordlessly inviting her colleague into the room. "How are things at school?" She asked as expectantly as she would have asked a summarizing question at the end of one of her lessons.

Dianne's visit had not been expected, but it was not unwelcome and it was certainly less innocuous than the presence of a colleague who was known to have closer ties to Albus.