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 #26172  by Ardric Sage
Location: Hogwarts Courtyard • Date: 15 May 1996
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Sunny with clouds kind of skies

It was a little bit nippy outside. And Ardric thought it might be a chilly day to watch the Ravenclaw team play Quidditch against the Slytherins. But he was determined to go watch even if he wasn’t playing. As he stepped into the courtyard in his warm coat and Ravenclaw scarf he grunted a moment. “Ugh it’s a cold day for a match,” he said to himself and put his hands in his pocket. At least it was sunny and would warm up quickly.

As he was walking along he thought he saw Michelle Binx. He wasn’t certain but he stepped towards her. “How’s my scarf?” he asked teasingly towards the girl he thought was the fourth year girl.

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 #26173  by Michelle Binx
Binxy was currently sitting in the slytherin stands enjoying the game between her house and Ravenclaw. You might say she was enjoying it a little too much as the young Binx girl jumped up and screamed for her house’s team to destroy the Ravenclaws. She really wished she applied to join, she really did enjoy the sport, but for some reason she didn’t bother applying to join the Slytherin team. Much to her brother Johnny’s dismay.

Michelle was soon distracted from the game when she heard a familiar voice. With her typical huge ear to ear smile appearing, and that angry competitive side of her vanishing, she turned to Aldric and said “it’s doing very well...” then pulled the collar of her coat down to expose the Ravenclaw’s scarf. “I thought best to hide it from view, seeing as I’m at a game my house is playing against yours. It wouldn’t be right I wear your house colours when I should be supporting my own” she giggled.
 #26176  by Ardric Sage
Ardric gave her the biggest grin he could muster up. He hated hiding under his smile but couldn’t exactly tell people who his parents were. It’s not like anyone would approve. But with Michelle it turned from a mustered grin to a real genuine smile. For some reason the fourth years grin always made him smile.

He chuckled as Michelle replied to his teasing attitude towards her having his old scarf. “Come on you don’t want to support Ravenclaw. But we’re the best team,” he grinned playfully at her.

But he sat down beside Michelle to watch the game instead of sitting with the Ravenclaws. He showed her his Slytherin watch. “I’m supporting your team,” he smirked.
 #26249  by Michelle Binx
"Correction; Slytherin is the best team" she beamed back. When Aldric exposed the slytherin watch around his wrist, she laughed. "Where did you get that from?! Which Slytherin did you steal it from?" she giggled. "That's not seriously your own watch is it?" she gave the older boy a confused look, but then she soon looked like she figured the answer out to where the watch really came from. "Ooooh! I know where you got it from, your sister, Rebecca?"
 #26320  by Ardric Sage
Ardric laughed as Michelle told him he was wrong. "It's not Slytherin. I say Ravenclaw," he smirked playfully. As Michelle saw the watch he let her finish reeling off before she figured it out. He knew she would. It wasn't hard with his little sister being a Slytherin.

"Yes it was my little sister. She thought if I was going to be friends with a Slytherin that I better dress accordingly," he laughed. "Her words about me being friends with you," he added in case she wondered what other Slytherins he hung out with.

He did have some friends in Slytherin.
 #26423  by Michelle Binx
"Nope, nope!" she continued with her friendly protest over which tea was the best. "Slytherin! Then Ravenclaw".

Binxy was soon laughing, over how Rebecca thought it was best Ardric should wear some Slytherin gear if he was going to be friends with Slytherins. "Well to be honest, you don't need to wear Slytherin stuff to be my friend. If you're nice to me and play games, I'll be your friends regardless"
 #26477  by Ardric Sage
"Alright. Alright. You win. I surrender," Ardric chuckled as Michelle playfully protested who had the better team. He did like hanging out with Michelle. She was a fun kid to hang out with.

"Well than I don't want to wear this watch while I support MY team," Ardric grinned still playfully with Michelle. But he kept the watch on regardless of what he'd said. "Well I try to be nice and I do play games so I must be perfect in your books," he smiled at Michelle and patted her head lightly like she was some little child.