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 #25478  by Gareth Lewis
Location: Hogwarts Corridor • Date: May 7

Gareth let out a sigh, hopping up onto the bench. The year was almost over, he told himself. Soon, he could go home and escape all of the craziness. It was a funny thought. He had come to Hogwarts in September hoping the exact same thing, but now he couldn't wait to go home. He just had to get through exams, first.

Which reminded him. He needed to study for Potions. The young boy reached into his bag, pulling out his Potions textbook and a piece of parchment with some notes he had written and started reading, murmuring names of ingredients out loud.
 #25483  by Juno Mudge
Juno felt like she had done a lot of growing up over this past year. She had entered Hogwarts as a naive little child, and she was leaving soon as a less naive version of the same child. Heading down the corridor with her usual brown satchel bag in her hand, she was thinking about how she hadn't gotten lost around the castle in months now, when it used to be a daily occurrence.

Passing a familiar face, she decided to stop.

"Hi Gareth," Juno said, sitting down on the bench next to her classmate, and she smiled at him.
 #25520  by Gareth Lewis
Just as he got to Moondew on his alphabetical list of ingredients, Gareth absently noticed someone sitting next to him. He glanced sideways, offering a tiny smile to his classmate.

"Hullo," he replied, giving an equally tiny wave. As he did so, his piece of parchment paper slid off his lap and down to the floor. "Oh!" He bent down to pick it up.

Well, even if he was more willing to talk to people now, he still was as awkward as ever.

With a sigh, he glanced at Juno again. "How's revising going?"
 #25549  by Juno Mudge
"It's going okay, I guess," Juno shrugged, fiddling with the strap of her satchel, "I haven't revised anything for Defense against the Dark Arts, because it's so boring."

She also couldn't stand Umbridge, and wanted to be reminded of her as little as possible. She was dreading the exam.

"What are you doing right now? Potions?" Juno asked, glancing over at Gareth's books.
 #25565  by Gareth Lewis
Gareth nodded thoughtfully. As much as he did like school, he had to agree with her. For all the excitement his parents had built in him for Defense Against the Dark Arts, it had fallen flat. Then again, with the teacher they had...

He was so glad he had flown under the radar all year.

"Oh? Yeah, Potions. Trying to memorize all these ingredients. I feel like Professor Snape won't hold back, and I still don't have the whole list memorized. There's so many..." He held up his parchment, grimacing. "I'm the most worried about this exam, I think."
 #25651  by Juno Mudge
"Yeah, Potions is hard," Juno nodded. She had a very good memory, and even she struggled sometimes.

"The other day in class, I put the bitter root in instead of the gurdyroot, and it was a total disaster! My potion went red instead of deep purple and it started making this weird fizzing sound, it was so embarrassing," Juno did smile though, at least she was able to see the funny side now.

She did leave out the fact that she had lost Ravenclaw five house points - she thought it best not to remind a fellow Ravenclaw of that fact.
 #25659  by Gareth Lewis
Gareth grinned as soon as he could see her smiling as well. "It was kind of funny, though. And from what I've heard, not the worst Potions disaster ever. I heard someone from Hufflepuff once managed to turn her hair pink after stirring the wrong direction."

Something was eating at him, though. Then it hit him and he slowly slid down the bench, further away from her, leaving a clear space. "In case Umbridge comes along," he murmured. Some of the rules she had come out with were a bit ridiculous.
 #25741  by Juno Mudge
Juno laughed at the thought of a potion gone wrong turning someone's hair pink - to be honest, that would happen to her anyway, as her appearance was prone to changing randomly whenever she felt strong emotions. It was an ability she would one day be able to control, she hoped.

She initially looked really confused when Gareth slid away from her - before it suddenly clicked.

"Oh yeah," Juno rolled her eyes, "wouldn't want to make her angry. Have you ever had detention with her?"
 #25757  by Gareth Lewis
Gareth nibbled on his lower lip, glancing down at his lap. "Thank Merlin, no. I've kept my nose down, followed all the rules, and done my best to be a model student. Somehow I've avoided getting in trouble with her." He paused, glancing at her curiously. "Have you?" He had heard the stories. He wouldn't wish those detentions on his worst enemy.
 #25811  by Juno Mudge
"No, I haven't," Juno said, though it had been a huge effort to keep her mouth shut. She had often noticed her hair begin to change colour when she was getting angry, because no matter what, she couldn't lose it with Umbridge.

"My friend Coco has though," Juno said, and she scanned the corridors before carrying on in a hushed whisper, "she makes you use your own blood to write lines! Like it cuts through your whole hand!"
 #25885  by Dolores Umbridge
It was then that Dolores' spoke up, having waited a moment behind the corner with a pondering look on her toad-like cheeks. At those words, she rounded the corner, lifting her chin and facing the two children, pursing her thin lips. Despite being so short compared to other teachers, and a lot of seventh years, she still managed to look down her nose at the two.

"I see Mr. Potter's method of spreading rumours has become quite the trend. What a prosperous notion that I would ever want to harm naive, and simple-minded children." She scoffed, followed by a little squeak. "Surely you are just exploring you imagination through fabrication, hm?" She tilted her head to the girl.
 #25996  by Gareth Lewis
Gareth shuddered. He couldn't imagine going through something like that. Clearly the woman was...

Right in front of them. He gulped, immediately cowering under the very pink woman, averting his eyes and folding his hands on his lap. At the question, he quickly shook his head. "Yeah, imagination..." he mumbled, praying that she would leave them alone.
 #26242  by Timothy Maxwell
The school year was slowly ending and Tim was glad it was. While the overwhelming magnitude of the magical world was slowly setting in he still needed some time back at the normal world to get settled back in reality. Fortunately, he was too busy lately to let it bother him. The exams were getting near and he really wanted to do well in his first school year.
Turning over a corner he continued without really looking where he was going. By this time he was more or less able to navigate by memory. Only to be stopped by a wall of pink in front of him. At the last moment, he managed to stop before he could hit the professor standing in front of him.
"Oh... I apologize, professor. I was lost in thoughts..." he said quickly, apologizing for something that actually never happened since he stopped in time.
 #27792  by Dolores Umbridge
Dolores lifted her chin, harrumphing a little at the responses. How dare children be so flippant and dismissive of her disciplinary words; perhaps they just didn't know any better. Even so, she lifted her chin, her hands clasped behind her back, lips pursed.

"Yes, well...I suggest all three of you remove yourselves immediately before I extend your already pending detentions." She leaned forward a little. "Scurry along, now."