A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #21835  by Aoife Kennedy
Aoife hastily scanned the parchment looking for her name. She had signed up at the end of last year for the new mentorship program and was looking forward to helping out a new first year. Aoife had had her older brothers and sister to help her navigate the strange halls and found it comforting when she got afraid or confused to have someone to go to. So, when she was approached by the Hufflepuff prefect last year, she jumped at the chance.

As she tucked back her strawberry-blonde locks behind her ear once again, she spotted her name and gave a quiet, excited gasp. Aoife eyes dashed to the next column and beside her own name was listed Timothy Maxwell. She quickly reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill. She scribbled in neat,bubbly letters...

I'm excited to be your new mentor and to help you out during your first year! Let's meet in the common room tonight at 6:00!

She pinned the scrap of parchment along side the official list, hoping he'd see it. She set off to breakfast, beaming with anticipation for the new year and to meeting new friends.
 #21920  by Timothy Maxwell
It never stopped being weird. Every morning was just as strange as the previous. Tim thought, that he will get used to everything but so far no cigar. He liked the robes, though it still was unusual. But every single time he saw a ghost... or a stairwell moved or a person spoke to him from a framed picture he flinched.
When he heard about the mentorship program he thought - sure, why not. The only person who knew about magic in his family never told him anything and thanks to that he was still on edge. Someone with experience should be able to help. But since nothing happened from then he forgot all about it. Well until today. As he was going through the common room he noticed a letter with his name on it... he had to read it three times before he finally got it. He didn't know if he was excited or nervous... probably both. With that comforting thought, he went to breakfast.
It was one of the days that just happened... and 15 minutes or so before six he arrived at the common room...
 #21986  by Aoife Kennedy
Aoife entered the common room a quarter to six o'clock that evening. Normally she doesn't make it a habit of being late, but she really didn't want to make a bad impression on Timothy. She glanced around for a second, unsure of what he may look like, but then decided to flop herself in a oversized chair to wait. She pulled out her potions textbook and begin to get a jump of tonight's reading while she waited.

Every so often she looked up, looking to see if anyone was looking for someone also.
 #22072  by Timothy Maxwell
When Tim arrived at the common room there were quite a lot of people, there usually were. From what he heard the Hufflepuff had the best common room and he believed it. He sometimes wondered how it would be to have it in a tower instead, the view was probably quite nice but it sounded quite drafty. But that probably wasn't important, he should look for his mentor but how? Nobody was holding a sign with his name... should he yell at the whole room? Probably not... so instead he hoped he would be recognised. Fortunately, there weren't exactly many first years who looked really lost and searching for someone.