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 #21831  by Dianne Osgood
 27 Jan 2019, 13:01
Location: Great Hall, Professors Table • Date: January 15th, 1996

It was a dreary Monday, of a month that felt like it was nothing but dark and cold, especially in Scotland, and Dianne felt like she was going through the motions with a tonne of bricks weighing on her shoulders.

Hogwarts was once Dianne Osgood's happy place, the closest she had to a real home - but all of that seemed to have shattered this year, and she didn't want to admit that she was struggling. Having to remain professional when all she wanted to do was prank, hex or curse Umbridge in the corridors took up a lot of her willpower, and the stress that this woman was in charge of her job was overwhelming.

Dianne sat at her usual spot at the Professors table for breakfast, hoping that Dolores Umbridge wouldn't make an appearance so she could relax. It was unusual for her to be up this early, as her classes were all taught in the evening after dark, she usually used the mornings to sleep in. However, knowing that her inspection was coming up soon was affecting her sleep, and she was not resting at night anymore.

So there Dianne was, nursing a cup of strong coffee, hoping that would at least get her through the next few hours.