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 #16964  by Severus Snape
Dressed in his typical bat like robes, the greasy haired potions master was once again doing his nightly patrols to ensure that all students were in their dorms and not roaming the halls of the old castle. His sleeves pulled down to keep the air from making him cold as he went down the stone corridors he kept his eye open, eyeing a couple portraits that didn't like the idea of being bothered during the time they were given quietness.

It was a pity they didn't have a choice in the matter as he still had a job to do, his beady eyes watching for possible students who weren't following the rules sincerely hoping the golden Trio was going to behave this year and that they wouldn't be the students me might find...taking a midnight tour late at night.

He also was hoping he wouldn't run into the new dada professor, already seeing her as trouble not just due to her...obviously fake personality but also due to the fact she worked with the Ministry, something that could spell bad news for him should his secret be known. No, he planned on steering clear of her only talking to her when needed as she...sadly was a co-worker during this school year.
 #20301  by Harry Potter
This year had proven to be most challenging for Harry. The amount of homework assigned to him by the professors of Hogwarts in preparation for their exams (not to mention their future careers) and the time in which he dedicated to Angelina’s extensive practices on the pitch in her exhaustive efforts to perfect gryffindor’s quidditch team left him with very little energy to focus on anything else. He had nearly forgotten the drama started by the naysayers gossiping about his and Dumbledore’s shared madness. Nearly.

After a hot argument in the gryffindor common room and a near miss in losing his temper during dinner that would have resulted smashing a bowl of mashed potatoes into another student’s face, Harry was forced to retreat to the library to work on the last few paragraphs of his potions essay.

He awoke several hours later having not been aware that he had drifted off to sleep at all.

Harry collected his things, shoved them in his bag with little care, and ran out of the library in a futile attempt to reach the sanctity of his dorm. He had no idea what time it was but if the extinguished torches and eerily vacant corridors told him anything it was very, very, late.

He rounded the corner in a hurry, skidding to a stop immediately after spotting his most hated professor apart from Umbridge. Panicked and wide eyed, Harry attempted to flee. But Snape was too clever, too observant and with a sickening feeling in his gut Harry knew he had been caught.
 #20323  by Severus Snape
With his tuned in hearing he heard the skidding of shoes in the halls of the castle, taking out his wand he prayed it wasn't Potter as he walked just a little faster toward it, his wand now alight to show a male with messy....brown...it was indeed Mister Potter. Before the boy could get away he called out: "Potter!" The boy obviously knowing he was caught as he didn't try to make an attempt to escape his clutches.

Once at the boy's location he raised an eyebrow, wand still producing light as he looked the boy over. No damage...no injury. Obviously Potter wasn't running away from danger. That only meant one thing, he was out running the halls, thinking that he could get away with it because he was the 'chosen' one. Snape was having none of this.
"I assume...you think because your the...chosen one? That you are free tom roam the hall?" His snarky voice low to respect the sleeping portraits.
 #20406  by Harry Potter
Harry grimaced when he heard his name called and slowly turned around to face his demise. He stood perfectly still when Snape approached, having all but lost his patience for his potions professor.

“I was coming back from the library,” Harry explained irritably, raising his chin in teenage defiance. “Working on the essay you gave us in class actually.” He shifted his backpack from one shoulder to the other, exposing his bandaged hand. Now that he was no longer moving, his text books and parchments felt incredibly heavy. “Anything else you want to harass me with? Because I assure you, after suffering through Umbridge’s detentions, I can handle anything you dish out,” he challenged, though the tone in his voice did not correspond with the tired look on his young worn face.

It was the truth. At this point Harry would rather suffer through double potions than sit in another one of her torturous lectures about the ABC’s of Defense for the Dark Arts. He hated that woman more than he hated Snape.
 #20415  by Severus Snape
Attitude, that was the first thing he heard out of the young mans mouth and he for one would not put up with it. Potter needed to learn to respect his professors...something that he was clearly not being taught to do by anyone else.

His scowl deepened as the young man continued his mouth, taking no mind in what he was saying about the...pink ball of flesh that no one in the school was exactly fond of. Potter was one to over exaggerate and while she was annoyingly...spunky if not a bit strict on the rules even for him he was sure the woman and the Ministry wouldn't allow torture of a student.
"I wouldn't even compare this to harassment...You know the rules Potter. No one is to be out of their dorms after lights out. I'm sure you and Mister weasley can find things to do without running the halls for which you are banned from after hours." He mused.

"5 points from Gryffindor, for your obvious lack of respect to your elder and detention on Monday....8 pm. I wouldn't be late if I were you." He said as a portrait started to get annoyed at the two of them.
 #20504  by Harry Potter
Harry sighed in irritation, feeling as if he could have informed the potions professor that grass was green and he’d argue it was purple just out of spite. It didn’t matter what he said or did, Snape had it out for him…always.

“Already have detention with Umbrige at 8:00 on Monday night,” Harry stated, “ Try again.”
 #20627  by Severus Snape
Delightful, the boy was getting cocky with him. If he had his way he'd wipe that smile off his face, however he had a feeling the headmaster would simply remind him the boy was indeed just a boy and to let it go. His way of scolding the man without starting trouble.

"Times can be worked around, I'll make sure to see you at 10:00 PM in that case." He said, while he couldn't physically wipe the smugness off the boy he could emotionally try.