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 #16840  by Charlotte Ashworth
Location: Hogwarts Courtyard • Date: September 10th, 2002
Time of Day: Late Afternoon • Weather: Sunny, very few clouds

Charlotte sat with her back up against one of the courtyard walls, doodling in one of her notebooks. Anything besides her Charms essay seemed more important. With a sigh she flopped onto her side, her book falling from her lap onto the soft grass.

She couldn't believe she was already in her 6th year at the school, it seemed only yesterday she walked into the Great Hall for the first time, thinking she would be sorted into Ravenclaw, just like her father. Not that she didn't like Hufflepuff, she really loved it. She should have guessed ahead of time, if she was honest with herself (which she often wasn't) it made sense that she was in Hufflepuff. Knowledge never came easy to her, it was always a struggle. And half the time she had to make guesses at the right answer.

She debated on sitting up again, though she knew she wouldn't get much done while sitting outside. But she was avoiding the library for the time being. For such a quiet area in the school, there always seemed to be someone who wanted to talk. And if Char was good at anything, it was poor attempts to talk to people who made her nervous. At least outside she could make a break for it if she needed. Quiet company she wouldn't be opposed to, she actually welcomed it. Someone she could bounce questions off of and ask her own questions in turn.
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 #16996  by Hermione Granger
Hermione's fifth year was so far a source of stress rather than excitement.

Between her newfound prefectship, studying for O.W.L.s, dealing with the most ineffective teacher ever, and whatever was going on with Harry that week, she had a lot on her plate, which was bad enough without her being able to find a quiet place to sort through everything and try and make some lists. And maybe enjoy some of the muggle sweets she had brought from home, which had been tricky to sneak past her parents.

This was why she turned to the outdoors: if nothing else, it should at least be quiet.

Except there were people here, too. But this one girl was reading. Maybe she wouldn't be too much of a distraction.

"Excuse me," Hermione managed, trying to remember the girl's name. She felt like it was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn't quite get it. Caitlin? No. Cheyenne?

"Sorry," she went on after a moment. "Do you mind if I join you? Just over here, on the side of the wall?"
 #17016  by Charlotte Ashworth
Char looked up when Hermione approached, finally righting herself and picking her book up off the ground. "Hum?" Char looked around in case Hermione was talking to someone else in the near vicinity.

"You're welcome to the space." She said with a smile. "Its too nice out today to be cooped up inside." She said with a smile and tucked her hair behind her ear.

She turned back to her Charms book, the class had already begun studying non verbal spells. She felt like she should be excited, but she mostly just had a headache.
 #17183  by Hermione Granger
"Oh, thank goodness," Hermione breathed a sigh of relief as she sat down and began to settle in. "I mean, you are right, it is mostly just that everyone is so loud and it is so difficult to find someplace that is quiet."

She paused for a moment, considering her words.

"I suppose I am not helping that out here, but you understand what I mean. You would not believe the number of people who have no respect for the library of all places."
 #17200  by Charlotte Ashworth
Char smiled, "I'm just glad it's finally quiet out here." She said and opened her book up to the page she was last looking at, scribbling a quick note down.

"I don't mind," She said and looked over at Hermione, "Its almost like there is no where else in this huge castle that they could go." She said with a chuckle. "I'm Charlotte, by the way." She said and stuck her hand out for a shake.
 #17688  by Hermione Granger
"Hermione," the Gryffindor extended her hand with a polite smile. Charlotte probably knew her name already, but then everyone seemed to. It was a hazard of being friends with Harry, it seemed. And a hazard of being That Girl Who Was Petrified A Few Years Ago. And The One With The Troll. Really, it all led back to Harry in the first place. Sometimes she wondered why she put up with him.

"I've seen you around," she remarked, settling in with her book and a broader smile. "It's always nice to put a face to a name. What are you studying?"
 #17855  by Charlotte Ashworth
Char smiled, "Nice to meet you." She looked back at her notes and book. "Non verbal charms," She grimaced. "They'll be the death of me." She said with a laugh.

"How has your year been so far? I'm sure none of us are having a great time with that troll teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts." She said with a dry laugh.
 #17992  by Pascale Sage
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Returning to Hogwarts after being at home - or in this case, staying with her brother - always felt incredibly strange to the young girl. She wasn't afforded quite as much freedom at school, under the supervision of the professors, as she was when it came to her parents. Her parents weren't necessarily irresponsible; they just didn't have the time to deal with her, and Pascale was always made very aware of this fact.

She had been struggling for the past few days to find somewhere quiet and away from all the excitable students who were thrilled to be back at school. Often that meant being holed up in her dormitory, but Pascale had started to miss the outdoors and the sunshine - especially as she knew the nights were beginning to draw in, and that the weather was going to get colder soon. At some point during her day, she had drifted out to the courtyard, where she had spent her time curled up on a bench, furiously writing an essay about non-verbal spells.

Despite wanting to avoid as many people as possible, Pascale couldn't help but overhear a conversation going on nearby. She placed her quill down and inched closer to the two girls: one was younger and a different house, but was well known; the other was someone Pascale shared her dorm room with.

"I think that's an insult to trolls," Pascale commented lightly with a roll of her eyes.
 #18181  by Hermione Granger
Hermione had been about to comment when the other girl chipped in, but she stifled a laugh instead. She did not exactly want to make fun of a teacher, but then Umbridge was hardly a teacher, was she?

"She doesn't even want us to learn to defend ourselves against trolls," the fifth year sighed.

It was fun to indulge in gossip sometimes.

"Does she have you two using a children's book as a textbook too?"
 #18222  by Charlotte Ashworth
Char smiled when Pascale joined in. "I almost would prefer a troll, at least I would stand a chance." She said with a laugh.

She rolled her eyes at Hermione's question. "I never imagined I would be using a picture book for a NEWT level class." She tucked her hair behind her ears. "I can only learn so much from terrible drawings of old wizards." She shivered.
 #18240  by Draco Malfoy
Ever since getting the news that he was a prefect, Draco had been on a power trip at school. It helped that most people seemed to hate Potter, which made it a lot easier for his snide comments to actually get the reaction he had always hoped for.

After his classes were over for the day, he had made his way to the courtyard to see if he could catch any foolish younger students breaking the rules so he could report them. Instead, he found Granger and two Hufflepuffs he couldn't be bothered to remember the names of chatting. He waited, trying to hear what they were saying, and when he realized what they were talking about, he arched an eyebrow.

"You know, I'd hate to find out what would happen if Professor Umbridge heard what was being said about her," he commented offhand, pushing off the column he had been hiding behind and walking casually past the trio of girls. "Besides, why tarnish the reputation of a perfectly decent professor?"

Really, he just liked that Umbridge didn't worship Potter like all their previous Defense professors. It was a nice change of pace.
 #18326  by Pascale Sage
"Maybe her being a troll is why - in case we ever decided to attack her," Pascale giggled in response to the other girls.

When Malfoy joined in, Pascale rolled her eyes. She knew of Malfoy because of Quidditch, and his infamous feud with Potter. "Oh sod off, Malfoy, as if we care about 'tarnishing the reputation of a professor.'" She made air quotes around the words he had used with her hands. "Umbridge shouldn't even be classed as a Professor - I would do a better job of teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts." And everyone knew that Pascale was a barely average witch, if that. Her skills lay in her kindness and loyalty, as opposed to with a wand.
 #18736  by Hermione Granger
"Ignore him," Hermione huffed, glaring at Draco as he passed by.

"Though he isn't wrong, we really shouldn't speak ill of a teacher," and then she added quietly so that only the other girls could hear:

"...at least not where anyone can hear."

Closing her book for the time being, she glared at the Slytherin.

"Don't you have your two lackeys to look after? Or are they busy stuffing their faces in the great hall?
 #19155  by Charlotte Ashworth
Charlotte rolled her eyes when Malfoy spoke up, "Do you hear something?" She said with a smirk. She laughed when Hermione quietly spoke to them. "I suppose you're right." She sighed.

"Just when we thought we had found a quiet space to study," She sighed and listened to Hermione. Char wouldn't be one to stand up to Malfoy like that, she preferred to stay quiet until she was sure it was important for her to speak out.
 #19304  by Draco Malfoy
Draco smirked, tilting his head to the side. "I don't need them," he retorted, staring Granger down. Then he turned to the other two girls. "But I have better things to do than deal with you lot," he said, turning on his heels and prowling off, his head held high. He would keep what he had heard in his head, though.