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Location: Elaine and Evelyn's Home • Date: 13.08.1995

Sunday. The one day a week where she didn't spend a minute working. A proclaimed work-a-holic, Evelyn Winters actually enjoyed this one day where she did nothing but spend time with her fiancee. Sometimes it was spent in bed, sometimes it was spend out and about and sometimes it was spent on the couch watching nothing but trashy muggle movies that Elaine put on the television they rarely used. It was Elaine's favorite day of the week and while Evelyn would never admit it, it was hers as well.

It was around ten o'clock that they rolled out of bed, with Evelyn treating her fiancee to a nice brunch consisting of crepes and freshly cut fruit. Elaine had made her eat more fruit than she usually would have while claiming 'it was good for the baby'. Their son. The child that was growing inside her couldn't tell the difference between watermelon and deep fried pickles (a craving Evelyn had yet to rid herself of) but she had indulged the blonde nonetheless.

After lunch they had taken a walk, stopped in at the local farmers market where they brought more fruit and a four bunches of flowers for their foyer, the second floor office, the family room and her own office on the third floor. No freesias insight but plenty of gardenias, larkspurs and lilies.

Now it was early afternoon and Evelyn lay stretched out on the lounger that overlooked their modest but beautiful backyard. They would have to change a few things when the child was born, but she just liked it how it was. They did also live one block from a park that Elaine would probably take their child to every day. Speaking of Elaine, the woman had disappeared inside ten minutes ago and was yet to return. She had started experiencing braxton hick contractions yesterday and Elaine was doing her best to try and make them as painful as possible. Today's idea was a hot water bottle that Elaine had pulled from storage that Evelyn was sure she had never purchased.

"Elaine?" She called, "What are you doing in there?"
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Just like Evelyn, Elaine had been looking over the garden that they shared together and begun to think about the ways in which it would need to be changed once their son was here. Elaine kept a large stack of baby books and magazines under her bed for times like this, when she needed to seek out the advice of the experts and other mothers. She had run back upstairs to fetch them, but the large stack meant shuffling through until she found the ones that were most appropriate for this particular brainstorming session. She was on her way back down the stairs when she heard Evelyn's voice.

She held the magazines up for Evelyn to see as she rejoined her. Sitting down next to her fiancee on a lounger nearby, Elaine tucked her legs beneath her. "One of my patients was telling me about a book series they've been reading about a magic treehouse the other day. Apparently the most recent book came out a couple of weeks ago, so they were really excited." She grinned as she looked at Evelyn. "It got me thinking about what kind of things we could have in our garden for our son." A couple of weeks after the baby shower, Elaine had eventually progressed from calling the baby 'bump' to referring to him as 'their son,' to remind herself that this was a real baby this time, and she shouldn't be so scared anymore. Having not fully agreed upon a name, it seemed the next best thing.
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Repositioning the hot water bottle so that it was pressing against the underside of her belly, Evelyn grimaced as a tug rippled through her body but managed to keep the pain hidden behind her sunglasses. It wasn’t too hot outside, but neither was I cold. Autumn had always been her favourite season, the weather was suitable enough that now she was pregnant, she didn’t feel like a beached whale dying from the blistering heat.

“You have my permission to do anything you wish with the yard as long as I can still sit out here and not have to look at anything garish and unappealing.” Evelyn would not be impressed if all her flora was removed. The gardener had spent many hours back here just so she could sit out there and look
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Elaine giggled. "I promise your flowerbeds will still be intact when I am done," she replied, without glancing up as she flicked the page. She knew Evelyn too well. She took extra pride in the appearance of both their home and their garden, which Elaine was fine with, but the blonde knew that having a child was going to greatly impact them.

"How are the braxton hicks?" she asked, looking up at her fiancee. Evelyn did well to mask the pain, but Elaine could see right through her.
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Evelyn sniffed, "Still there, but Doctor whatshisname said they're normal and we shouldn't worry, so I'm not worrying," Or at least she was trying not to. They were headed for the home run, and the closer and closer they got the more and more nervous she got. Could she do this? She bloody well hoped so because it was too late now. They were having a child and it would be here very soon.

"They're more an inconvenience than anything. Patricia has started leaving my office door open because 'just in case'," The editor scrunched her nose up. That woman was becoming more annoying each and every day.
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Elaine's lips twitched at the brunette's words. She had requested, quietly, that Patricia keep an eye on Evelyn at work. They were no longer in the danger zone, but it didn't hurt to make sure that someone was keeping an eye on Evelyn, making sure she wasn't too burned out, that she was taking care of herself. Elaine was glad to see that she had taken the request on board, even if she would never admit to Evelyn that she had done so.

"She's just looking after you," Elaine soothed. "There's no need for you to look like that. It's nice that we have people who care, Evelyn."
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Shifting in her chair and then hissing, Evelyn let out a puff of air and then extended her hand. "I know," She pouted and then said, "Would you come over here and do that thing you do? Where you talk to it and it listens?" Elaine had started talking to the child living inside her a few weeks ago and ever since then, whenever she pressed her lips to her skin and started to whisper it was like their son could hear and became incredibly interested in what it's other mother had to say. Evelyn liked to pretend that it annoyed her but really it made her heart skip a beat at how in love Elaine was with their unborn child.

"Please? Maybe it'll listen and stop doing flips inside me."
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Elaine chuckled as she stood at Evelyn's request. She knelt down next to her fiancee and placed her one hand against Evelyn's protruding belly and interlocked her fingers with the brunette's with the other hand. Then, softly, she began to sing a french lullaby that her grandmother had used to sing to her when she brushed her hair. She smiled as she sang. She couldn't wait to meet him and to sing to him too.

She lifted her head to find Evelyn's calming eyes. "Is he doing any better?"
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Completely mesmerized by Elaine's beautiful voice, and the way she caressed her stomach as if she was caressing the child within, Evelyn barely noticed that the frantic movements inside her had stalled and within the three minutes Elaine had hummed a familiar lullaby, not a single contraction had rippled through her body.

She nodded, and lifted her hand to thread her fingers into the silk strands of blonde hair at the back of Elaine's head, "Yes, ma chérie. Thank you," She murmured, pulling Elaine towards her until she could kiss her on the lips gently.
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Elaine responded to the kiss with fervour, enjoying the taste of her fiancee's lips and the feel of their son beneath her hand. "You're very welcome," she replied when she pulled away, smiling. "I can only hope that he listens to me when he's here." Elaine couldn't help but wonder if her resolve would weaken when she had their boy in front of her.
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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

This thread contains posts or themes involving miscarriage that may be uncomfortable for some players or that may not be appropriate for all ages. If you would like to know more before reading, please PM the player who started the thread. If you feel that this thread's content exceeds what is appropriate or is otherwise offensive, please report it.
Evelyn also hoped that their son would listen to Elaine, because Merlin knew that Evelyn would have no idea what to do if he didn't. She'd never had much patience for children beforehand, and Evelyn didn't imagine that that would change just because she would soon have one of her own. If Elaine didn't have the reigns on disciplining, Evelyn wasn't sure who would.

"So do--" Evelyn stopped, hissing as she pressed a hand to the underside of her swollen stomach. A sharp, stabbing pain had just ricocheted across her whole stomach, ending at the place she had covered with her hand. "What on--" Unable to finish her sentence once again, as pain shot through her, Evelyn shifted backwards, moving her hand between her legs. She nearly screamed when her hand came away bloody.

She looked at Elaine in panic, "Elaine?"
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"Ev?" Elaine pulled away as Evelyn hissed in pain and pressed her hand against herself. "Hey, just take a deep breath, it'll be--" Elaine's eyes went wide as her gaze fell on Evelyn's bloody hand.

She reached for her wand and ran a diagnostic check, her heart dropping as she realised what was happening. She shook her head. "No, no, no," she muttered. "I need to get you to a hospital." Evelyn couldn't apparate like this though. Elaine didn't dare move her, hoping against all hope that if they stayed where they were - in their tiny, happy bubble - that nothing bad could possibly happen.

It struck her. She didn't know what to do. In all her years of medical training, of her healer internship, nothing could prepare her for the panic that came at the thought of losing her own child. "Let me-- let me floo-call St Mungo's." She moved in the direction of the house, but she was too scared to let go of Evelyn's hand.
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The uncomfortable twinge she had been experiencing for the last two days was quickly developing into full blown cramps. Cramps like she had never felt before. Evelyn had experienced a miscarriage during their second every pregnancy but this was nothing like that. This was something she had never experienced. Was she going into labor, but that was impossible. She was only thirty-three weeks along, it was far too early, and the blood. There was so much blood.

"It's too early," She said in panic, gripping Elaine's hand painfully. "He's too early."
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"Evelyn," she whispered, moving back towards her fiancee and kneeling down beside her. "He's -- I need to --" She took a deep breath. This was terrifying for the both of them, but her diagnostic check had shown that Evelyn was also in a great deal of physical pain. She had to be the strong one right now. "Ev, he's dying," she whispered. "I need to get you both some help." She hated to admit that she was in over her head here; she was only a Junior Healer.

Heart breaking, she twisted herself out of Evelyn's grip and headed towards their fireplace. Elaine felt as if time were moving slowly, like she was walking through water, unable to speed herself up to get where she needed to be. She wasn't paying attention to the healer who answered her floo-call, was barely aware as a redheaded witch stepped through her fireplace moments later, a team of healers streaming in behind her.

She heard herself say, "she's in the garden," and then watched, as if she were outside of her own body, as she walked towards her fiancee, who was now surrounded by healers.
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Finding herself surrounded by Healers she had met once or twice before, Evelyn couldn't even look at them, instead she cried out for Elaine over and over as her stomach twisted painfully.

If they got him out, maybe, just maybe they could save him. She was thirty-three weeks along but babies had been born smaller. In fact, hadn't Elaine told her a story about a baby being born at twenty-one weeks after the mother had been involved in a car crash? It was possible right? It had to be.

Realizing after a beat that she had been saying this all out loud, she looked for someone to confirm her theories, though everyone was concentrated on her stomach and then she was hovering in the air, being moved magically into the house until they had her lying on their bed. Her pants were being removed and then more than one set of hands were on her. Elaine appeared in her peripheral vision and she reached for the woman instantly.

"They can save him. They have to save him."