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 #11995  by Sirius Black
Oh good. Sirius let out a satisfied sniff as he brushed his robes off, following his friend to the chess table.
"You know what your problem is, Prongs?" Sirius began as he sent his pawn forward, "you forget that you're not the only person in the world. "You've got the power to charm McGonagall, but failing that, guess what? Moony can set the record straight....ish. Well he can fudge things to make it look like we were just trying to help him. You know how McGonagall believes everything he says, prefect and all. If McGonagall doesn't believe Moony, then I send an intercepting owl to your mum telling her to expect an overreacting owl from McGonagall. Your mum loves me, and I'll be damned if I can't charm her into thinking the whole lot was a simple misunderstanding. See what I mean? Oi, your move."
 #12128  by James Potter
James reached for the knight and tactically moved it across the chessboard.

“Once again, my dear Padfoot, you are right,” he smirked,” I bet ten sickels that McGonagall would adopt me if she could. My mum, however-I think she’s fonder of you than she is with me. She never cuts the crust off MY sandwiches.”
 #12162  by Sirius Black
A gloating grin spread across his face as Sirius continued with his pawn chain. "Perhaps," he replied airily, "or perhaps she is under the...somewhat misguided...impression that her dear Sirius Black is allergic to sandwich crusts. Stuff of the devil, they are." He gestured to the board. "Go on, then."
 #12189  by James Potter
"Indeed they are," agreed James. He took a moment to contemplate on which chess piece he wanted to move before deciding to take out Sirius' pawn with his rook. "Padfoot, I have a question and I need you to be honest with me."

James pulled his attention away from the chessboard to look his friend in the eye. "Am I an arse? " he asked, seemingly out of the blue. " I just...I've been thinking about the things Remus is always saying and now that i'm friends with Evans...I've been wondering if I need to calm down a bit? I don't know. Say something will you?"
 #12200  by Sirius Black
In a fit of glorious vengeance, a neighbouring pawn took out James's rook. There was even a small tear in the pawn's eye. On the pretext of watching this valiant scene unfold, Sirius remained silent. Of course James wasn't an arse. Remus just had a stick up his backside sometimes, a symptom Sirius always chalked up to the latter's furry little problem. And Evans was a girl. Girls always thought boys were like that.

But James and Sirius did the same things. If James really was overdoing it...then Sirius was too. But that was a load of rubbish anyway. They were Gryffindors, where dwell the brave at heart! Slytherin produced the tossers, not Gryffindor. James's prodding snapped Sirius out of his musings, and sparked an idea or two.

Sirius scrutinized his best friend, tilting his head to one side. "You don't look like an arse." He leapt out of his chair, plucked a textbook off of a nearby table and plunked it in James's hands. "Nope, still don't look like an arse." He took away the book and produced an obnoxious stuffed-vulture hat. "Hmmm nope, still not an arse." He pulled a Gryffindor tapestry down, wrapped it around his friend like a cape, conjured a crown and sceptre for James, tilted his friend's chin up and straightened his back.

Sirius rubbed at his chin (he'd look so sexy with a beard someday). "You know, Prongs, I hate to break it to you, but you just really don't look like an arse to me."
 #12218  by James Potter
The chess game was momentarily forgotten as the two played dress up. James grin had returned.

“Thanks for that, Padfoot.”

But the thought was still there, that he should really try to be a better person, it was eating away at him like a parasite.
 #12967  by Sirius Black
"Anytime, my friend," Sirius replied with a grin, sweeping himself into a low bow. As he rose up, his eyes caught the glint of his wristwatch. A small frown appeared on his elegant forehead.

"Oi, mate, don't you have quidditch today?"