A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #5063  by Nerissa Kingsley
 23 Mar 2018, 22:51
Location: Hogwarts Library • Date: March 21st

Nerissa felt as if she was going cross eyed reading her Ancient Runes book. She'd never had quite as much trouble with the class as she did with this lesson, and it was starting to really get under her skin. Complex sentence structures seemed to be getting the best of her, and she had hoped sitting in the library, away from friends and distraction, would help her to really nail down the translation. Instead, she found herself irritated to the point that she could practically feel it in her bones.

Exasperated, she slammed the book closed and pushed it across the table she was sitting at. The quick and harsh shush from Pince only furthered her irritation, but she didn't actually push back on her lack of understanding. Instead she let out a sigh and put her heads in her hands to try and will away her aggravation.

She heard footsteps approaching, and hoped they'd move on past her table. She assumed it was Pince, comping to give some pointed under breath lecture on how to take care of the library's tomes, and simply kept her eyes down. When they didn't move past and instead she could feel the presence of someone hovering, she peeked out between her fingers, sitting up once she realized it wasn't the librarian after all.
 #6010  by James Potter
 21 Apr 2018, 16:46
The telltale sound of someone reaching their breaking point interrupted the sixth year from his reading. He raised his eyes at the sound of a book being slammed shut, shaking his head in amusement when the student was accompanied by Madam Pince’s favorite and overused quote of the day “Shh!”

Ever curious ,James peered around the bookshelf and slowly leaned around it until only the upper half of his body could be seen. He slowly slid the book he had been reading back into its spot on the shelf. Suddenly reading didn’t seem as interesting anymore.

He straightened up, gave his hair a good ruffling, and quietly approached her table. James took the seat from across Nerissa and patiently waited for her to resurface from behind her hands.

“Hey there,” he whispered, flashing her a smile, “You alright?”