A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #4467  by Violet Logue
Time: Midday
Area: Muggle part
The day was a like any other day that is the temperature was good for change but that is it was nice spring weather instead of her freezing cold. She had lost vampire that had chase her that did tried to smell her by going through public library.

Would she steal today? That what she been most of her life. What would she eat today? That was tricky part when it came hunger that is and she stole from so many people came that is she would run into people take their wallet usually the rich. The one who are so busy with nose up in their air they never see it coming.

As for parent she had none her parent where kill by other wizard so no it was their fault that she turn to stealing their fault with everything she did. Yes she blame them and yes they where the reason she was scare of them and she wonder around. She came across trash can was going through one that is she was looking for left over that people threw out. Yes it was germ and messy. She keep to herself pretty good that is looking for food. She knew if she went up to adult they would ship her off somewhere that is why she wonder the streets alone without anyone.