A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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 03 Mar 2018, 21:10
Location: Chicago Speakeasy • Date: January 1925
Time of Day: 4 am • Weather: Snow and wind

Tussio closed his eyes as a gust of wind and a whirlwind of snow made its way into the warm establishment. Winter only made him feel luckier to be able to apparate where no-majs had to walk. He closed the door behind the last patron he had ushered or rather carried outside. The man truly had no respect for those who were unable to hold their liquor with a semblance of dignity.

He locked the door's multiple locks and made his way towards the bar where he would enjoy one last solitary drink before making his way home. Tussio was very rarely the last one to leave the establishment, he usually left that to an underling, someone who didn't have anywhere important to be come morning, but as he had spent the night dealing with business in the backroom and had come out to a crowd far to drunk to even remember he had been there, he had offered to close the establishment.

As he made his way towards the bar he noticed a figure hunched over in one of the booths. "Hey mate, you can't sleep here." He warned while knocking on the table on which the person had laid their head.
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