A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #16792  by Caterina Rothwell
Location: Wizarding World Today HQ • Date: September 2002

As perusal Caterina Rothwell found herself holed up in her office staring at the many papers littering her desk. It was nearing ten o'clock and her eyes were beginning to ache from all the straining she was currently doing. Her office wasn't dim, but coupled with the long day she had had and the exhaustion deep within her bones, the redhead was struggling to keep the words from swimming in front of her.

Giving up on the paragraph that she had been read four times already, the redhead pushed away from her desk and stood, stretching her arms above her head. Her back cracked deliciously.

Deciding that a coffee was in order to keep herself awake, Cat headed towards the breakroom where she began to prepare herself a cup. She was just adding a dash of cream when she heard sniffling come from the door to her right. She didn't pay much attention to it until she heard another sniffle develop into a wet sob. Someone was still here and they were apparently upset. Caterina left her coffee on the counter and made her way towards the door. She pushed it open slightly, the hinges screaming as she did so.

The sniffle stopped.

"Hello? Is anybody in here?"
 #16818  by Charity Arlington
Charity was not having a good day - and that was an understatement.

She hadn't slept well, and had arrived to work tired and weary, to then find a stack of letters on her desk, all detailing how unsuitable she was for her job. This was on top of the constant comments from certain people, and the board were having a meeting about her soon. It was tough on Charity, especially since she didn't actually think she was doing anything wrong, and she was just as good a writer as anyone else, or anyone who may have worked here previously. But then, announcing that would make her look like the arrogant one. It was like she couldn't win.

It had all gotten too much for her to handle that morning, and she ended up sat at her desk, with her head in her hands, and she broke down.

At the sound of a voice, Charity quickly sat up and wiped her face, and tried to steady her voice. "It's just me, Charity," she said, her voice still sounding wobbly despite her best efforts. Brilliant, this would not help her case if rumours got out that she was crying at her desk.
 #16853  by Caterina Rothwell
Immediately recognizing the voice that called to her from inside the bullpen but struggling to actually place Charity within the room, Caterina took a few steps forwards and let the door swing shut behind her. The large work space was much more dimly lit than her office, but if she squinted she could make out a desk in the far back near the windows that had a candle illuminating it.

Weaving her way carefully through the throngs of desks, Caterina slowed as she came near the young girls desk. She didn't want to invade Charity's space, especially not if she was upset.

"Charity darling, are you alright?"
 #17045  by Charity Arlington
"Yeah," Charity said, though she knew that it was pointless saying that, as she clearly was not alright. But Caterina had always been one of her prime supporters, and she was the person at the newspaper that Charity trusted the most.

"Look at these," she pointed to the bunch of letters, all written by people of varying degrees of importance, detailing exactly how unsuitable Charity, a woman in her twenties, was for this job.
 #19055  by Caterina Rothwell
Pulling a chair from a desk nearby, Caterina sat next to Charity and reached for the letters. She only read three of them before she dumped every single one in the trash can at the side of Charity's desk and pointed her wand at them. They immediately erupted into flames, the fire destroying every single nasty letter directed towards her protegee.

"They're wrong Charity. You deserve this job. I wouldn't have recommended you if that wasn't true. These people," She waved her hand at the letters that were no longer. "don't know you. They don't know how good you are at your job, nor your potential. They just see your name, and immediately reject you because of it. They hate that you're a woman, just like they hate that I am one, but we have to prove them wrong. We will prove them wrong, and I know how easy it is to get upset, but you're just giving them more power by doing so."

Caterina reached for the young woman's hand and gave it a squeeze, "Come with me. I want to show you something."