A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #16508  by Arkady Vasiliev
Location: Outside Merlin's Nightclub • Date: September 3
Time of Day: 9:46pm • Weather: Cloudy

Huddled against a building across the street, Arkady nervously chewed his lip. He'd heard rumours of this place. Passing comments about a run-down nightclub that was never open, forever in disrepair. At least, that's how the others saw it. Normal people.

He saw the staircase normal people didn't see, watched the patrons normal people never knew. It was risky, for sure. But he'd put a few years behind him, so surely nobody would know? And yet, though he was desperate to return to the magical world, though he knew of no other location where wizards gathered in this city, something still kept him rooted to the nonmagical pavement.
 #17537  by Queenie Goldstein
Queenie could be heard giggling as she and a group of her friends made their way down the street towards the club. They had passed an officer and told him they'd just been coming home from dinner at a restaurant. He believed it and went on his way. But as they got nearer and nearer, they became quieter and quieter. There was no need to draw attention to the magical speakeasy. The owner was just trying to earn an honest dollar. Queenie really didn't think they should have put such a strict law on alcohol; Tina disagreed. Tina also didn't like it when Queenie snuck out to these kinds of places, but she reassured her sister that everything would be okay.

As she and her group made their way towards the stairs that went down into a narrow alley, Queenie stopped. She felt an energy that made the hair on the back of her neck rise. Queenie looked around before she found just whom might be giving off what she was feeling. "Hey honey," Queenie said softly as she approached him. "Why are you so nervous?"
 #17622  by Arkady Vasiliev
Startled at the unexpected voice, Arkday whipped around to the young woman next to him. "I ah," Arkady cleared his throat, "apologies, what is location over there?" he pointed to the nightclub. He had no idea if she, or her friends, were witches or not. He was pointing to the stairs that descended into the club, but if they were simple no-majs, they would surely just think he were pointing to whatever it was that their kind saw instead.
 #18033  by Queenie Goldstein
Queenie turned her head to see him pointing to the stairs her friends were descending. She turned back to the man with a glowing smile. "Why, the city's classiest place!" she said with excitement. Her face then became serious.

"You can see it, right?" she asked. Queenie wasn't sure if this was a no-maj whom had an inkling about a weird place on his block.
 #18117  by Arkady Vasiliev
Oh thank the Lord. "Yes, I see." Arkady swallowed. "But if...is classy as you say, then perhaps I leave." He didn't belong in a place like that. Who was he trying to fool? He belonged in the no-maj factory. Magic or no this was not his place.
 #18469  by Queenie Goldstein
"Don't be silly!" Queenie said, feeling the man's doubt. She walked over to him and linked her arm around his. "I say classy joint, but you meet all sorts of people down there." She began leading him back towards the club. "Some of the best jazz players. Even if you wanna just sit there and have a smoke and listen to the music, then no one's gonna bother you."

She smiled at the man again. Her strange ability made her more empathetic to all sorts of strangers. Tina told her to be wary, but Queenie was always a step ahead of whomever she was talking to. She couldn't help it, really.
 #18759  by Arkady Vasiliev
Instinct seized hold of him as soon as the woman touched him, instincts screaming at him to leave, to go home, to get away from this place. Someone would find out about his past. Someone would recognize him. Someone would ask why he didn't have a wand.

Arkady's feet managed to take him to the top step, guided by the woman, before instinct won over and rooted him to the concrete. "I am sorry, I can't," he said quickly.
 #20171  by Queenie Goldstein
Queenie could feel the sea of emotions course through the man's body and into her own as they joined at the arm. It was so overwhelming that she pulled away from him in shock. She let out a small breath to regain her composure. She was curious what this man was all about. There was something hiding underneath him. However, maybe that wasn't such a great thing to discover in this city.

"I get you, honey," Queenie said, a small smile playing across her lips. "Have a good night."
 #20285  by Arkady Vasiliev
Arkady smiled at her in thanks. "And you," he replied, inclining his head. "Perhaps I come here......some other time. Some other night," he added with a shrug. For all he knew, his life could chance completely in one instant. It already had after all. Perhaps some day it would happen again. For better or for worse.