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[Sutherland] Inquisitor

PostPosted:13 May 2018, 19:26
by Eaga Whitescar
Location: Northern shores • Date: May 2
Time of Day: 7:45am • Weather: Windy

The man who stood upon the rocky cliffs bore a sickly pallor, emphasized by the contrasting bright of early sun and shadow of wide peaked cap both cast upon his face. His eyes narrowed near to slits as he fixed his gaze into the fiery orb, and with each breath he drank deeply the wrath of wild ocean spray and air.

Eaga had been betrayed. No...not quite....not yet....but he had been disappointed. Those he thought had been his allies refused to follow him, refused to commit to the fullest extent of his goals. They had done much for him, true, and would continue to aid him in other ventures, but their earthly hearts were too weak for this. Eaga scoffed. His "allies" could rain down destruction upon his enemies so long as enough coin was had, but to do so in the name of God sent those same "allies" running. The wizard would need new friends now.