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Tea. Tea was not enough to make up for this. Tea would not keep him from him from, taking his wand and stunning Genesis out the window. Sure, Benji wouldn't like the repairs and he would hear about it. Not for the stunning... the property damage. Stunning Genesis would have been perfectly ok. Damaging the window Genesis would go out of wouldn't have been. He sipped his tea as he leaned forward, looking at the man with a look that could kill. Prue was outside the room, demanding they 'talk it out'.

"She's nuts, you know. All I really want to do is send you out that window." He nodded to the two-story window set that adorned the house.
"Give me one reason not to do it." He deadpanned. Normally Mark was kind and caring, or at least polite. Normally he wouldn't be threatening a man in his house. Normally he'd be playing with his children or at the club working on the books while nodding nicely to the customers when he went out for a pop refill.

He and Genesis hadn't been on agreeing terms for years, Not even greeting card level. Genesis was part of the family, though Prue and Gemma marrying in. However, he hadn't let his children near the name, even with his wife begging him to rebuild the bridge for the sake of the kids. She was a nice woman who had been adopted herself, She wanted their kids to know every member of their family in a happy way. He understood, due to him being adopted himself...but Genesis had gone too far in the past.

He leaned back in his chair after setting the teacup down and crossed his leg.
"Well? She wants us to talk, give me a good reason...I might actually talk." He said in a calmer tone.
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He'd been promised lunch, normal human lunch with bonding time with his daughter...not promised to be locked in a room with a now very grown-up Mark Binx who had a wife and kids. A Mark Binx who was also still not talking to him. He had tried to kiss the boy's butt and rebuild the bridge but all attempts had been met with...well threats just like the one he had just been handed moments ago. Needless to say, he didn't really need to constantly be harassed and had made distance with the man years ago.

Yes, Marks wife had tried to talk him into coming for holidays and meeting the kids, but he knew better than to take such offers. He didn't think Mark wouldn't hex him, the only reason he wasn't here and now? Because Prudence Binx, his daughter was on the other side of that door looking just as young as the day she was turned.
"I don't know what to say Mark, I left. And you keep on remembering it....and using it to keep this hatred going. I didn't leave to hurt any of you." He tried to reason for him. "It's been 26 years. Think it's time we lessen the resentment a bit?" He asked.

He knew he had messed up bad, but this was getting out of hand. 26 years was enough time to handle the information, work with it and maybe not forgive...but not linger on it any further. If anything they should be polite to one another by now.
"As for stunning me, Prue planned this. Don't take it out on me. I've respected your need for space." He reasoned.
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Neither seemed happy to be in this room, Mark...wasn't pleased to have him in his home. He'd sent his wife with enough money to have a great time with the kids at the wizarding zoo across down. Genesis never knew what to say, that was a fault of his that kept this fire in Mark to hate him going. He never knew how to make it better, always saying 'I left to protect you' like that was going to help anything.

He looked at the mans body language, how he was rubbing his hands together...the way he was messing with his hair. It was obvious Prue had set him up as well, and it was true. Genesis had respected his space, which helped Mark keep his need to toss him out the window in control. He took the teacup back in his hands and took off the glasses, he didn't want to see the man anymore. It was almost a gift to be blind without them.
"That, isn't my issue. It's how casual you are about it." He said in a simple tone. "I mourned you for six years and you come back basically acting like things were going to go back to how they were beforehand. It doesn't work that way." He said with a hint of annoyance.

"Yes, Prue is a creature of wonder. We both know this. She is one to annoy you into whatever she wants, though she's over her own head with this one." He leaned back with the teacup in hand.
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"What was I supposed to say Mark?!" He stood up. "How was I to act?! Cry? I'm sorry I was done crying 2 years in. I was done crying when I was finding housed not owned by anyone just to get a nights sleep cause I need invited in!" He walked closer to Mark. He knew he had messed up, but he also would have liked to see people happy he was back, instead of getting punched every time he ran into a person he knew from six years ago as well. It's funny how a Yakuza leader who had all the kindness beaten out of him as a kid...was a lot more open than anyone else. Genesis wasn't taking into account...that Shiro had taken pity at the start, and had not known him before then.
"I was casual so I didn't come off as weak, or to a child's point of emotional!"

He huffed, Whatever Prue thought was going to happen...just wasn't. Mark had made a family with the Binx's, he'd never accept Genesis back in any form. Even as an in-law. He saw Genesis as someone who had walked out on him and nothing more. Mark was right. She was far too over her head on this one.
"Your right. She is. utterly over her head on this one." He simply said. Getting through to this man was pointless.
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Mark put back on the glasses when he heard the steps, an angry vampire and him being stuck in a room with it...wasn't something to be blind to. He looked at Genesis with cold eyes as he started his dramatics...typical Batsu's...always putting on a damn show. He huffed, and stood up getting into the man's face. He didn't do Pity, Not from Genesis. Not from the man who had left him on the street, lost and alone all those years ago. He hadn't earned his pity.
"What were you suppose to say? How about 'Thank god your alive....after I left you blind in the streets!' You didn't even look for me Genesis!" He shoved him back, he didn't want him near him.
"I suggest you stay seated before you end up out the window." His words cold.

At least they agreed on that, Prue was biting off too much on this one. He would never accept Genesis back, And Genesis seemed to know it. That's why he was getting angry. That's why he was getting defensive.
"You trust family. Just cause Gemma married my brother and Prue married my brother in law. Doesn't make you family. Because we have no trust. The twins? They can be pricks but you know what? They are the ones who didn't leave me in the street when they could have and if I needed them I know they would be there!" He spoke his peace and headed towards the door.
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But...he did. He stalked them all, made sure all of them were not in the hands of the people who turned him. Made sure they were safe. He even went to Poland and Russia to keep track of Prue and Drake. Yes admittedly...he checked on Mark less, but Mark was with a family who...lets just say you didn't cross. To this day that hadn't changed, as he was shoved he about shoved back till he remembered who he would have to deal with. He was family, but Mark was more family to them than him. If he hurt Mark, he'd deal with all of them. He didn't want to give Mark the ammo to get him on their bad side.

That's when it hit him. The child-adult bond had been broken long ago. He didn't see Mark as his kin anymore. He would never speak to his kin like he had just spoken to Mark, Mark was right. They were not family. But he wanted to be again.
"I did look for you, I found you. I stalked you." He said...noting that probably didn't make the situation any better for him.
"But I was afraid if I came up to you, I'd make you or Prue prime target number one and two." He said honestly trying to remedy the stalking part.

"And you really think I wouldn't be?!" He stayed where he was but didn't sit down, and didn't move until Mark went for the door. Using his vampire speed he blocked his path.
"Like I'd let anyone touch a hair on your head! Do you really think I'm that low?!" He took Marks shoulders.
"I fought to get you away from that horrible man, because I didn't want you hurt. Why would I allow anyone else to hurt you either?" He calmed down a bit on the last one.
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He was halfway to the door when the topic of stalking came into mind, if Genesis thought that was going to make him turn around other than to give him a dirty look he was wrong. Genesis if anything had gone creep factor with that little side comment. He could see Genesis saw it as well when he tried to further explain with using the same speech he'd heard since the man returned. He turned only halfway to take a look at the man.
"Pitch that line would you? It's so overused by now." He simply said almost at the hardwood door at this point.

The door had been replaced when they moved back in, too damaged to keep up the old one. It was heavy and sturdy. The handle made of pure silver, and as his thin fingers traced it he found himself pushed back from it with Genesis once again in his face.

Truth be told? He could see Genesis as that low of a man. When he'd been pushed into a middle of a bar fight with a fractured jawline the man had run right to Shiro Takayama. Not that he blamed Shiro, The man had gotten him out of the fight. Saved him from further injuries, and even then...he didn't call on Genesis. Genesis chose to go to him. He and Shiro were friends. Close friends. How Shiro put up with Genesis...Mark had no idea...and then the obvious one. Leaving him blind after the attacks- ok so he couldn't fault him for right after due to the sire bond. But he didn't come back when he could either. Needless to say his track record sucked.
"Tell me Genesis...When I ended up in a middle of a bar fight, got hurt by your poor wording. Who did you run to? That's right...you ran to Shiro. You didn't come after me, so yes I can believe your that low." He said. "Now get out of my way."
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It seemed the truth could be overused, With how Mark was talking. Maybe he had repeated himself one too many times, but it was the truth. And he'd apologized for it many a time, to all of them. Not as much to Mark, but Mark was a fan of threatening him before he could even speak to him. Kinda hard to get a word in right?
"It's the truth. So I'll say it until it gets through to you." He shoved Mark onto the couch with his inhuman speed.
"No I won't get out of your way. Because you need to understand this." He stepped forward.

"Shiro like you had no one to look out for him, and I could feel he was hurt. I was right, he took weeks to fully recover from hugging the bar with his skull." He defended his need to check on the albino. That didn't mean he loved Mark any less.
"I loved you, I still love you. Like a son. And if I felt you would have let me help I would have! Should you need me to help you in the future, I will be there! But you need to let me in, you need to allow me that ability!" He towered over the boy, letting the boy see into his eyes.
"Are these eyes of a lier?"
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'The truth huh?' He thought to himself, that paired up with the 'If he had done it, at least it wouldn't be my doing' really didn't help this mans case one bit. He felt the air spin by him as he landed on the couch with an oof as he landed. Looking into the man's eyes as he lowered himself to hover over Mark, he could tell this situation was becoming quite...awkward. He growled as he tried to get up only to be pinned down by his shoulders. He was being forced to listen to this mans rambling.
"Get off me!" He tried to get out of his grip, but like most vampires...his grip was stronger than most. Even without the superhuman ability. No Genesis wasn't as strong as Prue who did that that ability, but he wasn't weak either.

He winced when Genesis told him Shiro had no body, in truth other than Hiro and Genesis he still didn't. Prue tried to invite him to things but Shiro was hardened in more than one way and still was in the 'child' area of event goings. He didn't like too many people and rarely showed up unless Prue dragged him like she did Mark when in school. But that wasn't the issue here, that wasn't the point of why Mark was angry at Genesis.
"To me? They are eye's of a vampire...that is not friendly to me. That is not trusted by me." His words cold.
"You love me? Really? That's rich. If you loved me you would have been saying this a lot sooner." He finished. "Now let me go...and get out of my house. Take Prue with you, since she helped this little meeting happen." He deadpanned.

No, he wasn't angry at Prue, he was a little miffed off but he would get over it. Prue was his sister, Prue he did trust. He just didn't want to re-hash this with her at the moment. He wanted them both out of his house...so he could relax. So he could calm down.
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He sighed, still keeping his grip so Mark would hear his last words. It pained him that Mark still couldn't see just how much his hate towards him affected him...how much he still did indeed love him. As the man told him to get off of him and told him how he saw him one last time, Genesis relented. His goal was never to upset Mark in any way. He never liked doing so, he hated doing so. He lifted his grip and put his hands in the air, stepping back as his boots hit the hardwood of the little meeting room.
"I'm sorry you see it that way, really. Because I would do anything for you. That's never changed. " He gave a sad smile as he headed to the door, only looking back once.
"I'm sorry Mark. Believe me or don't but I am sorry." He said opening the door to Prue who had wide eyes, blinking at the gull of what Genesis did when he got handsy with Mark. He said nothing and took her by the shoulders with his arms and led them out.

He didn't need to anger Mark any more than he had. And one day, he hoped that could change.
"Lets get that lunch...we have some things to talk about." He said in a tone of 'your going to get a few words from me because of this.'
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His heart was beating a mile per minute as the door clicked shut followed by the front door opening and closing, him sliding down to the floor as he calmed himself. Taking in deep breathes he tried to calm himself down before sliding punching the floor, standing up and slamming everything on the table beside him to the floor, his glasses being tossed across the room.
"The idiot!" He said meaning Prue. In what universe did she see that going even remotely smooth?!

He rubbed his eyes and took one final deep breath before finding his glasses and fixing the table, putting everything back the way it had been. He didn't need Benji freaking out because the place looked trashed, though he'd understand why Mark lost it for a second. He needed tea. Now. A new pot. One he hadn't shared with the vampire.

He picked up the cups, and the teapot and headed out of the room to pour the tea out and clean the dishes. As the door closed, he could swear he heard the last whispers of their talk repeat themselves in the now empty room. No. He needed sleep. He set the cups and teacup in the sink and slinked off to his room. Today had already been a long day and it was only 5 pm.