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Location: Emily and Emerson's home, Suffolk • Date: July 2022

The kids had once again dispersed to their various homes and Emerson and Emily were alone again. The night had been a beautiful one, albeit a late one and the clock was slowly creeping towards the early hours of the morning. Emily didn't feel like heading to bed yet though.

There was something about such a lovely day with her family, and now being sat under the stars in her garden that made her feel so relaxed and at peace with where her life had taken her. If you had asked her over twenty years ago, or rather told her, where she would be now, she most certainly would not have believed you. Despite her need to over-plan everything, she was pretty okay with this.

She looked over at Emerson and took her hand. "I love you," she said softly, smiling.
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Emerson had truly struggled with empty nest syndrome. Even now, more than a decade after all the children had left them, there were days during which the realtor found herself aching for the bustling energy of a house full of kids. And then there were times like tonight, where after an eventful evening surrounded by the children, Emerson found herself soothed by the fact that she was able to bathe in a bit of peaceful and quiet.

Her head was resting against the garden sofa as she blindly looked towards the night sky. She chuckled when Emily spoke, she turned her head to look at her partner affectionately. “I am shocked to hear it. This inhebriated confession makes me wonder if we should stop filling your wine glass.” She gave Emily’s hand a gentle squeeze. “What do you think, Mrs Toscano?” Like many things regarding their eventual wedding, the possibility of one of them changing their name had gone uniscussed. Emerson contemplated the words that had just left her mouth. Toscano had been Julien’s name, but now it felt as though it had always been hers. The thought of having a different last name than the boys made her feel uncomfortable.
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Emily scooted over so that she was tucked into the crook of Emerson's arm and lay her head on her shoulder. "Oh shush, I don't need to be inebriated to tell you I love you." She laughed, and reached up to kiss her fiancee's cheek before she settled again.

Emily opened her mouth to argue before she shut it again, unsure what her argument actually was. It was just that something did not sit right with her about it, and she wasn't fully sure why. "Toscano is Julien's name," she commented slowly, unsure where it was taking her. After all, Anderson had been Sebastien's. With this in mind, she was certain that she did not want the name staining her new marriage, but was she seriously ready to consider taking Toscano? Having ties to Emerson's previous marriage felt strange also.
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Emerson wrapped a protective arm around Emily and kissed the top of her head, before the rested her cheek on it. Toscano was indeed her ex-husband's name, a shadow of could-have-beens following them, a reminder of the guilt she had never quite managed to shake off.

She brought Emily's hand to her lap, mindlessly started tracing the lines inside her wrist. Navigating this with the children in mind, Emerson couldn't really see an outcome that would please everyone. "There are our maiden names, but then we leave the children with names of their own. Especially Andrea." Who had changed her name to match their own. The boys had their father's name, a legacy they were more than happy to carry.
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Emily nodded. Andrea had changed her name a few years ago because she wanted to feel more like she was part of their whole family. Returning to their maiden names didn’t same fair on her. The boys had their own names, that they shared with each other and their father. Andrea didn’t have that.

“We could keep our current names, or perhaps double-barrel,” she suggested. Neither felt particularly right, because Emily wanted her name to be an outward-symbol of their marriage, but it would mean they could continue sharing their names with their children.
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There didn’t seem to be an organic solution. “We can think about it.” She said, despite her unease with both solutions and her doubts that they would come up with an alternative.

“What kind of wedding did you have in mind?” Emerson herself had been more focused on the marriage side of things than the wedding ceremony. If Emily were to return the question she didn’t even know what she would answer.
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Where Emerson traced the inside of her wrist, her skin tingled. It didn't matter that they had spent twenty years together; everyday felt fresh and new and exciting. She was looking down at the patterns Emerson was tracing into her wrist as she thought about the question. What kind of wedding did they want?

She'd done the big white wedding thing with Sebastien, stood in front of all their friends and family and vowed to love him forever. She'd had the tons of bridesmaids and the cake and the over-the-top fountain in the gardens. But that had also been what their relationship had been like. They had been a public power couple.

Her relationship with Emerson was more intimate and private than that, and she wanted their wedding to symbolise what they shared with one another. "Something small," she replied eventually, half-waiting for Emerson to crack a joke, because no party of Emily's was ever small. "Us and the kids, maybe a few friends."
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"Small in Emily speak, that's what? A 3 day celebration with 75 guests?" She was teasing, but she was also asking to get a better idea of what small meant for the blonde. The magnitude of Emily's events still impressed her, even after more than a decade attending them. Emerson wasn't fond of the thought that their wedding might become a grand event. Waiting for Emily's clarifications she remained calm and kept tracing the meaningless pattern's on Emily's soft skin.
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"I mean it," Emily replied softly, a small smile tugging at her lips. Emerson was joking but her words were founded in the truth. "I want something more intimate, I want it to mean something." She glanced down at her hands in Emerson's lap, not quite wanting to glance up at the brunette, a weird shyness overtaking her. "We'll have the kids and their partners, Evelyn and Vera, and whomever else we might want from our families." Anna would be the first one on her guest list, but Emily didn't want to assume that Emerson would want her own sister there.
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The pressure of a big wedding off her shoulders, Emerson felt lighter and even more excited at the prospect of sharing their vows with those they loved.

"It will mean everything." Emerson lifted her shoulder slightly before she cupped Emily's jaw and leaned in to kiss her. "I love you." She whispered against her fiancée's lips.
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Emily leaned into the kiss, relishing the taste of her partner's lips against her own. She smiled, thinking how wonderful it was that she would get to spend the rest of forever doing this. "I love you too," Emily replied, leaning her forehead against Emerson's. "I'm still buying a dress though," she laughed, eyes twinkling. She couldn't deny Andrea the chance to go shopping with her; she wasn't exactly intending to take her daughter shopping for other aspects of her evening attire.
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"I would be worried if you did not." She rested one hand against her partner's neck while the other fiddled with the hem of Emily's shirt.

Emerson wondered how many were lucky enough to head towards a wedding with the sense of peace she was currently feeling.
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Emily twisted, slipping her arms around Emerson's neck and bringing her closer, if possible. Her lips danced at the corner of Emerson's collarbone. And then, because she was so happy, she said: "I'll become Mrs Toscano." The words surprised even her and for a moment, the blonde pulled away, considering the weight of what she had just said. Moments before, they hadn't been able to settle, but Emily was certain now. All she wanted was to make Emerson her wife and share her name; it didn't matter that it had originally been Julien's.
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Emerson smiled lazily as she let herself get lost in Emily's lips dancing against her skin. She also pulled away when Emily spoke. With both hands on her lovers shoulders she studied her intently. "Are you sure?" She asked willing to let the woman retract herself if she hesitated to confirm.
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Emily nodded without hesitation. "I just want to be your wife," she replied softly. "We share a home and three beautiful children but I also want to share your name. I want to feel as if I am yours, completely." She paused, lacing her fingers through Emerson's, and then bringing the other woman's hand to her lips to kiss softly.

"I want to marry you soon." The details would be perfect, because this was Emily, but she didn't want to spend months and months on painstaking details. The most important one would be that she was to marry her best friend and her partner of twenty years.