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 #9223  by Alessio Toscano
"Because party." Alessio looked at his brother as if he had asked the stupidest question. Party in the sense that Emily had never been able to resist a party, but also party because the reason didn't matter if there was going to be a party they shouldn't question it and simply enjoy it.

Except Al was less shallow than he liked to make it seem. Without getting up from his chair he looked at his mother. "Is this a way to get out of retiring?"
 #9227  by Emerson Toscano
Grateful from Andrea's enthusiasm Emerson hugged their daughter. At a loss to answer their daughter's simple question Emerson turned to Emily. They hadn't really discussed what kind of wedding they wanted. "If dress shopping is required, you will be the first one invited." She offered with a small smile, hoping Emily wouldn't be offended for her authenticity.

Emerson glared at Alessio, a clear warning that he should tread lightly. "It is not." Emerson answered categorically.
 #9230  by Emily Anderson
Emily smirked at her fiancee's words. "I don't care if we're not having a big wedding, but I'll still be going dress shopping." She leaned over to kiss Emerson on the cheek. Leaning in close so that none of the children could hear, she whispered, "at the very least I'll be shopping for my, uh, wedding night attire." She quirked an eyebrow as she pulled away to face the kids.

It appeared Alessio knew her too well; Emily did indeed love a party, but that obviously wasn't the reason she had asked Emerson to marry her. She couldn't answer the question about why they hadn't done it sooner, but now that the idea had been raised, she couldn't understand why they hadn't thought of it sooner. "It just never seemed like the right time before, Leo."

Even when her fiancee glared at their son, Emily turned to face her with a smirk and a look that simply said, 'see?' Emily wasn't the only member of their family who was encouraging Emerson to retire, although the blonde woman was certain that Alessio's reasons were incredibly different to her own. She understood his reasons, however; it was natural for him to want to move on up the ladder without feeling like he was doing so purely because of who his mother was.
 #9231  by Adelaide Howell
She had to admit, it worried her how excited Andrea was at the prospect of a wedding. She hadn't thought about it before now, and they certainly hadn't discussed it, but Adelaide wasn't entirely sure she was the kind of person who wanted to throw a party with all bells and whistles just so that people knew they loved each other. Maybe that made her a cynic.

Emerson and Emily seemed happy enough though, and Adelaide was rather pleased that she had been able to witness this family moment. "Congratulations."
 #9233  by Leo Toscano
Leo held his hands up in defence once more at Alessio's words, and then Andrea's smack across his head. "It was just a question! Of course I'm happy for the both of you." He grinned at them both, suddenly picturing what their wedding would look like. His own had been a simple, quiet affair, partly because Logan had too large a family for them to even consider inviting them all, and partly because his husband was a shy man when it came to his personal life. His wedding day had been perfect, but he sort of hoped that his mothers would be having a larger wedding.

"Will you be retiring though, mum, once you get married?" He couldn't help but ask the question.
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 #9235  by Emerson Toscano
Emerson smirked as Emily whispered in her ear. They had their lows, they had their highs, but through it all never had she stopped finding Emily gorgeous, beautiful, adorable and sexy. Never had she stopped loving the amazing woman she was about to marry. "Can't wait." She whispered back squeezing the woman's thigh.

Why were they all pestering her about retiring? "Be careful what you wish for children because when I will retire which could be very soon, I intend on spending a lot more time with you, in your respective homes. You have been warned."
 #9236  by Alessio Toscano
"Well that's good news for Leo, he was telling me how he needed your insight on a few things." Alessio teased his brother. Their mother clearly wasn't ready to talk about when she officially intended to retire, but Alessio intended on discussing it later with Emily, see what she thought about the whole thing.

Emerson was still respected in the company, she performed very well, many of the younger employees went to her for guidance she was glad to offer in her own acerbic way, but he could see the signs of her tiring when no one was looking. The way she would be wringing her hands under the table at meetings clearly going through arthritic pain, the way she would put on and take off her glasses as if they were too heavy on her nose... Alessio knew his mother was getting older and he didn't want her to exhaust herself working as hard as she had when she was younger.
 #9237  by Leo Toscano
Leo knew that Alessio was only teasing, but he would be glad to have his mother around more. He wouldn't change Logan for the world, but the days and nights when his husband was away with work were lonely. He wouldn't admit that to his family though.

"I'll be relocating to the other side of the world then," he joked with a wink.
 #9238  by Emily Anderson
"Well I, for one, will be more than pleased to have you around more," Emily replied seriously. She tried not to badger her fiancee too much, but she and Alessio had spoken about it frequently. She hated to see that Emerson was growing older, yet unable to see it for herself. Emily was worried she would end up making herself poorly if she didn't slow down.
 #9242  by Emerson Toscano
Emerson smiled sadly. As unwavering as she was on the topic, it did sadden her to feel unable to give Emily what she wanted. She gave Emily a kiss on the cheek and rested her head on her shoulder.

"Andrea, have you told your brothers that you are relocating?" She knew the boys would be happy to see more of their sister.
 #9249  by Andrea Carter
Andrea shook her head. Other than the last time they had met, when she mentioned that she was thinking of relocating, she hadn't told them that it was confirmed now. "Adelaide and I are going to be spending 7 months of the year here in England and I'll be in Canada for 5 months," she explained to the boys. It had been the best solution they could come up with, because Andrea wasn't willing to give up her job at Camp Wandsworth, and Adelaide wasn't ready to move on from the Daily Prophet just yet.
 #9254  by Leo Toscano
Leo was glad for the change of topic away from his mother's impending retirement, feeling that the mood had become too somber given the nature of the occasion. They were supposed to be celebrating!

He patted Adelaide on the back. "Thanks for bringing our sister home," he chuckled. 7 months was better than nothing, at the end of the day. He felt like he saw far too little of her. The fact that she'd been in England for this long felt like a miracle.

He raised his glass. "I propose a toast. To Andrea and Addie, for their wise decision to spend more time with their favourite brother." He winked at the girls. "And to our mums for their engagement."
 #9255  by Adelaide Howell
Adelaide gave Andrea a small smile as she squeezed her thigh. They had talked the situation to death, but the compromise they had eventually come to seemed to be the best solution, without making one or either of them bitter about it. Ade had no idea if it was going to work, but she hoped it would, given how much they had both given up in order to be together.

"You're more than welcome," she chuckled at Leo's words. "I'll certainly be glad to have her home." She raised her glass when he had done speaking, smiling. Yes, the Anderson-Toscanos were certainly the family she wanted to be part of. There was so much love here.