A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #15611  by Andrea Carter
Andrea rolled her eyes at the question. "We'll discuss it later, but in short, I'll need to reapply in a few months." She looked towards the busker that Ade was clearly waiting on. She knew her girlfriend would have been waiting here for ages, but she really wanted to get some food and then curl up under a blanket with a movie. She was feeling a bit fed up. "How much longer do you reckon he'll be?"
 #15612  by Adelaide Howell
Adelaide stood, passing Andrea her keys. She kept meaning to get another set cut. She knew Emily would probably know the spell to do it, but she felt slightly intimidated by her girlfriend's mother at the moment. It was very different being a friend to being a lover. "How about I meet you at home with some chinese food? I'll probably only be about another hour."