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 #6948  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn tried her best not to flinch as Emerson spoke up behind her, the wand she had pulled from her sleeve shaky and awkward as she tried to repair the broken glass with her non-dominate hand. It didn't work out so well however, and soon enough Emily was standing in front of her speaking like she had to get it out before Evelyn could protest.

She was happy for them, she really was, but the ache of possessiveness that she hadn't been able to get rid of after all these years burned savagely. Evelyn attempted to smile even as she lowered her left hand, her wand rolling between her fingers, but even the Frenchwomen could tell she had failed miserably. "I'm glad," She tried, even as she felt the blood that had started to pool in her hand begin to drip. "So glad."

She turned away from the blonde who was peering at her too intensely and shoved her wand into her boot before opening her hand away from the duo and wincing at the damage she had done. Oh why could she never learn?
 #6951  by Emerson Toscano
She was happy that Emily had learned to stand up for herself, but she still had to bite her tongue to stop herself from intervening. When torn between letting Emily express herself and the visceral need to shield Evelyn from it she had come to learn to remain quiet.

She knew Evelyn as well as if she had knitted her and while she hadn't expected her to do a happy dance, Emerson couldn't help, but be slightly disappointed with the less than enthusiastic reaction.

Eyes on the ground she tried to pretend as if she wasn't affected by the tension that was rising between them. Eventually she noticed the small beads of blood close to the brunette's foot. She had witnessed this before. "I broke one of those glasses last week, I think there's a defect." She had broken hers by dropping it in the sinks, but that nuance didn't need to be brought up. "I'll take care of the glass. Go wash your hands I'll prepare the meal you brought." She was offering Evelyn a discreet way out and hoping she would take it.

She tried to catch Emily's eyes hoping to communicate her eagerness for a brief truce.
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The look on Evelyn's face felt sort of like she'd taken one of those glass shards and used it to pierce the blonde's heart. She felt somewhat hazy as Emerson spoke. Emily shook her head. "Heal her hand and I will go and prepare the meal." She needed to get out of there herself, and she figured they needed time to talk.

Before she took the time to prepare the meal, Emily walked through to the downstairs bathroom, where she braced herself against the sink. She wasn't one for angry, never had been; she had always held herself together rather well and whilst she was emotional, she prided herself on the fact that she didn't give big outbursts. Instead, she found herself sat on the closed toilet lid, taking deep breaths to stop herself from crying. She didn't know why she hadn't expected Evelyn's reaction, didn't know why it stung so much.

She hadn't expected jumping and down for joy - they were too bloody old for that - but she might've expected a genuine smile, and a 'congratulations' at the very least. She buried her head in her hands, wishing for the second time that night that they hadn't been interrupted by Evelyn bloody Winters.
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Choosing to scowl down at the mess of her hand rather than the blonde woman who had spoken with a tone that Evelyn was all too familiar with. She was disappointed, so was Emerson, but what had they expected? For her to jump with joy and buy them flowers? Evelyn Winters never jumped for joy or any other reason...though if her personal trainer had a voice she would probably say otherwise.

Clenching her jaw, the editor sucked in a breath and then pulled the stem and still in tact flute out of her hand and then cradled the injured appendage to her chest. She eyed Emerson and then indicated with a lift her chin that she should lead the way.

"I think it would be best if I went home rather than stayed for dinner," She told her friend quietly.
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"No it wouldn't ." Emerson snapped back unwaveringly. She put her arm around Evelyn's waist and lead her towards the nearest bathroom.

She made Evelyn sit in the small wooden bench and took the medical supplies from the pharmacy. "I felt the same way when you told me about your engagement." She admitted thinking back to the moment when she had been told about the news.
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"You have no idea how I feel," Evelyn snarled, still not meeting Emerson's gaze as she wiped her hand with toilet tissue. The truth was, Evelyn was happy for Emily and Emerson, but sharing that was a lot harder than feeling it. Why? She honestly didn't know, but as far as she was concerned, Emily and Emerson should be happy with what they got. At least she wasn't laughing or tell them they were making a mistake.

Swallowing, Evelyn stood and then moved to run her hand under the tap at the sink, not wanting to do anything until she had gotten rid of the blood covering her palm, "What do you want me to say Emerson? I can congratulate Emily and offer to host the bridal showers if that's what you want."
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"You're right I don't! Maybe you could tel me." Emerson said impatiently, she let her hands full of supplies fall as Evelyn seemed to have taken control of her own wound.

She pinched the bridge of her nose. "No, Evelyn. That's not what I want. I just..." What? She what? Evelyn hadn't done anything wrong. Wanting anything different from her best friend would have been as good as wishing that she had a completely different best friend.

"I guess... I just wish I didn't feel like I was making things hard for you. I know those moments can be difficult for you." She said gently, hoping Evelyn wouldn't fight her on this.
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Evelyn sniffed and pulled her hand out of stream of water and then raised it so she could get a good look at her wound. There was a small piece of glass sticking in her palm had her wincing when she attempted to squeeze it out. Blood flowed more freely as she removed it and then she pushed her hand beneath the stream again.

"I am fine Emerson. I am not your child, I don't need to be coddled." She replied, shutting off the water and then reaching for her wand in her boot. "If you want to get married a second time, that is entirely your decision and I will support you if this is something you really want. But I am not going to cry and bounce up and down like some immature...bimbo. That is not who I am."

Waving her wand over her hand, the small puncture wound closed over and Evelyn immediately clenched her fist and then released. Clench and release. The action was almost cathartic.

"We've known each other for forty years and if your soon-to-be wife expects me to suddenly change who I am because she's marrying you. She's going to be very disappointed."
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"I don't expect you to change." Emily's voice was small as she emerged from the downstairs bathroom. She had attempted ignoring the conversation between her future wife and her best friend, but neither Emerson nor Evelyn were particularly quiet.

"I expect you to support your best friend and that's that," she sighed. "I couldn't care less what you think of me." She shrugged. It had taken a great deal of work for Emily to reach the point where Evelyn's opinions didn't really matter and, even then she didn't always succeed. It was a long learning process. "We haven't walked into this on a whim, Evelyn. We've been together twenty years. I think we know for certain that we intend to spend the rest of our lives together."

She paused. "But no, I do not expect you to change. I never have."
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Freezing when a voice sounded from the open bathroom door, Evelyn stared at Emerson through the mirror, her gaze narrowing as Emily told her what she expected Evelyn to do. Nobody told her what to do, not even Vera, her wife of twenty years. Did Emerson expect her to keep quiet after that? Had Emily not learnt anything from spending twenty years in Evelyn's inner circle?

With her wand clutched tightly in her hand, the object sure not to break beneath the pressure, Evelyn turned away from the sink and eyed Emily coldly. If either of them expected Evelyn to be happy about their engagement now, they were cinglé.

"I want the best for Emerson, and you, Emily, but with your obviously low opinion of me, I would not expect you to comprehend that," She spat. Taking a few steps forward, Evelyn scowled at the woman before she jerked her chin in a silent gesture for her to get out of her way, "I was happy for you before. I am no longer."
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Air was pulled through her nose at Emerson's words, but Evelyn simply continued to look at Emily, her face tightening even more. Emerson had said she would have preferred if she stayed for dinner, but there was no way in Hell that that was happening now. Evelyn was being judged, mocked and told how she should be behaving, why would she want to stay here? Apparently the woman behind her and the one in front of her had forgotten who she was. How could they be so naive to expect any other response from her? Evelyn didn't even cry on her wedding day for Merlis sake, so why would they expect her to dance a jib about this?

"Get out of my way," She hissed but instead of waiting for Emily to move, she pushed past her and headed towards the Floo. Emily and Emerson could celebrate alone.