A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #1698  by Vera Hadley
Vera nodded. It was only fair that they allow him to get to know the man, but she couldn't help, but fear that her son would end up disappointed. Keeping her fears to herself, she swallowed thickly and asked him if he had more questions.

She wouldn't say he seemed appeased, but something akin to it. The boy asked if he could be excused, both mothers agreed.

Once he had left the room she turned to Evelyn. "Do you accept my apology?" The blonde asked referring to her wife's silence when she had apologized.
 #1709  by Evelyn Winters
Swinging her head around near dramatically, Evelyn stared at Vera intensely, before nodding slowly, "I do. It's get much harder to stay angry at you the longer we are married." Once upon a time Evelyn had been able to hold a grudge like nobodies business, but now days the frenchwoman couldn't even last three days without cracking.

Love had made her weak. And she wouldn't change it for the world.