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 #890  by Louis Hadley
Location: Hadley-Winters Home • Date: Winter 2022

Louis entered the family home. Pffffft family, what did that even mean anymore?

After his mother had taken her wand off his father's throat Louis had promised to come home right after work. Which he had... Kind of... He had spent the day at the Prophet running around for everyone as he usually did and then he had cleaned up everyone's desk, emptied the trashes, filled up everyone's ink pots... He was about to start cleaning the floors when Evelyn had taken him by the ear to bring him back home.

There was no procrastinating anymore, this conversation, the one he yearned for and dreaded was about to happen.

"Where is mum?" He asked to his mother as if she had a telepathic connection that would instantly provided her with the answer.
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 #899  by Evelyn Winters
Looking up from where she sat behind her desk in her home office, Evelyn pursed her lips at Louis before letting her gaze drift back down to the quill scratching away slowly. She waited until it had finished it's paragraph before snapping her fingers and letting the feather freeze, then drop against the scroll.

"She said she would be home before dinner, so..." Evelyn looked towards the large grandfather clock that once belonged to her own grandfather, and was the only thing she had taken from her childhood home when she'd moved into her first home. "She's still at work. Why son? Do you have some other place to be?"
 #901  by Louis Hadley
He sighed and sank into the chair in front of her desk. Not like she would allow him to be anywhere else.

"How am I supposed to do this?" He asked desperate for guidance. He knew he didn't really deserve it, he had been horrible to Evelyn, but he was lost and she was his mother. "I don't know how to talk about this with her."
 #909  by Evelyn Winters
Sniffing lowly, Evelyn lent back into the high winged back chair she sat upon and then threaded her fingers and let them rest across her abdomen. She studied her son quietly, not knowing how to answer his questions without making the situation worse. The french woman wasn't known for her tact or patience, but if she didn't try to at least steer Louis into the right direction, this whole...situation could end up going on a lot longer than it needed to.

"You need to listen. Don't ask questions, just listen, and if you want to get anywhere with her, if you want the truth, you will repress every single fiber in your body telling you to run, and you still stay. here." Louis running off to his father every single time he heard something he didn't want to wasn't going to help things either. Evelyn would also have to follow her on advice, and just let Vera talk. Jumping in to defend the blonde woman and fighting her son every step of the way was not going to be helpful.
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Louis nodded. He knew his mother was right. As scared as he felt this conversation needed to happen, he couldn't run anymore.

"I may still want to see him sometimes." Evelyn would know who he was talking about. He wasn't sure why, but it felt scarier to admit to Evelyn than it did Vera. Maybe because he sensed it would hurt her more. A fear of being replaced by his biological parent would be understandable.
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Her gaze wavered at Louis' words, and she could feel her stomach contract and spasm beneath her hands. His admittance caused a flurry of emotions but if she wanted to get through to the blonde boy sitting across from her, controlling herself and her reactions was a must.

"Do you really think we would stop you if that is what you wanted?" She asked quietly, pulling her bottom lip in between her teeth and gnawing on the plump flesh.
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"I don't..." He looked at his lap, both of his hands stiffly gripping at his thighs. He shook his head. "It's more that I don't want to upset you two." He swallowed thickly. He loved his mothers. He knew he was lucky to have been raised by two strong, impressive and supportive women. But he still wanted to get to know his father.
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Deciding that being honest was probably more effective at this point in time rather than lying to protect herself and her son, Evelyn let out a sigh and stood. Moving around her desk, she took a seat on the glass table and crossed her legs at her ankles, "I am going to be honest with you Louis. I will never, ever be okay with Sebastien Anderson having anything to do with you or your life. The fact that you are...half of him makes me so livid...but he is still your...father and because of him you are here. You are my son because of him." Evelyn would never be willing to let Anderson claim the part of Louis he had so readily discarded years ago, but if Louis wanted to create something with him knowing all that he knew, than the french woman would just have to grin and bare it. "I'd rather think that it's in spite of him, but there are decisions that your mother and that man have made in the past that have greatly shaped my life. I would never be able to thank him in person, ever, but I do it every day inside my head nonetheless."

Admitting out loud that she was thankful that Sebastien had refused to have anything to do with Louis was difficult to say, but if her son was choosing to have three parents, he deserved to know how she felt.
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He didn't quite appreciate how she formulated what she said, but he knew she was being honest and he could appreciate that. Plus, he understood that the most important part of what she was trying to say was that she was grateful for his mother and father's sin because he was the result of them. Without their bad decisions she never would have become his mother.

"I was horrible to you." Louis whispered. "I'm sorry about that. I really didn't mean it. You're mother." He looked up at her blinking repeatedly, hoping the thickness in his throat and the water in his eyes weren't too obvious.
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Watching as Louis started fight with the emotion obviously beginning to spill out from beneath the seams, Evelyn couldn't help but grimace and regret all the time she had turned a blind eye to his emotions. Evelyn had changed a lot in the last twenty-one years but for the first few years of her sons life, recognizing things that upset him and trying to mend it had not been a priority. Vera had been the reassuring parent, the one who sat Louis down and explained why the boys in his third grade class had laughed at him for have two moms. And Evelyn, well Evelyn had watched silently from the background and then had to be told that killing or maiming a group of rotten children was not the way to go about things.

Things had changed since then of course, but witness her son wrestling with his emotions in front of her purely because it was her sitting in front of him, not Vera, made her stomach turn. Evelyn had been a good mum, but she had not been a great one.

"Louis, mon loulou, your were forgiven the moment the words left your mouth." Vera might have thrown the boy out in her defense, but Louis didn't know that the blonde woman was in more trouble than he was. "But your other mother is not of the same opinion. She will need an apology."
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"I know." He did and he would. As soon as his mother would come home from work. The boy cleared his throat and straightened up. If he could keep his emotions in check and get this conversation out of the way everything would be good.
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Vera had no idea what she was coming home to. Maybe Louis would be there and finally she would be able to explain things she had been keeping from him for far too long. Maybe she would come home to an empty house which was an eventuality she dreaded. But the worst option, the one she dreaded most of all was coming home to Evelyn while their son had chosen to stay with his father.

Evelyn had made her disapproval known as soon as the blonde had thrown Louis out of the house for his horrible behaviour. Vera knew she had overreacted, but hearing her son's vitriol towards the woman who had raised him like his own had thrown the blonde off the edge of sanity. She had seen red and had thrown their son to the curb.

Sleeping alone in their bed had been the worst punishment. Evelyn's absence weighed a ton and she felt the weight of it every time she extended her hand to find a cold empty space next to her.

Vera climbed the stairs leading to Evelyn's home office knowing that if her wife was there that would be where she would find her. The blonde stepped into the office to find her her son and Evelyn having an apparent emotional conversation.
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Looking up as soon as Vera entered her office, her entrance into the house going unnoticed (a fact that made her frown and doubt her hearing), Evelyn straightened up and ceased leaning against her desk.

"Vera," She murmured, alerting Louis to his other mothers presence, "I trust work was agreeable?"
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Feeling a sort of knot forming around her vocal chords, the blonde nodded. In passing she gave her son's shoulder a small squeeze. A silent assurance that he was welcome back.

She then gave her wife a small kiss. And again answered her question: "Oui." She had been distracted all day and had not accomplished much, but no one seemed to have noticed.

"Shall we move downstairs? I will make us tea."
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He dared not turn around, talk or even move. What if Vera still wanted him out? What if Evelyn had brought him back home without checking with Vera first?

All the tension, almost all of the fear dissipated when his mother touched his shoulder. He knew much was left to be said, but that at the very least he was welcome to stay.

"Tea or maybe something stronger?" He suggested, more as a way to diffuse a little bit more of the nervousness than anything else.