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 #20875  by Emily Anderson
Emily chuckled, shaking her head as she worked, listening to Alessio list the many stories he wanted to tell. "We have spent so much of our lives together, that it would take far longer than one short toast to say everything," she mused. "But that's exactly why you must keep it short, Al." She thought back to the time that her beloved son had looked at her with distaste, had treated her as if she were the most evil person on the planet. She had understood his confusion and his pain, but that made no difference to how much it had pained her at the time. And it definitely made their relationship so much more precious now.

She considered his words. "I suppose that's true. We'd have been married far sooner if I'd have had my way," she chuckled. Perhaps it was knowing that Emerson had taken so long to convince that this was so nerve-wracking also.
 #20916  by Alessio Toscano
"Why didn't it happen sooner?" He asked, knowing he had asked this before, but feeling that he had never really gotten a satisfying answer. "Or I guess I should ask mum since it seems she was the one who was holding back." He rolled his eyes as he imagined the dismissive answer his mother was bound to give him.

Sensing that his answer had done little to calm Emily's nerves, Alessio paused what he had been doing. "She loves you." It seemed like the most useless thing to say, but also the most true. "She won't run away or anything like that." He added confidently.
 #20946  by Emily Anderson
Emily paused to consider his question. It was one that she had mused over for a long time now, and whilst she knew the answer from her perspective, she remained certain that there were elements of Emerson's version which she would never know. "It never felt like the right time," she replied slowly, thinking about the last twenty years they had shared together. "There was always something new to deal with." She smiled, her cheeks warm as she thought of how much she adored her fiancee. "I know she won't."