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Location: Malfoy Manor • Date: September 5

Tamara was furious.

After months of trying to figure out the secrets of the black prophecy orb Malfoy had unceremoniously dropped off with her, she had finally broken and taken it to Borgin and Burkes for an evaluation...

Only to find out it was a bloody toy.

It apparently had gotten stuck on a loop, but was little more than a children's toy, not some ancient dark relic. It was hardly harmless.

She had spent months staying late after finishing her Ministry sanctioned tasks to find out it was a toy.

She had originally had half a mind to simply floo to Malfoy Manor, but had decided she wanted to take out her anger on Malfoy's front door. That was how she had ended up standing on his doorstep, glancing around at the peacocks. They all knew her by now, and didn't pay her any attention, even when she sharply rapped her knuckles against the door.
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 #18982  by Draco Malfoy
Draco had just changed into his nightclothes when one of the servants informed him that there was someone calling at the door. With a heavy sigh, he dismissed the man and changed back into black pants and a black button up shirt before heading to the parlour to receive whoever it was. At 11pm at night, whoever it was had to be important.
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Tamara shot a death glare at the servant who answered the door, sharply telling him she needed to speak with the head of Malfoy Manor. At that, she was quickly ushered in to the parlour and offered tea, which she promptly refused. Leave it to Malfoy to have such diligent servants running around his home, even when it was just him living there, since his son was back at school.

When the door to the parlour opened, she shot a death glare in its direction. "Draco," she hissed, clearly angry.
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Draco wasn't sure who he had expected to be sitting in the parlour, but the poised form of Tamara Mendes was the last person he had expected. "Tamara," he breathed, turning and hissing at the servant standing behind him, "leave us," then turning back to her. "I didn't realize... did we have an arrangement?" he asked, shutting the door and starting to walk towards her. Usually they scheduled her visits to his home.
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Leave it to Malfoy to jump to conclusions. Tamara rolled her eyes and reached into her bag, pulling out the toy and throwing it at him.

"I'm here about this," she snapped.
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Suddenly, something was thrown at him. Draco's Quidditch reflexes kicked in and he caught it with ease, something he knew he would proudly relate later since he hadn't played Quidditch in a while.

Then he realized what he was holding.

"What the-- why are you throwing this around?!? What if it broke?" Then he realized the significance of what he was holding. "Did you... figure out what it was?"
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Tamara rose, walking over to him and plucking the orb from his hands, holding it in front of his face by her thumb and forefinger. "I did figure out what it was, and you wasted my time. It's a toy, Draco. A stupid, little toy. Some kind of prophecy orb replica that gives foreboding messages, only this one was already broken and stuck on a loop. You gave me a toy to spend months figuring out! I even humiliated myself going to Borgin and Burkes to get it checked out! How dare you waste my time!" she snapped, her face inches from his as her hand holding the orb moved to the side.
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Just as quickly, the orb was out of his hand and in front of his eyes. Draco almost went cross-eyed trying to look at it, but then the reality of Tamara's explanation kicked in and he glanced up at her, realizing she was extremely close.

"Wait..." he said, taking a half step back, "you mean to say... this isn't a dark magic artifact?" he asked, taking it from her and shaking it, then holding it up to the light in the center of the room.
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"That's what I bloody damn well just said," Tamara hissed, turning away from him and stalking back to the chair she had been sitting in. Gracefully, she sat.

"You had me wasting my time for months when I could have been doing extra projects. That's what you do to me, Draco, and I don't like it," she hissed, folding her arms around herself. "I did it for you, and it wasn't even worth it."
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There was no question about it, she was angry. Draco grimaced, following her into the room and sitting on the chair opposite her. "It wasn't for nothing," he argued, leaning forward, "Tamara... this is good news. Maybe it's the answer. You know what's been going on, right? Maybe it isn't what it seems, if this wasn't dark magic," he said, tilting his head to the side.

"Thank you. For figuring it out. Even if it is just a toy, at least that means it's not going to hurt anyone. Now. Can I get you some tea?" he said, earnestly, ready to summon a tea pot at a moment's notice.
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Tamara sat still, watching Draco carefully. She was trying to figure out if he was just humouring her or if he genuinely meant what he was saying. "You're an idiot," she replied, leaning back in the armchair. "I still don't know why you care so much, but whatever. Sure. Tea sounds good," she said sullenly, turning her head to the side and refusing to look at him. This was why she had been apprehensive about opening up to him in the first place, all those years ago.
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Draco sighed. "You know, it's late. Let's see if you still think I'm an idiot in the morning," he said, pulling out his wand regardless. "Accio tea set!" he intoned, then pointed his wand at the door, wordlessly opening it so the tea set could come whizzing in.

He then pointed his wand at the teapot, casting an Aguamenti, and then a heating charm. Once the tea was ready, he poured a cup for Tamara, and one for himself. "Here," he said, holding it out to her. "Look, I'm sorry, I genuinely thought it was something dark, and I knew you were the best person for the job. I'll make it up to you, though. I promise," he said, taking a sip of his own tea.
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Tamara gave a bitter laugh. "You'll have to do a lot to make this up to me," she muttered, taking a sip of her tea anyway. "Although seeing you so flustered might have just been enough," she added with a tired attempt at a smirk.
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Draco rolled his eyes. "It's nearly midnight, 'Mara," he said, setting his cup down. "Of course I'm a little put off by you coming barging into my home screaming bloody murder." He was only teasing, of course. "You know, though... I'm not expecting anyone in the morning."

As if on cue, a lightning flash lit up the sky outside, and suddenly the house was being pelleted with heavy rain, with the occasional boom of thunder. Draco arched an eyebrow. "I mean... you wouldn't want to go out in a thunderstorm like that, would you?"
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Tamara shook her head, her anger slowly dissipating. She still wasn't sure she was up to staying... and then the thunderstorm started.

"You have some power in you, Draco. Never would have pegged you for weather control," she said, the corners of her mouth turning up in a smile.