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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Location: Somerset, Lidia's home • Date: Autumn 2022

It seemed Louis would never feel comfortable walking up to Lidia's family home, no matter how many times he had done it. Perhaps the fact that this time, unlike the others, Louis had not been invited played a part in the butterflies that fluttered in his stomach. Not to mention that he intended on sharing news that might not please the Ballet Master.

Louis straightened the three-piece robes his mother insisted he should wear when working at the Prophet and knocked on the door.
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He was just about to open the door to go out when the knock came. Already chuckling at the coincidence Jude laughed when he noticed who was on the other side. "If it isn't Master Louis," he had once heard his wife used the term of endearment and would never let it go. "I did not know we were expecting you tonight."
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Louis remained passive as Lidia's husband teased him. "You were not expecting me, but hopefully Lidia is available." Louis tried to peek over Jude's shoulder hoping to be able to see Lidia inside the house.
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Wearing a pair of old overalls that Lidia was pretty sure once belonged to Jude's mother--a pair Marley would definitely approve of--with her hair tied up in a messy bun and a hairband to keep her flyaways out of her face, Lidia bent and rolled her roller brush through the artichoke green. She had been planning to repaint the third guest bedroom all summer, but hadn't gotten around to it and this was her first weekend off in over a month and a half so she figured it was now or never. Magic probably would have gotten it done a lot more faster and saved her a lot of trouble, but Lidia actually enjoyed interior painting, it soothed her soul, and ever since they had brought the ranch, Lidia had painted everything by hand. This was the third guest bedrooms fourth color since they'd moved in.

Not far away from the front entrance, Lidia was able to hear the knock on the door and Jude answering it over the sound of her own whistling. She had not expected a visit from Louis this weekend, and while it wasn't planned, Lidia was pleased nonetheless. Though she would have preferred to know beforehand so she didn't look like a mess, but there was nothing she could do about that now.

"Jude, let the poor boy in. He's already wet enough from coming up the drive." Wiping her hands on the cloth that had been shoved in her back pocket, she smiled at Louis over Jude's shoulder. Even partially drenched the boy was a sight for sore eyes, "Louis, what are you doing here?"
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Jude stepped away from the doorway and bowed dramatically to indicate that the young man should come inside. Once the young man had complied, Jude hovered behind him again chuckling as the young man hesitated to interact with Lidia in his presence. "How many times do I need to give my blessing?"

Jude took his hat from one of the hooks near the door. "Well, I am saddened to leave you two lovebirds, but the horses need my attention." He took a second flat hat and flopped it atop the younger man's head. "You are a young gent, you will certainly have energy after whatever you two have planned. Once you are done, come and help me clean the barn."
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Louis wasn't sure he would ever be completely comfortable around his partner's husband, but eventually, he did gather enough courage to kiss her cheek. "I just wanted to talk" He looked over his shoulder at Jude. The conversation he intended on having was not one he was willing to have around the voluble man.

With the flat hat resting atop his wet curls, the young man watched Jude as he left the spacious house. He then turned his attention to the Ballet Master. "Do you have another one of those?" He pointed at her roller brush. Might as well keep his hands occupied, the young man thought as his mind was already running amuck.
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Shutting the door behind Jude, an amused smile on her face, Lidia turned to face Louis and leaned against the thick wood. She shook her head, "No. I don't want Jude getting the wrong idea and thinking he's welcome to help. He's not, and neither are you I'm afraid." Lidia preferred painting alone, it was her 'thing' and not even Louis was allowed in on it.

Moving forward, she reached out and rubbed a thumb over the boys cheek leaving paint in her wake. She let out a laugh, "Oops. Here, let me put this away and I can clean that off you."
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She was right there, between him and the door. Her smile tuned out the sound of the drawling rain, it lit up the room like the lame verses made him want to throw poetry books across the room. Hands firmly holding her hips, the young man was tempted to forget of the reason that had brought him here.

Ignoring his paint-stained cheek, Louis kept the woman between him and the door. "You're beautiful." Louis breathed.
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Smiling at Louis, her head tilting to the side as she looked at the boy, Lidia felt her chest warm at the emotion flitting across his handsome features. Louis really was something, and she was happy that she had in him her life, in more ways than one.

Reaching for his top, she pulled him close and kissed him gently on the mouth.
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He spent so much time around her without being allowed to touch her that at times it was hard to believe he was free to press his lips against hers. Month after month of repressing his impulses and Louis did not feel like it was getting easier.

His hand slid along her stomach against the unusually soft fabric of the overalls. He fiddled with the right bib buckle. He pulled away slightly wondering if she would finally allow him to take thing further.
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Knowing exactly what Louis was asking, but still unable to find it in herself to finally give in, she pulled back from the kiss, and patted his chest. They'd been romantically involved for months now, but they had yet to take things to the next level sexually. Jude had greatly enjoyed learning that tidbit, and she was actually surprised he hadn't brought it up in front of Louis. Apparently her husband did possess a discreet side when he chose to.

"Come, let's get you cleaned up, and then you can tell me why you're here. Not that your presence is unwelcome, it's just unexpected is all." Lidia spoke softly before taking his hand and leading him down the hall, further into the house.
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Louis simply nodded. He didn't express his disappointment or his growing frustration. He was a respectful young man, raised by two women who had made sure to instill in him the basic decency of never pressuring your partner. Louis was patient and kind, he would never pressure her, but he wasn't perfect he was starting to feel slightly impatient.

He apologized while she lead him elsewhere. "Yes, I'm sorry for showing up unannounced." He rebuttoned a button from his vest that must have unbuttoned itself when he was pressed against her. "I just wanted to mention something, you know when we started seeing each other you said that we should be honest with each other so I thought I should come and..." Louis sighed, his hand running over his features. For an aspiring writer, he certainly struggled with words.
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Stopping by the guest bedroom to put her roller brush back before moving onwards to the en suite in her bedroom. Her bedroom, not Jude's. Hers, and her alone. She and her husband had never shared a bed, at least not officially, and because of this, they also had their own bathrooms. Jude's was the large main bathroom, one much more lavish than hers, but Lidia liked that her bathroom was attached to her room. It gave her extra privacy and Jude wasn't likely to stumble upon her in the middle of night when she needed to pee. No, that was something that only happened to Jude and the man was all too pleased about it when ever it happened.

Not bothering to shut the down behind them, she set Louis down on the side of the claw foot tub and then moved to get a face cloth, "That's right, I did. Is there something you'd like to tell me?" Stupidly, her heart picked up speed as she faced away from the boy, and her mind began to race with all sorts of idea of what Louis could be wanting to tell her.
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Louis settled on the claw foot tub. "It's nothing bad." He blinked nervously as the warm cloth approached his cheek. Louis waited for the cloth to leave his cheek before he spoke. "Annita asked me to attend one of their Saturday evenings get-togethers." It seemed every other Saturday the ballerinas were meeting for an event or another. "And I thought I would attend this time." Finding excuses to avoid those events had gotten harder and harder, not to mention that he did enjoy the young women's company and was not against spending time with them outside of rehearsal. "Just to hang out." He added, fidgetting with his robes.
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Lidia paused and pulled away from Louis. She looked at the boy curiously, her brow quirking before she turned and dropped the wet cloth into the sink. She dried her hands and then cupped Louis' chin, tilting his head until he was looking up at her.

"Louis, darling. You don't need my permission to go about your life. Our arrangement shouldn't impact how you want to spend your free time. If you want to hang out with my girls, then do so." Lidia smiled slightly and then leaned in to kiss the boy on the forehead. She left her lips pressed against his soft skin for a minute before letting go and moving away.

"Would you like something to eat or to drink? Jude is making fried chicken if you're interested in staying for dinner."