A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #14512  by Emily Anderson
Emily laughed at the image that her son presented her with. "Why don't you have a word with her when she comes home later?" she suggested. She held her hands in the air, defending herself. "I'll talk to her if you want me to, but I think she's sick of me bringing it up. Perhaps hearing it from another perspective might help. Or I can simply be in the room with you whilst you speak to her, suggest she take on fewer hours?"
 #14565  by Alessio Toscano
He nodded. Perhaps it was childish of him, but the promise of his mother's presence did reassure him.

"Think she'll be here before 9?" He chuckled, knowingly. He appreciated Emily's patience, he truly did, but he sometimes wondered if his mother deserved such a patient partner.