Location: The Daltons Home • Date: July 2022
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Sunny

Marley hummed absentmindedly as she took each individual jar of raspberry jam to make sure its lid had been charmed on properly. Canning was quite possibly her favorite activity that did not involve paint. She felt blessed as this year had been a prosperous for their various harvests. She levitated her lot of jars towards their pantry and started cleaning the kitchen.

One might have been tempted to ask Marley how a workspace dedicated to making raspberry jam could be covered in flour. But those were not concerns that the blonde found particularly interesting given that to her the answer was quite obvious. Much sooner than one would have thought the blonde was done cleaning and was taking off her apron.

Soon her new artist would arrive and would require most of her attention. While most called what she did art therapy, she found the expression daunting, almost insulting. As if art was not always a therapeutic endeavor. Marley was more inclined to see it as simply providing an artistic space while having conversations that could only be fruitful when channeled through art. A load of information had been offered when the young man had been referred to her, but Marley had simply nodded without listening to the information provided. She knew this approach was not conventional, but as far as she was concerned getting to know an artist herself, without the prejudgements of others, was far more conductive than welcoming them with precooked notions.

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Gethin had no idea what he was getting himself into. His doctor had suggested art therapy as a way to help him cope with the changes in his life now that he was no longer a student, and he had figured there wasn't much to lose. At least with art he could just throw stuff on a piece of paper and be done with it. At least, that was what he thought would happen. In truth, he had no idea what he starting.

As he arrived at the correct address, he took in the exterior, a skeptical expression on his face, before shrugging and walking to the front door, knocking twice. Then he stood back, running his fingers through his hair. His parents had told him to dress nicely, but he had rejected that idea. Art was probably going to be messy, after all. He was wearing an old pair of trousers and a grey t-shirt.

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"He's here," Marley sang when she heard the knocks on the door. She was smiling broadly when she opened the door. "You came prepared." She complimented as she noticed his laidback attire. Instead of letting him in she joined him outside.

"I have a studio behind the house," she explained but made no movement towards the described area. The blonde was wearing hill tribe pants, a sleeveless shirt, and a loose waistcoat; her own version of a laidback attire. She tilted her head as she contemplated the young man. He seemed skeptical, nothing she wasn't used to encountering. A few seconds passed before she extended her hand towards him. "I'm Marley, thank you for agreeing to show me your artistic talents."

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Gethin's jaw nearly dropped a the sight of the woman. What had he gotten himself into? This was definitely not what he had had in mind when he had decided he wanted to try new things and see the world after graduation. He was stuck with it, though, so he decided to suck it up and make it through the session. Then he could tell his parents it hadn't worked out and he'd be free.

He took a step forward, then shuffled back as she stepped outside, instead. While she looked at him, he shifted uncomfortably, then arched an eyebrow at the offered hand. "Gethin. You'll see there isn't much talent here, but my mum seems to think it'll help me so here I am," he replied, sullenly shaking her hand. The teen then took a step back and turned, looking towards the rear of the house. "So, let's get this over with, I guess."

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Unfazed by the young man's eagerness to 'get this over with', Marley kept her usual smile an guided Gethin towards the back of the house. As they passed the chicken coop she had designed with her daughter Prairie, Marley gave the chickens a friendly wave. "Do you have pets?" She had asked out of interest, trying to get a sense of the young man above his apparent disdain for what they were about to do.

The studio was in sight. Marley had converted the barn into a studio when she had finally come to peace with the fact that Margot would never let her adopt a parliament of owls to make her own owlery.

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Gethin couldn't help but look around in amazement, still trying to figure out what he had gotten himself into. Clearly, this woman was... interesting. The wave at the chickens only heightened his suspicions. Then he realized he had been asked a question.

"Oh? Oh, yeah. I do. I have an owl, Vito," he said, shrugging. "My parents have a cat, too, but it's not really mine. It doesn't like me." He didn't like the cat, either, but that was mostly because it tended to hiss at him.

Falling silent again, he looked forward at the studio. His face fell. Great. A barn. Well that was going to be interesting. "Is that where we're going?" he asked, his apprehension apparent again.

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"A cat and an owl," Marley whispered mindfully as if Gethin had just shared clues to a mystery she had been trying to solve.

Marly looked at the barn lovingly. "It is where we are going." She would have expanded her answer to explain that it was where his body would be, but that ideally, his mind would expand beyond her small studio, but she had the presence of mind to realize that Gethin might not be ready to appreciate her soulful approach.

As soon as she entered the studio Marley took a deep breath. From the smell of paint to the pottery dust on the floor, to the wild sunflowers growing in a dirt-covered corner of her studio, Marley could not think of a more inspiring perfume.

She turned towards the young artist. "I am rather frustrated today. If you don't mind I think we should start with pottery." Despite claiming to be dealing with a rather negative feeling the blonde was smiling. "I find that kneading clay can be soothing."

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Gethin followed her into the studio, glancing around. It looked a right proper mess. This was where he was supposed to unwind? His own bedroom was neater than this and he was the type to pick clothes up off the floor and throw them on as he was rushing out the door.

"It's... wow," he said, trying to be polite. His parents had told him he needed to be more polite, and he figured telling her it looked worse than his bedroom wasn't the best thing to say. Then she spoke and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. She was frustrated? If this was her frustrated, then he would hate to see her happy. Pottery didn't sound too terrible, though.

"Yeah, whatever," he mumbled, his eyes still trying to figure out what to focus on in the room. "Pottery. Sounds like a plan. So... what do I do?"

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With a few graceful movements of her wand, a wide wood panel and a few dozens of cement bricks started levitating. Once she had made sure her improvised table was solid by playing a short drum solo on it, Marley went to the small mountain of clay she had made. Using the most gentle cutting spell she knew she sculpted them both a generous cube of clay that then transported themselves to the table.

Once his block was in front of him and hers in front of her she sighed contentedly. "It needs a bit of work since it has been sitting there." She gave her cube a rather strong punch before she started kneading it with equal energy.
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Despite his trepidation over being there, Gethin still enjoyed watching her levitate the table in place. Watching things float through the air was calming to him.

Then there was a lump of clay in front of him, and he stared down at it, not sure what to do until he heard the thump across from him. He looked up to see Marley working the clay, and his eyebrow raised. "Uh. What do I do?" he asked, figuring he might as well pretend to be even a bit interested. "What you're doing?" He apprehensively poked at the block of clay.

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She chuckled as she noticed him using a finger to give the clay what she would qualify as a gentle poke.

"I am not sure my process would be effective for you." She reluctantly straightened up and stopped hitting the malleable matter. "Are you as frustrated as I am? If so feel free to picture whatever is causing that frustration and then hit it with fervor." She punched the clump of clay as if it was the gaggle of fools who thought that cutting down a big part of her favorite forest to build yet another Quidditch Pitch was a good idea.

"Or you could simply try to shape it into a cube." Marley shrugged, whichever way he preferred.

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Gethin shrugged. With the confirmation that he was doing it right, he punched the clay again with equal strength. Then he glanced over at her, shrugging again. "Never done this before, but frustration's something I've got plenty of," he said. Funnily enough, though... "But doing this... feels good," he admitted, turning back and giving his clay another heavy punch, this time grunting in pain as his aim was off and his fist slid off the clay and collided with the table instead.

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"Hoopy daisies," Marley chuckled as if witnessing a child's clumsy blunder. "That is not unusual, when frustrated we tend to act too quickly which leads to being unable to accomplish the task at hand, but we also often hurt ourselves slightly in the process." She slammed her own piece of clay on the table in an attempt to turn it into a cube. "Acting out of frustration is not recommended." She slammed her piece against the table once more. "Luckily there are things that can help us channel our frustration. Art is how I do it." She did not study him or ask a question, what he would take away from her comment was part of his personal process and she was not yet willing to challenge him on it.

"Does your hand need care?" She took a step towards him.

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