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 #11186  by Beatrice Jacobs
Location: Remote forest cabin • Date: July 15, 2002

Bea had enjoyed spending her spring semester studying at a university in England. She got to spend time with her half-brothers and their families. It was crazy but ultimately amazing how their family had come together out of such an unpleasant situation. Her semester was over though and now she was in Norway.

Spending time with Jakob's family had been the most interesting part of being here for the summer. He was not close to them and it showed. She related to it so much. At the same time, she was having a blast spending time at the cabin with his friends. She was getting to see so many different parts of him.

She, well they, kept insisting they were just friends but she had never felt this way about just a friend. And she was going home next week and Jakob was not. He had gotten a job with the Wizardthing and would be staying in Norway. Norway was a lot farther from Kansas than Canada. Bea was getting anxious about it. She liked having him on the same continent.

The sound of Jakob's breathing filled the room as she drifted off to sleep in the large, fluffy bed. Jakob, despite her protestations that it was unnecessary, was sleeping on the floor with a sleeping bag in the room they were sharing. Her sleep was restless and not long after she had fallen into a deep sleep she woke up, a blood-curdling, crying scream escaping from her.

"No no please no," she cried, her dream infecting her reality as she shook with fear.
 #11216  by Jakob Ostlund
The end of this trip was still a few days away but Jakob was already thinking about how much he did not want it to end. He was having a great time. Even the days spent at home had been more enjoyable than usual just because of Beatrice. He was not going to admit it before she did, but he liked her. Really, really liked her. He had a feeling she felt the same way but he was too afraid to muck things up and ask. So for now he was just trying to play it cool and enjoy the days they had left.

He fell asleep on the floor not at all fussed by the fact he could be in a bed. He was trying to be respectful of Bea and their situation (and also her dad made him uncomfortable and somehow this made it hard for him to platonically share a bed with her, but he was not going to admit that to anyone). He was jolted awake by screams. It was disorienting. They were so loud. So close.

From the moonlight in the room he could see Bea still laying in bed. Was she even awake? His friend burst into the room to check on them. He was sure something had happened. Jakob had too, until he realized otherwise. He sent his friend away and scrambled over to the bed to Bea, sitting on the edge and pulling her close.

"It's all right. Just a bad dream. Nightmare, yeah?"

He knew there was something about her she always kept hidden. She knew it from Jaime and he knew it from the whispers around camp. He could have found out if he had wanted, but he was not that kind of person. He did not want to listen to gossip. People had a right to their secrets and a right to reveal them when and where they wanted. He just wondered what exactly hers might be now. Grown adults did not have nightmares like this.
 #12438  by Beatrice Jacobs
Bea buried her head in the crook of Jakob's neck and wrapped her arms around him. She was quiet as she tried to steady her breathing. She shook her head. It wasn't a nightmare but a memory.

"No. It was real," she whispered.
 #13018  by Jakob Ostlund
"Ok," he whispered and squeezed her tight. There was not point in arguing that it wasn't real. He could try to crack a joke about how being near him wasn't nearly that bad but he knew better than that. Maybe if she was just one of his friends...but she wasn't.
 #13392  by Beatrice Jacobs
Bea squeezed her eyes shut. She was going to have to tell him eventually. She could have waited longer if she did not care about him as much. She was honestly surprised that he did not know already. She was sure someone at Camp W would have known something or said something. The people who had hired her knew who she was.

She pulled away from him and shook her head. She did not want to talk about it but she did. As always, her feelings on the subject were complicated.

"I mean that was a bad dream, a nightmare, what I just had. But its not like the kind you have when you're a kid with monsters replacing your parents or whatever. It was real. It happened once, the nightmare. Its a memory."
 #19665  by Beatrice Jacobs
God. Of all the things he could say he chose that. Well yeah, it was, judging by the scream inducing dream she'd just had.

"Yeah. It was. I thought I was going to die. I had unforgivable curses used on me. It was really fucking scary."

She was taking out a lot of frustration on him. He didn't deserve it.
 #19683  by Jakob Ostlund
It was horrible. Just the idea that something like that had happened to her as a student, a child still, made him uneasy. He never would have guessed that was it. It explained a lot. The whispers around camp and her overall disposition were probably because of this.

"Who? Why would anyone do that?"
 #19684  by Beatrice Jacobs
"Some people with an axe to grind in the government. That's what they said anyway," Bea replied with a shrug.

"None of them have been caught yet. I mean one of them died when it ended but there are more out there," she paused for a moment, "Jaime's brother was one of them. Jaime was there too...just...like I was."

She felt like she needed to explain that to Jakob. He had asked more than once if their friendship had contributed to her breakup with Jaime. It had, but it wasn't in the way he probably thought. There was a bigger issue driving a wedge between the two of them and now Jakob understood what it was.
 #19686  by Jakob Ostlund
Jakob was at a loss for words now. What did he say to that? He knew he should say something. She was his friend and she was entrusting him with this information that she kept under lock and key. It was clearly difficult for her to share.

"I'm so sorry that happened to you. To both of you."

He was. He was frankly impressed Jaime and her had made it past the day it happened. He wasn't sure he'd be so forgiving.
 #19689  by Beatrice Jacobs
"Me too."

That was the only thing she could think to say. The whole thing was just sad. She laid back down on her pillow and closed her eyes. She doubted she would get any more sleep but she didn't want to think about what had happened any more.