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The room was circular, the walls following the shake of the tower located some distance from Iver Hall. Nathan used this space for most of his dark arts practices now whether it was wand waving or potion making. It was better to keep that energy away from the home, especially now that Astrid would be moving in. It also kept Viola out of sight and mind when that was convenient.

The bodies should be there soon. Very soon. Viola was moving about, preparing a few last details. Nathan watched her as she moved. She has a slight limp. Most would not notice it. But apparently her broken bones were about healed...

"I hope you realize that if you turn these two men into Inferi you will likely never be forgiven." he said, sitting back against one of the work tables, a cup of tea in his hand. "It was a bold task you took on. Fair or not I think your entire credibility now is tied to this act. Not to me of course... I am speaking of my security. If you fail, or create half dead monsters, they won't see the fact that you tried, even scarified for it, they will simply see that you made fools of them for believing in you for a moment. They can be very simple in their emotions..."
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"Shut up." She said bluntly, pacing back and forth, her index finger pressed to her lips thoughtfully. She was very obviously nervous, anxious about what was to come. Her eyes glanced to the various knives, tools, her wand, potion bottles,the boiling pot, and various ingredients and pages of her notes. She was pale, biting her finger now as her anxiety grew.

"If this goes wrong, they're gonna kill me...and if it goes right, the men I revive might kill me."

She rubbed her temples, and then looked to Nathan, as though about to say something. But she faltered, and despite her limp, rushed across the room to nearby bucket, dropping to her knees painfully and vomiting into it. Her hands gripped the rim of the bucket and her body shook. Over the past couple of weeks, she had been preparing for today - it involved a specific diet, less sleep, heavy concentration and practise, and a lot of mental preparation. And perhaps, mentally, she knew what to do. But her body was having a moment of weakness.

"What a great way to start..." She breathed heavily, closing her eyes and trying to focus herself, her head tilted back as she steadied herself. "Okay...okay, after this, I'm gonna take a nice long nap, drink six cups of lavender tea, have a bubble bath, and eat a whole chocolate ca-" She swung forward again and continued to dry heave over the bucket.
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Had Nathan been recently indulging in his Dark arts he might have reacted badly to her daring to tell him to shut up. but as instead he had woken up from a very fulfilling night with Astrid... he merely raised his brows, then smirked as he watched the woman hurry abut the room and then begin getting sick into a bucket.

When she had finished he said, "There is a box of peppermints in the oak chest should you need them." They were always a good thing to keep handy. Nathan himself had not escaped entirely from needing them from time to time to freshen the mouth. Dark arts work could some times do a number on the stomach...

"If you can bring those men back," he added, "You can order whatever food you like. A mountain of chocolate cake... and take a week off to sleep if you want." He paused, then said, "and never fear... I would never let the men you revive kill you. Why do you think I am here? Mere curiosity?"

Just then there was a knock at the door and then it opened. Two wooden caskets came floating into the room, covered in dirt, and behind them came Caleb and Reef, guiding them with their wands to the center of the room where they lowered them. Ivan stood in the door way, arms crossed, his expression a mixture of concern and distrust. He had a feeling this was going to involve Viola being given her ultimate powers back fr a moment... he definitely did not trust this situation. And he was angry that Caleb had told the story to all of security before he or Nathan were told. IT made it rather impossible to say no to...
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Turning and looking to Viola Caleb swallowed hard and said, "We should stay in here and watch, right? In case you need help... or something?"

He could just see Reef out of the corner of his eye starring daggers at him. Reef wanted to see the men alive as much as he but.. he wan't fond of hanging around when such dark magic was at play. Something could go wrong and who knew what would happen to the bystanders!
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Ciceron strode in after the two men, closing the door behind him, signalling that the men were clearly staying.

"More witnesses. If she does this, we need eyes from men that the rest of security trust, the rest of Cleary Co trust, and a more accurate documentation. You will all pick up on different things during the process. It will be easier to catch anything...unusual." Ciceron lifted his chin, looking to Nathan. "That...and eventually this will be discovered, no matter how hard we try to fight it. People will find out that Nathan Iver's teachings allowed for a girl like Viola to bring people back to life. I don't think any of you realise just what a staple this moment is if it works. This is history in the making."

He flicked his wand, the coffins stripping away from the bodies. Somehow, despite being buried in coffins, the corpses were still seemingly fresh. Definitely dirty and bloody, but not decomposing. He watched as Viola shoved two mints into her mouth, and then gestured for her to come close, her eyes wide at the bodies. But Ciceron stood tall, in front of her. Without saying a word, he placed a hand on her shoulder, remaining there for a moment before moving away.
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Viola stood up shakily, shoving her sleeves up her forearms and stepping forward to the bodies. She stared at them for a long moment, as though in disbelief that she had done this. She turned away, moving to the potions table, beginning to add various ingredients to the cauldron and setting the fire up to allow it to bubble.

She stepped back to the bodies, and carefully, used an available bowl of water and sponge to begin cleaning their flesh.
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Marcus' face turned a bit ashen as Ciceron declared they were to stay. He had heard enough stories of dark wizards killing themselves and all around them with untried magic. But after sending a glare at Caleb he looked to Ciceron and simply nodded before taking a place by the far wall. He just hoped he wasn't asked to join hands, form a circle and chant some regretful words... He knew both Caleb and Iver had been pulled into Nathan's dark arts works and they had always looked worse for the wear. But again... wouldn't he do just about anything to bring his friends back?

Sigh... yes he would. And hopefully... Viola would as well... But he could not help but look on her with some suspicion.

And then he caught it. Just a moment as Ciceron placed a hand on Viola's shoulder, encouragingly. He could not help but think back to a conversation he had with her and a supposed story she had told him... MArcus tried to catch Caleb's eye and give him a significant look, but the other was too busy starring at the bodies and clearly did not notice the moment between the cousins.

Well... Ciceron had been right about them each catching onto something different...
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As Ciceron began giving orders Caleb raised his brows for a moment and almost glanced to Ivan, but he stopped himself and nodded as well. He would rather stay. He felt more then responsible for everything that was happening and he just prayed it all worked out.

HE glanced to Viola and then the bucket. She had just been sick. clearly this was affecting her deeply. It couldn't possibly be an act. But what if it was? One giant manipulation... Dice had suggested as much, laughing as he did.

No, he could see from her face. She wanted this to work almost as much as he did.

As the wood fell away from the bodies he drew back, then forced himself to look. They were terrible to look on but... actually they should have been far worse. And although the smell of must and dirt was in the air... it didn't smell like rotting bodies. Well... that was helpful!

He tried to catch Viola's eye then, giving her a little nod of encouragement before stepping further back.
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Nathan was more than happy to let Ciceron take charge and make decisions. That's why he was in the position he was. It freed up Nathan to simple watch and observe.

Looking at the bodies now as they were revealed he raised a brow and said, "Well, well, well... I am definitely starting to feel a little more hope when it comes to this."

Looking to Ciceron then he said with a smile, "makes me rather like a god now doesn't it? And gives all the more reason for our enemies to hate us. Imagine with they believe that..." but he just let the thought drift off as he turned back to the bodies, a peculiar glint in his eyes. Yes he had thought originally that this magic should be kept away from but... Oh, the possibilities...
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Viola began to clean thoroughly, making sure every scrap of dirt and blood was gone. She sterilised the surfaces and her hands and tools. Bringing over a little trolley and tray of equipment, she began to carefully sew together any patches of skin that had not yet healed fully. To say she had slit one's throat, it at healed immaculately, and all that remained was a very noticeable scar. After the patching was done, she dripped some potion on to cleanse and knit the flesh together properly. Though, the thread would stay in just to make sure. She dressed each wound accordingly, but none of them were in a particularly gruesome state.

She dipped four silver coins into another jar, placing each moist coin on the eyes of the men. She scooped out a cup of the boiling potion, turning off the flame and stepping back to the two bodies, her heart pounding in her chest. Taking a deep breath, she cast a complex spell, binding the two men to her for a moment. She didn't have a lot of time.

She placed the cup to the side as it still bubbled in its container. Reaching out to the box containing the stone, she pulled it out, pressing his harshly between her palms, biting her lip as she did so. As she opened her palms, it was gone - clearly having sunk into her skin. From the tray, she pulled off an incredibly sharp knife.

Her hands began to shake. A brief glance at Ciceron made her re-position her stance, but she still shook. She made a slight sound as she went to make a move with the knife, but she hesitated again. This was going to hurt. Swallowing thickly, she proceeded.

The knife slashed quickly down from her wrist to the middle of her palm, and she cried out immediately, the stone enhancing the pain she felt. Without much time to truly process the rapid bleeding from her arm, she swiped her hand down the chest of Tom, leaving a bright red streak of her blood. The disinfectant stung her injury, and salty tears stabbed at her eyes. She took the knife in her now wounded hand, whimpering to herself, blood dripping down the blade.

And then she repeated the same slash on her right hand, again with a screech of pain before dragging her palm down Alexei's chest. The knife dropped to the floor, and Viola felt that she was no hyperventilating. The pain was overwhelming to the point where it seemed to travel all the way up her shoulders and through her collarbone. But she grit her teeth, balling her hands into fists and slamming them down to the centre of each man's chest, a small spark of electricity being visible.

Tears streamed down her face, and she swiftly picked up her wand, waving it, casting yet another long spell, almost as though writing a paragraph in the air with a thick, black smog that seemed to fade into nothingness. She leaned on the tables for a moment, her entire body shaking. She knew what was next...

"Mister Iver..." She whispered, probably barely loud enough for him to hear. She kept her head down, however. "This is the part where I tell you my last words...but sadly, even if they were, I don't want you to have them." She lifted her head slightly, looking at Caleb, a tiny smile coming to her lips. "Thank you...for believing in me."

She placed her fingers on each man, inhaling deeply.

"I want you to do something for me...when they wake up, tell them I'm sorry for what happened." She smiled wider. "And with that, I promote you to king of the bedroom. You was the best I ever had."

She swung back, picking up the scorching cup of liquid, lifting it to her lips, and tipped her head back, beginning to drink it down. It could be heard sizzling down her throat, burning her flesh, and her eyes scrunched up, her screams muffled by her continued drinking. The cup was empty, and she threw it across the room, her wand slicing upwards, as though cutting the ropes that binded her to the men.

And as she fell, hitting the floor with a cold flood, the sound of the stone sliding across the stone could be heard. She lied there, unconscious, blooded and potions surrounding her body.

Tom and Alexei's eyes opened suddenly.
 #1019  by Marcus Reef
Reef stared wide eyed at what was happening, glancing to Caleb as she said he was the king. What? Really? And then he watched her fall, dead apparently!! the shock was great, but at the sight of his friends eyes opening he shouted "Look!" pointing to them and then stepping forward, saying "Tom, Alexei, can you hear me?!"

Alexei started to push himself up, then falling back he gasped, then said in a strangled voice, "Reef! Is zhat you! Protect Mrs Cleary! Viola is here! Vait... vhat..." The man struggled to rise again, his eyes rolling about in his head as he tried to regain focus, his muscles clearly weak but... there was no denying it was him.

Reef rushed forward at once, clasping his hand and looking to Tom who was shaking his head and muttering about a crazy dream.

"Stay still, you will be alright soon enough," he said, wonder in his voice.

Merlin... he was sure glad they hadn't all killed Viols weeks ago as was their intention...
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Nathan watched every move carefully, though there was no concern in his gaze. Viola would either pull it off or she wouldn't... but then, as she locked eyes with him a moment and declared her intent to give her final words to him... wait no to Caleb?! Pshh... silly girl... Nathan glanced to his security, then looking back at her he shook his head. She was going to kill herself to save the men? And he knew exactly why she had not told him. He would have forbidden it. She was his tool. She did not have his permission to end her life for others.

Maybe he would have given it but still. How dare she? The impudent little creature! Who did she think she was? Did she hope Caleb would put flowers on her grave? He would have stopped her then only... he knew better then to interrupt a spell or caster in the middle of their work. It was too late. And he watched then as she fell to the ground.

His eyes shooting at once to Ciceron he said, "I had better not find out you knew of this or you will feel my wrath... Now check her..." Caleb flew past him and was on a knee beside her, "...pulse..." Nathan ended, narrowing his eyes a bit at Caleb. He had meant to Ciceron to do it.
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Caleb had stared with wide eyes at all he saw, then as Viola addressed him he opened his mouth as though to speak, then simply nodded, feeling frozen to the spot, his tong lead.

Was she... trading her life!? She had told him it would take years off but not... this was insane! How had he been so wrong about her!

And suddenly she was down. His eyes shot to his companions and he felt relief sweep over him as their eyes opened. Her sacrifice had not been in vein, and from the words spoken... there was a good chance they were not zombies... tears stung his eyes. He did not think he would ever see them alive again and Viola had done this... for him!

The best she had ever had... her words rung in his head. He felt suddenly crest fallen. His emotions were a jumble. Happy his friends were alive, but Viola...

As soon as he heard Nathan say the words "check her" he was on it, rushing to her side and taking her pulse in his hand.... but he felt nothing. She was dead... and he could feel a lump forming in his throat.

"She's dead," he said in an oddly calm voice. He had the strangest sensation as though he were outside looking in. The tears suddenly blurring his vision.. he wasn't sure they were just from the joy of seeing his friends alive...

"Viola..." he said breathlessly. Wishing he could just tell her he forgave her fully for everything...

And then Ivan's boots came into view on her other side...
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Ivan knelt down on the other side of the dead woman, his expression grim. He felt her pulse for a moment, then taking out his wand he waved it over her. Enervate.

Her body shiver, and she lay still again.

Ivan sighed, tilted her chin back, then holding her nose shut he breathed two breaths into her mouth, then pumped on her chest, gave two more breaths and then...

She made a choking sound, then gasped for breath!
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Ciceron stood back, hands behind his back, simply watching the actions of the other men. He glanced at Nathan, and then looked to Ivan giving mouth-to-mouth, Caleb crying, Marcus concerned over Tom and Alexei.