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 #21091  by Jaime Reyes
Location: Jaime's Apartment • Date: Dec 20, 2002

2002 was proving to be a milestone year in Jaime's life. He had finally followed his dream to move out of Spain, and now he was five days away from celebrating his first Christmas ever. Plus, making it his personal goal to try every Christmas tradition he could find leading up to the day, with some help, of course.

Today's tradition of choice was making and decorating cookies. Well, truthfully it was supposed to just be decorating the cookies, given his minimal patience. However, he had gotten confused by the recipes he had found, and had had no luck finding any pre-made cookies in the store. So now he just had the ingredients laying out on the counter and was waiting for Zeke to arrive. Surely they could find something exciting to do while the cookies baked.
 #21093  by Zeke Warren
It had been a whirlwind of a year, but Zeke couldn't be happier. As he made his way over to his boyfriend's apartment, he couldn't help but whistle Christmas carols. Despite everything, he was looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.

When he reached the apartment, he used his key to open the door and slipped in, wearing a Santa hat. "Merry Christmas!" he announced, setting a bag of cookie decorations on the counter. Then he saw the pile of ingredients. "Um... are those the cookies?"
 #21096  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime had just turned on his radio and sat down on the couch when his door opened up. He immediately jumped up, grinning ear to ear at his boyfriend. "Merry Christmas!" He walked over to the kitchen, his smile changing to a sheepish one. "Uh, yeah... I remembered that I have only ever baked cupcakes. From a box." He grabbed the recipes from the other end of the counter. "Needless to say, these got the best of me."
 #21097  by Zeke Warren
A look of sympathy grew on Zeke’s face. “Too bad my sisters aren’t here. They’re the bakers in our family. But I’m sure we can figure it out together,” he said, taking the recipe from Jaime. “Oh, yeah, they’ve done this before. I think I know how it works.” With that, he leaned in, giving Jaime a quick peck on the lips.

“After all, baking Christmas cookies is an essential part of Christmas,” he added with a wink, setting down the recipe. “Pass the flour. Let’s do this.”
 #21104  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime gave a small nod. "In my family, it's my mom and somewhat my little sister. I was never around when baking was being done." He perked up though listening to Zeke's confidence that they could do this, as well as the kiss. "I do hope that impatiently waiting for them to be ready to decorate is also an essential part," he said, sticking out his tongue as he grabbed the flour and some measuring cups.
 #21108  by Zeke Warren
Zeke started sorting through the ingredients, glancing over at Jaime. "Of course it is. Or rather, decorating is an entirely different activity," he said, setting a bowl between the two of them. Then he looked down at the recipe, his tongue sticking out slightly. "Three and three quarter cups of flour... you okay to measure that while I start working on the wet ingredients?" he asked, grabbing a second bowl and the margarine.
 #21187  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime gave a small chuckle. "Obviously I still have a lot to learn about Christmas." Watching Zeke look at the recipe brought a huge grin to his face. He then nodded, opening up the bag of flour and being grateful that it didn't immediately get all over the counter. "Three and a quarter it is!" As he started measuring out the flour, his eyes glanced down at the recipe. "I mean three quarters."
 #21193  by Zeke Warren
"Three cups and an extra three quarters, yes," Zeke said, focusing on the bowl in front of him as he measured out a cup of margarine and added sugar. Then he picked up his wand, pointing it at the mixture and reciting the spell to mix it together. Only then did he turn to Jaime. "How's it going?" he asked, arching an eyebrow at the flour cloud.
 #21215  by Jaime Reyes
To be honest, Jaime wasn't even sure how the flour cloud had formed. He had been measuring out the three and three quarters cups one moment, and then the next, his head was in a cloud. It had taken all his power to resist the urge to cough, hoping that Zeke wouldn't notice. He didn't know why he thought the other wouldn't notice, given he was right beside him. "Hm? Oh yeah, I'm fine," he replied, letting out a small cough and fanning the flour away from his face. "How're the wet ingredients going?"
 #21221  by Zeke Warren
Zeke laughed as he helped fan away the flour cloud. "That's good," he said, grinning and turning back to his bowl. "They're good. Just gotta add the eggs now... you add a teaspoon of baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt, okay?" He was only mildly aware that he was on the verge of being bossy, but honestly, he was enjoying himself.

A couple of eggs and some vanilla extract later, he took a step back and folded his arms in front of himself. "Okay. Now we have to combine them, and then chill."
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"Baking powder and salt. Got it!" Jaime gave a nod of his head as he grabbed measuring spoons and his ingredients. He was extra careful measuring them, so as not to repeat the flour cloud situation, though he was pretty sure that salt didn't typically cloud up. Once everything was in his bowl, he gave it a quick stir then turned to watch the other crack open the eggs.

He began rocking on his heels when both bowls were completed. "Chilling - now that is something I will be good at," he said with a wink.
 #21389  by Zeke Warren
Zeke was absorbed in his work, but when Jaime spoke he let out a small chuckle. "Not that kind of chilling... although I guess we will have time for that. The dough needs to go into the fridge for an hour," he explained, grabbing Jaime's bowl and starting to empty it into his bowl and fold until all ingredients were combined. Then he tipped it out onto the counter and picked up his wand, pointing it at the dough and speaking a word. The dough immediately formed into a disk shape, wrapped with plastic wrap, and he put it in the fridge.

"So... what do you want to do for an hour?" he asked, turning to Jaime and reaching out for his hands.
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Jaime took a small step towards Zeke, grabbing a hold of one of his hands. He tapped his nose with his other hand in thought. "Well, I rented a couple Christmas movies. My attention span could probably last through one of them?" He then winked. "Along with maybe some cuddling."