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 #20729  by Nicole Martin
Location: Random coffee shop • Date: December
Time of Day: Afternoon • Weather: Cold

It had been a few days since the issue of her dad and Arnaud had happened, and after getting some free time Nicole sent Arnaud an owl to meet up.

Nic was still unsure what went down with the two men, and having been working constantly since then, until now, Nicole was finally able to arrange to meet up with her friend. And so she sat by a window in the coffee shop, sipping a coffee as she waited for Anraud to arrive.
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 #20736  by Arnaud Lacroix
He had kept the parchment in his hands for a few minutes, looking at it, wondering if he should accept her invitation. Arnaud had considered finding an excuse, claiming he had to work would not have been that much of a stretch considering how irritable and unpredictable the Prophet's Editor in Chief had been lately. Since the confrontation with Nicole's father, Arnaud had been reluctant to interact with his friend. He felt as though he had gotten too involved for their own good. If they had only been platonic friends it would have been one thing. No one could have blamed him for wanting to keep her creep of a father away from her, but whether they were willing to admit it or not, sleeping together had blurred those lines and now everything he did seemed to have an underlying motive that left a bitter taste in his mouth. They were just friends and he didn't want Nicole to think otherwise.

Eventually, he had accepted her invitation, thinking that a boring coffee shop would certainly be enough to keep their interaction friendly rather than flirtatious.

He entered the coffee shop, took off his scarf and coat as he made his way towards Nicole. He sat in front of her wearing a rather serious expression.
 #20762  by Nicole Martin
“Wow... did it just get a bit chilly in here, or is it just me?” She asked with a concerned tone when she see the serious expression on Arnaud’s face. Nicole had her usual friendly smile on show when Arnaud first arrived, but when she seen the serious look, her smile faltered.

“What exactly happened between you and my dad?” She asked, feeling a little dread. Nicole wanted to know what happened from curiosity, but also she was thinking something was said that was rather bad, and that was what was causing Arnaud to look like he wasn’t happy to see her.

“Oh god, he threatened you or something didn’t he? And now you’re going to tell me you can’t be friends with me any more, right?”
 #20788  by Arnaud Lacroix
Oblivious to the fact that her comment regarding temperature was aimed towards his mood, he shrugged. "Warmer than out there." Using his thumb to point towards the door.

"He was not very receptive," Arnaud explained as his palm ran over his 3 days old stubble. "He seemed rather affronted. Told me some story about how he stayed away because being close to you guys would have put you in danger, but now the threat was gone." Arnaud started fiddling with the spoon in front of him. "As I insisted he eventually asked if I wanted to punch him. I.." He kind of regretted not taking his shot, but as he looked up at Nicole, he thought better than to share that with her.
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Angel was passing the coffee shop window on her way home, when she spotted two familiar faces. She gave a little smirk to herself, then headed on inside to join the couple at the table. "Afternoon.." she greeted to the pair while sitting down in the chair next to Nicole. She instantly greeted the other woman with a little kiss on the lips, then looked over to Arnaud and smiled.

"You look a little... Tense, Arny. Everything okay?" Angel was at first speaking to Arnaud, but as she asked if everything was okay, she was speaking to the pair of them.
 #20856  by Nicole Martin
Nicole listened as Arnaud explained what had happened with her dad. The mention of her dad giving Arnaud the chance to punch him made the barmaid cringe a little. "You didn't though, right?" she asked, not at all thinking Arnaud would do that, but then again he did get into a bar fight once, and she knew her dad could push people to it. So, who knew.

When Angel joined the two, she smiled at the other woman and welcomed the kiss. She then turned her focus back to Arnaud as she realised he never confirmed or denied if he was here to end their friendship. His mood did make her think he was, and so Nicole couldn't help but to feel sad and worry.

"I'll let Arnaud answer that one" she said to Angel when she asked the two if everything was okay.
 #20914  by Arnaud Lacroix
"I didn't," he confirmed, before mumbling a "sadly." The more he thought about the tensed exchange the more convinced he was that his reaction to the man had been rather tamed. It seemed his fear of upsetting Nicole and compromising the added layer of their friendship had made him parse his words and filter his actions.

Completely distracted by Angel's arrival Arnaud shook his head and cleared his throat. While he had known about the two women's relationship, witnessing it was a whole different experience. Certainly failing to hide his interest in their interaction, he did his best to get back to their topic. "I'm not sure if I'm the best person to answer." He countered Nicole's suggestion. "I have no idea what happened after I left." He looked at her, convinced that it was her question to answer. It was not his family drama.
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Angel looked between the other two as they each responded. And while taking Nicole's hand in her own, she asked "alright. Well, I was on my way home but if you two fancied it we could go grab some drinks somewhere?" She glanced around the coffee shop, then added "you know, a drink that's got a better kick to it than tea or coffee".
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Nicole smiled at first when Arnaud had confirmed he didn't hit her dad, but when she heard his mumbled 'sadly' she frowned ever so slightly. "Well whatever happened or was said between you both must have worked, he isn't there any more" she told Arnaud while smiling a little. "I did think it was best you didn't meet him, but it seems maybe you were right. Thank you".

"I just meant when you got here you seemed bit.... Off?" she explained after Arnaud had responded, "but everything is fine if you're okay?" She held her attention onto Arnaud for a moment, waiting to see what his response would be on if he was okay, then turned back to Angel when she suggested them all go for drinks somewhere.

Nicole rolled her eyes a little at Angel's suggestion, she knew what the other woman was wanting, and it was a bit more than just drinks. A couple of times Angel had suggested they invite Arnaud round to join them, but Nic had never been feeling that adventurous. It was one thing to sleep with a couple of people -at different times-, and to explore with a woman. But to sleep with two people at the same time, that was a bit wild for Nicole.

"Arnaud doesn't want to do that, we'd probably bore him!" she said while glancing back and forth between the pair, and had only meant them all going for drinks would probably bore Arnaud. "Plus I was kind of hoping you'd come book shopping with me" she suggested to Arnaud, "Angel hates book shopping, so I thought you could come with me and and we could do what we always do when we shop; pick a book out for one another?"
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Surprised to hear that Nicole's father had left her alone, Arnaud tilted his head. "Oh really?" Nothing about the man's behavior had led him to believe that their conversation had been effective. "Wow." Perhaps his conversation with Nicole's father had not been in vain after all.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He waved off Nicole's concern. With Angel present, he had no intention of addressing the whole situation. "We can discuss it further another time." He added, knowing that the topic would have to resurface at some point.

"I wouldn't be opposed to a drink, actually." The Frenchman agreed, though oblivious to Angel's intent. "We could go book shopping after. It's still early." He added.
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"Bore him!? how could we possibly bore him? He's a straight guy and he'd be in the company of two attractive young ladies, even if I do say so myself! We could be sat talking about knitting patterns and I bet he'd still enjoy himself!" she replied confidently with an amused look on her face. Angel then turned her attention to Arnaud, and asked "am I right?"
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Nicole simply smiled and nodded at Arnaud's response over her father, and when he said they could discuss things further at a later date, she gave him a curious look. She wondered what else they needed to talk about, but with her also wanting them to discuss things without Angel being there, she nodded to agree with him.

Nicole nudged Angel when she indicated Arnaud wouldn't be bored, simply because he'd be sat having a drink with two attractive women. Nicole didn't agree with what Angel had said and replied, "I think Arnaud has a bit more depth to him than that". She rolled her eyes and added, "he isn't that shallow, he actually likes to have conversations with the company he's in".

With Arnaud agreeing to go for a proper drink, Nic didn't look too surprised as she knew Angel's invitation was a tempting one. If it wasn't for the fact he pointed out it's still early and they could do both, she was able to hold back a disappointed look. "I guess everyone is happy then" she simply replied. "A quick drink, then book shopping?"
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"She has a point," he agreed with Angel until she mentioned knitting patterns. "Actually the topic discussed would affect my enjoyment." Though he enjoyed the presence of beautiful women, Arnaud had always been bored by menial topics. He preferred to discuss literature or other complex topics. He pointed at Nicole who was defending him, "See, don't underestimate me. I'm not just a pretty face."

He thought he could spy a hint of disappointment in Nicole's features, but since he couldn't understand why she would be disappointed, he quickly convinced himself that he had imagined it. "Sure," he agreed when she asked about book shopping after their drink.

Arnaud stood and walked towards the door. "Did you have somewhere in mind?" He asked Angel.
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"Ha! See!" she shouted pleased at first as it seemed like she was correct, that Arnaud would be happy to just sit there because he was with two good looking girls. But when he added that he did prefer to have a good discussion going too, Angel sighed lightly under her breath.

"Well that isn't fun--" you would think having a decent conversation with a person was fun, but not to Angel. "I tend to like my men to be exactly that; just a pretty face. They have to sit there, look pretty and not be heard" she smirked. To Angel men were just there for fun, women were there for her to be more deep and meaningful with. She probably could have explained that a bit better.

Angel too picked up on that little bit of disappointment Nicole had leaked, but the other woman knew she hadn't seen wrong, because she knows exactly why her girlfriend was a little disappointed. When Arnaud got up and headed to the door, Angel whispered to Nicole as they both rose to their feet "if it makes you relax a little, I promise to behave myself".

The Blonde headed out of the door as Arnaud held it open, and replied "Nicole's work place isn't that far....." so much for her going to behave herself. Angel knew going there with Nicole might spark some gossip if anyone seen them. As she adjusted her jacket in the cold weather, she noticed the glare she was now receiving from Nicole for suggesting her works, so she added "or we can just walk down the street and go into the neatest bar we find?"
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Nicole simply shook her head in amusement at the other two as they discussed the whole what Arnaud liked topic, if he wanted good conversation or was happy to just sit there with two good looking women to look at.

As Nicole rose to her feet she listened to Angel's whispered words. It did help a little having the other woman promise to behave herself, as the last thing Nicole wanted was to sit there for god knows how long, while Angel flirted with Arnaud. Not that that was a problem for Nicole, she wasn't the jealous type, and she and Arnaud were just friends, with some added benefits. But the idea of Angel being, well, herself and trying to entice Anruad into bed with them was enough to give the barmaid a panic attack. Simply because things were a bit confusing at the moment between herself and her friend. Until Nicole and Arnaud would have their little conversation to clear things up about their friendship, she wanted to keep the two separate for now, to not confuse things more than they already were.

Nicole just nodded a yes to Angel, then headed outside. Angel had soon caused a face like thunder to appear on Nic's face at the suggestion of them going to the Blood Moon Inn. She opened her mouth about to suggest them just go to a nearby pub, but Angel had suggested it herself first. "That sounds good to me... There is actually a nice bar I know that's a couple streets down from here, what do you think?" she suggested to them both, then added to Arnaud "and there's a good bookshop not too far from it too".