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 #21425  by Shiro Takayama
'Well she's not being too smart right now...' He mused, watching her teeth open with his hand on his belt, an inch away from the knife he might have to use. He wasn't stupid, even if he was related as an inlaw thanks to Yukiko, even if he was friendly with them. Vampires irate could get violent and snap, humans as well...humans were just not as deadly. At least that's how society saw it.

Barbas, getting her away from him was probably the one saving grace.
"Here's how we work Michelle. Once a target is a target we don't play around with guards and protection. Normally. I made an exception, one I wont make again. You put yourself and thus your family into the mix I'll be forced to relocate Prudence, Mark and Genesis well...lets just say he'd be elsewhere. So Mr. Binx here is right, she'd have to leave." He spoke calmly.
 #21426  by Maximus Rains
Max was free to take Bella out for a date night. Jaxon and Mariana were covering the bar back home for the married couple, and so he could swoop his wife off for a romantic evening, just the two of them.

As the pair walked through the street Max picked up a familiar scent, Michelle's. From what Max knew Jax had said Michelle was coming by their inn tonight, they had a date night planned of their own, so when Max could smell the vampire's scent coming from knocturn alley, he was curious. He diverted Bella off the street, and down knocturn toward the Blood moon inn.

They headed into the inn, and as soon as he spotted Michelle, Barbas and Shiro, he told Bella to wait for him at the door. He went the bar where the three others were interacting, and he butted in. "I thought you had plans tonight, with Jax?" he didn't politely cut into the conversation either, he just wanted to make this quick so he could get back to his date with his wife.

Max knows of Michelle's reputation, and thinking she was now bored of his brother and blowing him off, he was annoyed thinking the worse.
 #21427  by Michelle Binx
"Trollshit!" she shouted at them both. "We've beat them before, we can beat them again without splitting the family up! We work better in numbers.. But none of that matters because I wasn't talking about involving anyone else! Nor was I even talking about the exact same enemies we fought last time. I just mean, you Shiro, you have plenty of enemies you could throw my way. Let me in on one of your cases so I can help!"

Maximus suddenly appearing and thinking she'd done a number on his brother didn't help Michelle's now bad mood. Not that Michelle knew what Max was thinking, just him appearing during this moment and poking his nose into her and Jax's business annoyed her. Especially as now she was thinking Max might have seen or heard Michelle flirting with Shiro, and was now being the good brother coming to the rescue and stopping his girl from cheating.

"I do.... What's it to you, Maxykins? Has he sent you here because I'm late? Is that possessive doggy side starting to come out?" she narrowed her eyes. "I do what I want, when I want. So you can run back to him and say I won't be joining him tonight".
 #21428  by Barbas Binx
"You're not getting involved with anything more!" he said sternly to Michelle when she was asking Shiro to throw her into some of his cases. "You've had enough drama and action to last you the rest of your vampire life. No more!"

With Maximus coming over and butting into the conversation, Barbas went silent and listened to the exchange between his granddaughter and the wolf. He frowned deeply at the exchange, and wanting to make sure Michelle didn't cause a fight or the extra drama she wanted in her life by dragging Max into it with an unnecessary fight, he finally chipped in.

"Alright, Michelle... I think now is the time we go home..." Barbas glanced to Shiro and added "are you coming? Perhaps we can finish this conversation in private".
 #21429  by Maximus Rains
Max didn't think he would get a reaction like that.... He had no idea he'd walked in on Michelle flirting which caused her to be paranoid, and also that she was trying to now start a fight with a werewolf to get that drama back into her life. "He didn't send me, he told me earlier he had plans with you, and I smelt you a mile away and wondered why you wasn't with him".

Maximus growled a little in annoyance because of the way Michelle was speaking to him, and also because he knew her deciding not to go and see Jax would piss his brother off, but also upset him. He didn't like the idea of a little dirty vampire hurting his brother's feelings. "I don't know why he bothers wasting his time with you, you're a dirty little leech and no good" he snarled, ignoring Barbas's wanting them to leave.
 #21430  by Shiro Takayama
Like he needed help, what he needed was for people to let him do his job...and keep out of it!
"Help? Michelle the only help I need...is for complications to stop, your involvement would lead to thus that. More complications." He said blandly, letting her talk to the other man, shaking his head. His coat was already over his shoulders and headed out the door.

That was until Barbas caught his attention. He didn't think...they were talking about anything other than keeping her out of it. What was there to continue? Something told him Barbas had something he wanted to speak with him about in private.
"Of course, after all it does seem important." He said, taking his keys out of his pocket. "Meet you there? or are we all taking my car?" He hoped it wasn't the latter.

The was until it was clear this wolf was going to keep things going.
"Mister...I don't think. You want to tick off the Binx family, fair warning. But if you want to try it...be my guest." He said. waiting for this to play out. His head was already killing him and he didn't want anything more to do with it.
 #21431  by Michelle Binx
Michelle simply rolled her eyes about making things more complicated for Shiro. "Fine..." she finally said, giving up on the issue.

Binxy never gave up on anything easily, unless she had another idea in her head, or had other distractions going on. As it was, Michelle had another idea in her head for finding drama that didn't involve her family, nothing that was involving Max either, but with the argument that was now happening with said mutt, it might have been enough to come off like that was why the little vampire gave up too easily with Shiro.

"I don't want to go anywhere!" she shouted while stomping her foot like a child at her grandfather, but she soon hissed again letting that childish behaviour disappear and be filled with her angry vampy self. "I'd watch that tongue of yours if I were you, Maxykins... Unless you want me to rip it out and shove it up you--" and before she could finish that sentence, Barbas had yanked her away from Max.
 #21432  by Barbas Binx
"Enough!" he snapped while yanking Michelle back from Maximus. He gave Max a warning look to back up Shiro's words, then turned back to Shiro. "You can drive back, I'll escort Michelle myself". There was more Barbas wanted to discuss with Shiro, which was why he wanted the other man to come back to the manor.

While keeping a firm grip around Michelle's wrist, he said to Shiro "take her outside, I'll join you in a moment..." then shoved her into Shiro's direction. "Go with him, now".
 #21433  by Shiro Takayama
Hand on Michelle's back he had a firm grip,
"Come, you know what he says is law." 'at least to you...' He thought as he guided her out of the place after nodding to Barbas in ok. Barbas wanted to talk to him about something...it seemed important. He just wondered what the family needed help with now. He also wondered if he wanted to get into it.
 #21434  by Michelle Binx
Lately Michelle had been a bit more compliant to her grandfather when he would tell her to do something, usually she'd just please herself. But wanting to keep her head down and keep out of trouble for Perrine, and also for her grandfather, she had been a little bit more well-behaved. So when Shiro had said it was law whenever Barbas command something of her, Binxy huffed in annoyance and headed out while muttering "fine".
 #21435  by Maximus Rains
Maximus didn't take Michelle's threat too seriously. It didn't matter to him that she's a vampire to a powerful family, filled with more vampires. All Max seen was a threat coming from a little girl, and he wasn't scared. He watched as Shiro escorted her out, and shook his head disapproving of her.

When Michelle was gone, along with Shiro, the werewolf put his full attention back onto Barbas. He wondered what the other man wanted to say to him that he couldn't say in front of the other two. So he waited and listened...
 #21436  by Barbas Binx
Barbas waited for Shiro and Michelle to leave, and once they were gone he moved in a step closer to Maximus. Barbas wasn't the tallest man going, Max had a good few inches on the vampire so he probably didn't look very intimidating to the werewolf, but it didn't matter to Barbas, he still voiced his threat.

"If I ever hear you speak ill of my granddaughter again, or if I learn you've done anything to her after tonight's words, I'll personally come after you, mutt". He waited a moment to see what Maximus had to say in return, and after his final words were exchanged Barbas left the inn.
 #21437  by Maximus Rains
Another threat Maximus wasn't scared about...

Maximus knows if Barbas found out Max did do or say something to Michelle, the other man would react back, and not in a feeble manner either. But Maximus didn't think Michelle would say anything to her grandfather, even if Max did do something.

But none of that was why he wasn't scared of Barbas threatening him. Maximus just wasn't scared because he sees himself as a big bad wolf, and perhaps it's Barbas and his lot who shouldn't underestimate him and his pack.

He said nothing in response to Barbas, simply glared at the other man, then once they were all gone he went to get Bella and the pair headed home.