A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #20761  by Kristoph Meyer
After what seemed the longest moment, Kristoph lowered his hand from the side of her face, though he kept hold of her hand. For another moment though he couldn't quite bring himself to say anything, as if it was going to break the spell or ruin what had just occurred. It certainly wasn't a dream and not to say or do anything was silly and he knew it.

"I have though quite distracted you from the tour you were giving. That was perhaps somewhat rude of me." he looked a little sheepish but he was still smiling, it was hard not to.
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"One of the better distractions I've had." She commented with a smile, her face flushing as she glanced away. "I think there wasn't much left of the tour left anyway, at least, not what we could actually do. Perhaps you'd like to go for a drink?" She asked, lifting a brow at him.
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Hera smiled,taking his arm and shrugging slightly.

"Well...there's always my place...um, if you want to. There's a good pub round there, I mean...not that I'm trying to whisk you away or anything but..." She looked away, face flushed.
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Kristoph gently squeezed her arm that was looped through his. This was certainly a delightful turn of events. Part of him wondered what others would think, but then why should he allow that to matter? They were both adults, sure they had just come out of difficult relationships and had children. But for them it just meant that they were on a level playing field.

Soon enough they had went from the intriguing surrounds of the dragon reserve to standing outside the pub that Hera wanted to take him too. His eyes glanced over the exterior, then back to Hera.

"Now this looks agreeable, there is something about pubs here in the UK that are so quaint compared to what we have."
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"See I would say that about German pubs. I find the atmosphere cozier for some reason." She shrugged. "And the glass sizes are much more forgiving." She laughed before leading the way in. It was rather small, quiet, but nice enough. It was the kind to have a wood burner and mantelpiece in the middle of the room and old paintings of racehorses and tracks around the area.

She leaned in to speak. "It's non-magical, so try not to make things float around." She smirked before stepping up to the bar, looking over the drinks menu supplied.
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Kristoph laughed, "there is something to be said about the size of the stein, but even I have to admit they can be a little too much. The charmed ones at least are a nightmare."

At the mention by Hera that they were about to step into a non-magical establishment it made him momentarily pause. Now it wasn't as if he was that far removed from the Muggle world, especially when he travelled but it did make him stop. Did he have anything on his person or was he wearing anything that would make him stick out.

"I suppose it's too late to ask do I stand out too much?" he whispered to her as they entered the pub.

His eyes glanced round the interior, taking note of the decorations, the patrons, to the roaring fire in the near by hearth. There was even the customary dog by said fireplace.

"I take it that you don't let your hair down in here?" he asked with both an amused but curious expression, his glance flicked away from Hera to take in the bar. Eyes flicking from one bottle label to the next. Some drinks familiar some were not.
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Hera laughed a little.

"Not too much in here, no. Usually I come here just for some quiet; Egan may have the kids, and so I come here with Lily, my secretary. It's mainly because she's so shy and dislikes load places, but to be honest, I've grown fond of it." She glanced around. "Not a typical place for a young woman to come, I know..."

She raised a brow at him.

"Had I known you wanted to see me let my hair down, I may have taken you to The Blue Lagoon." She laughed before ordering them both a glass of whiskey on the rocks.
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Kristoph nodded his head, "I can understand the need for that. Sometimes it's nice to go out but without the noise that can sometimes go with it."

He continued to glance around, "I think from what I have come to know about your Hera, you are not like most woman. So this place does not surprise me as much as I am sure you can let your hair down with the best of them. And I look forward to experiencing that side too." There might have been a wink that went with that last comment.
 #21271  by Hera Cleary
Hera smirked.

"I'm sure you'll experience that side soon enough." She commented in return, her own flirtations slipping into her tone. It would definitely be something to take note of in the future; just how soon would it be?
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Hera smirked. "If you play your cards right."

She then nodded to him to follow to a table a little further into the pub; it wasn't directly near the fire, but away from the doors as not to get a draught. She seated herself, smoothing her shirt before looking over to Kris.

"You know, I've spoken a lot about myself...tell me more about you. What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies?"
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"I was never good at cards, though I could play a mean game of exploding snap."

They were soon settled down in a cozy spot, he couldn't help but look round the room and at the other occupants. Of course, it wasn't like the muggles were entirely alien to him after all they were just as human as he was but still he couldn't help but listen into snippets of conversations and wonder what it was they were talking about.

He looked Hera though as she asked him a question, "this is true but that's because I find you very interesting to talk to, but you have every right to ask me questions and you can anytime you want. Well for one I like spending time with people whom I enjoy their company, then there is playing with my daughter. At the moment I have to be honest I've done very little else with my time beside seeing you, working and spending time with Ylenia. I should do something about that and my friend Leo, keeps reminding me about that. But they are hobbies that I am not sure I can really talk about..." his voice trailed off as his eyes flicked to indicate they were not for muggle ears. Not they would entirely get it other than looking at them as if they were weird. It would be a different matter if they were at a place not local to either of them but this was Hera's place to go and he'd rather not make things awkward for her.

"Flying..." he said after a moment, "and travelling."

They were fairly normal topics.

"Again, not things I've done a great deal of outside of work again. Makes me a little dull, in that aspect."

He lifted up his drink and took a sip.

God, he really did sound quite dull work took so much up of his time, and now he sort of understood how it had happened to his father.