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"Mmm..." She hummed. "It really depends on the breed. Horntails, and the Scotland natives, are much larger, and so they appear to grow much quicker. Cracker is actually a little stinted; she should be far bigger by now, but I believe this is a rare case of dwarfism or just...perhaps a late bloomer. I'm sure she will be of a better size with some helpful magic to loosen up her tendons." Hera spoke softly.

"Often, their real growth happens after they reach one. They can already fly and such, but they start to really shed smooth scales and gain sharper claws and teeth. But as I say...some just grow faster.There are some here merely four months old and the same size as Cracker. It's fascinating really. It's almost the same as how humans are just inherently gifted with faster blooming magic or talent..."
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As Hera spoke about the growth patterns of dragons, Kristoph edged closer to the dragon and when he was certain all was well. Or at least Cracker didn't object to him he gently brushed the top of the scaled head. Having been used to snakes and other scaled creatures, there was something inherently special about dragons.

"I can see why you love them so much." He said softly, and then looked to Hera with a smile, "and you're very passionate about them, and it shows"
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Hera smiled in return.

"They were my loves before my children. The first things I ever felt a deep passion for...before them, I felt almost lost; just got out of an engagement, working for The Daily Prophet, still being bossed around by my father..." She shook her head. "Dragons helped me to throw myself into something I loved..."

She looked over to him.

"Have you ever had a moment like that?"
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Kristoph listened and nodded his head, he understood and so when it came to being asked what was his moment, he didn't need long to answer.

"Travelling. Soon as I left Durmstrang, I hit the road with my best friend, Leopold. It was when we arrived at our first destination. I felt truly myself. I could relax, I didn't have the disappointed expectations of my father. As you can see now my relationship with my father has much improved. I may not travel as carefree as I used to but I still enjoy that moment of having just packed a bag and going beyond my home country's borders. A close second would be carpet flying but that's more for the adrenaline rush. Have you ever actually flown on the back of a dragon?"

He knew in some remote places there was a custom of flying upon dragons, but it wasn't like flying by carpet. A carpet doesn't exactly see you as a walking takeout meal.
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"Once or twice." She smiled. "It's a difficult task, and I'm not entirely confident with it, but I really wanted to try out my own saddles for myself. They're very unpredictable though; hard to steer, hard to slow down. I nearly feel off to be honest as I didn't quite prepare myself for the power in the wings...but it was worth it just to glide."

She sighed to herself.

Hera looked back to Kristoph, hesitating to speak again, but forced herself to. "I hope you don't mind me asking but...I was just wondering uhm...we've been seeing each other a lot lately, so I was wondering if you wanted to go on a proper date, like out to dinner..."
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Kristoph bowed his head slightly towards Hera, "then you are indeed a brave person. In that case I think you would be more than capable of flying a carpet. If you were up for a challenge? "

But the conversation took a different route, and one that while he wasn't expecting it, least of all while standing before pens of tiny dragons, it was at least a pleasant one to hear.

Kristoph smiled, "well now, that has somewhat beaten me to the question...but yes, I would like very much to go out for dinner with you Hera, on a proper date" as he said, he reached his hand to take hold of hers and gave it a gentle squeeze.
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Hera smiled. "I'd be up for riding a carpet." She teased, then glanced away a little.

"Well, I've never really been very subtle with these kinds of things. Been out of the game for a while now so..." She gave a small shrug to him, squeezing his hand in return. "But I'm glad we're at least on the same wavelength now."
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"You're right." She smiled in return to him. "And I hope this will be a lasting one; I've already enjoyed so much of it."

She wasn't entirely sure how to proceed. She knew she wanted to lean forward, but had already assumed they were in a place to start seriously dating. Surely Kris wouldn't mind if she did, but what if he thought she was desperate?
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Kristoph considered his options especially in light of what he had just said. But they were standing so close now, and even though the location was far from romantic, it was memorable and he just wanted to hold her. So before he could talk himself out of it he closed the small gap between them, lifted his right hand to the side of her face as he leaned in to place the gentlest of kisses upon her lips.
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Hera inhaled sharply through her nose, leaning into him, and kissing back. She was also gentle, careful not to overstep her boundaries...but it did feel really nice to be held like this. She brought a hand up to rest on his chest, closing her eyes and leaning up slightly more, any stress or anxiousness drifting away.

Eventually, she fulled back, smiling, her cheeks flushed.
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Kristoph couldn't recall the last time he was this intimate with someone. Well he knew who it was and that was Anastasia but as soon as the relationship fell apart, he turned his attention fully to their daughter. And truth be told he couldn't bring himself to go out and date another woman, deep down he hoped that he and Anastasia might have repaired things but as time passed his hopes diminished. Then, then he happened to have a pleasant conversation with someone who understood and that person was leaning into him, returning his gentle affections.

As she pulled her head away from his, he kept her hand upon her cheeks, fingers brushing her soft skin, "sorry, I...just wanted to know what it was like to kiss you."
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The last time she had kissed a man affectionately, it had been Tarquin Iver...as nice as that was, despite all of his comforting, she couldn't shake the idea that it had been Nathan to set all of it. It had shaken a little. In the back of her mind, she couldn't help but wonder why the Meyers had approached her, but then again, there was absolutely no reason she could think of for someone to pull strings like that.

"I'm glad you did." She whispered in return. "You don't need to apologise...I'm just happy you feel the same way."