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After several visits by Hera to the market, Kristoph finally was able to organise a trip to the UK to see Hera, there was also going to be a meeting or two with potential businesses for the market, but that was part of the course of having mentioned to his father where he was travelling too.

The trip would be for three days and two nights, he couldn't be away for long as he didn't like to be away from being able to see Ylenia. Even while he was away he would be in contact with his daughter, via various different means.

After one brief appointment upon his arrival into the UK by the magical rail network, Kristoph was soon travelling to Diety Dragon. He couldn't recall the last time he was in the UK, and when he was he was certain he had only had time to visit London. It was actually enjoyable to venture away from the capital.

Eventually, Kris arrived and there was a feeling of excitement and not only getting to see Dragons, because who doesn't love seeing that, but rather he was looking forward to seeing and catching up with Hera.

It was going to be a very interesting, and fun work trip.
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After visiting the market a few times, Hera felt she was far more acquainted with the Meyers, Kristoph in particular. From business trips to Halloween parties, there always seemed to be a reason to go and visit, which was of course helpful when deciding when to go. It felt like a breath of fresh air from her late stress of life with Egan and the twins and the new fiancee. It was at least nice to finally have a decent friend that wasn't so involved with the dark of the underworld, and of course, wasn't just some arranged plot for the Ivers.

Knowing Kris was coming today made her feel excited to say the least. She was finally going to be able to show him this business she was building in the little village of Alderley Edge. Eventually, she would hope to expand and work more with the reserves, but for now, it was her little pride and joy.

Before he was due, Hera had bade sure the shop and entrance way were primed and cleaned perfectly. She wanted to make a good impression. Even now, ten minutes before he was due, she had her wand out and was using charms to turn stock with the labels out, adjusting how they stood on the shelves and how decorations sat. She smiled a little, glancing around, flicking her wand to straighten out a rug and realign the tassels on the corner. Yes, it was a rug she had bought from the market that she was proudly displaying.

Perhaps it was a touch too much...

She stood there, at the entrance, finger on her lips as she considered the decoration on the floor. Perhaps the pattern was wrong. Maybe it was too pandering. She personally liked it, but was it coming off as desperate to make an impression?
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It was a charming village, as a tourist it seemed to Kristoph to epitome of Englishness, what with the cobbled streets, thatched cottages and intriguing shops. Like that the one he was making his way to, briefly, he had looked over his shoulder to see whether the shadow that was Ms Thorne was lurking but she had clearly gotten bored and left him to it some time after the last meeting.

He might have adjusted his suit and travelling cloak before he pushed open the door to Deity Specialists. As he crossed the threshold he found his smile growing wider, "Guten tag" he called out to Hera on seeing her.

Once he entered the shop he turned slightly to push the door closed and made his way over to her to greet her properly. As he made to kiss her upon each cheek he said, "thank you for inviting me."
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Hera smiled brightly in response to him, stepping forward and returning the kiss to his cheek, her hand lingering on his shoulder a moment before she pulled back.

"Hello again." She greeted. "No trouble at all, my pleasure, really." She continued, a hint of giddiness in her tone. Her almost felt like a schoolgirl with her faint blush and contagious smiling. She gestured behind her as she began to speak again.

"Ah, this is Deity. It's only one shop for now, but I'd love to expand. I've handmade a lot of the saddles, bridles and equipment here, tested out foods and done a lot of research to make it what it is today. Still a long way to go, but I'm proud of it so far. I wanted to show you where it is I actually work before I take you to the reserve."
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The lingering hand upon his shoulder might have made sure that the smile upon his face remained wide, "Wonderful.." he said in response, his head turned away to glance around the shop, then naturally he began to move to take a closer look at the items on sale.

"Oh I know there will be more shops.." he glanced over his shoulder and grinned, he had already started formulating a business plan for having a store within the market, like father like son.

"And yes, you should be awfully proud. You are building your own empire, and one that your children will be proud to be a part of." he said this while his hand brushed over the reins of one of the bridles. They were thick straps, and not for the average beast of burden. It would have taken someone many days to create such a piece.

He turned to look to Hera, "this is brilliant."
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Hera felt a small lump in her throat as she was praised. It felt so good to genuinely impress someone she looked up to, or at least admired from afar. It made her chest swell with pride as she glanced around her own place. It wasn't huge, but one day, it would be. And she would be an esteemed business woman, determined to give her children something to look forward to and strive towards.

"Thank you. I had to do a lot of night classes to practice leather handling, but the results are worth it." She stepped forward toward him,smiling softly. "Before this, I worked as a dragonologist at Snowdonia; I still have a lot of friends there, so that's where I would like to take you today. Specifically, the hatchlings area...some are docile enough to stroke and hold. I fell in love with the place immediately when I saw my first dragon, and even more so when I held one. Out of all of the things in the wizarding world, I believe dragons are some of the most extraordinary, and now I get to work solely to help their survival and care."

She held out her hand.

"I can appirate us there, so hold tight."
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There was aside to running the market that Kristoph enjoyed the most and that was seeing fledgling businesses take off. When news approached the market to take up a pitch, you had two sorts the ones that thought they were doing them a favour for being their, they were the next big thing...don't you know, and the others like with Hera who were so enthusiastic and just overjoyed at every step forward, no matter how small. Those were the ones that Kris wanted to help. There might be another reason for helping them but that wasn't a thought to have right that moment and nor in connection with Hera's business.

He did so enjoy listening to Hera as she spoke so passionately about her business, the smile on her face the look of pure pride, it just made him smile, and without any hesitation he stepped forward to take hold of her hand. His fingers gently but firmly wrapping around hers.

"Lead the way."
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Hera felt her chest flutter a little at him taking her hand so easily. It was a girlish reaction, she knew, but it reminded her just how fresh and new this was to her. So long she had been filled with sadness and hesitation about her love life, but for once, she actually felt a connection with someone. And even if Kris didn't like her back in that way, it felt good to finally take a step forward away from her divorce.

She smiled once more at him; a moment later, they were appirating. The journey wasn't so bad due to Hera's practice - she had always excelled in apparition and had passed her tests rather quickly, making her travels slightly smoother than most. They eventually found themselves in Wales, just inside the entrance of the Snowdonia dragon reserve. Hera dusted herself off, looking up and greeting one of the supervisors as they past by. Now that Hera was a frequent sponsor and donator to the reserve, she was pretty much allowed access whenever she pleased, providing she gave prior notice.

She hesitated to let go of Kris' hand, but thought it best not to presume that would be okay, and soon loosened her grip on him. She soon pointed up to the sky where Welsh Greens were flying around. There was clearly a magical field to prevent them from roaming too far, but it was evident the space was more than adequate for exercise.

"Those are some of the most docile...my favourite to work with. But I would say the Antipodean Opaleye are the most stunning."
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There was something there, just a hint of something that even Kristoph himself couldn't ignore as held Hera's hand during the apparition. It was perhaps a bit more confirmed to him the moment they arrived at the end destination and she hadn't immediately let go. He smiled at her but didn't immediately say anything. Then...well his attention was diverted. Dragon's had that effect on people.

He turned and looked up where she was pointing, not that it was hard to miss even from this distance.

"I've seen a few dragon's in my travels, and you know there are some deep within the forest. But they don't cause us or the market any concern." he kept his gaze upwards watching the dragon, "how many are here?"
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Hera watched along with Kris, staring up at the dragons as they twisted and turned in the air.

"I would say around sixty, give or take. Not as big as the Romanian one by far, but still with a hefty amount. The majority have only basic domesticated guides, with only a few being taught more training tactics. It doesn't sound like a lot, but they're such big creatures that they took so much looking after as it is. I think they're wanting to open up a new enclosure off at the back for some more dangerous breeds...I actually think this reserve takes care of Thestrals as well, which is nice."

She glanced over at Kris, her face bright.

"I like them here...but seeing them in the wild is even more magical. Maybe at some point I'll be able to see them at the forest; they're always fascinating to study." She nodded her head. "Follow me, I'll take you to the hatchlings."

With that, she began to lead the way to one of the barns.
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Kristoph looked impressed at the figure, he was trying to work out what the hectarage it would take to house such a collection. But again he became suitably diverted by the view. He dropped his gaze from the dragon to look to Hera, "I can imagine that it takes a lot of money to look after them and well."

"Thestrals are highly underrated beasts. We have a number of them at the market. I'm certainly sure I can arrange a tour to see the native breeds, I believe they are smaller than the ones that are here. Something to do with the heavy forest areas."

He turned and began to follow Hera to the barn, soon matching her pace and walking alongside her.

"Does the Ministry control the breeding programme?"
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"I would love a tour like that. And I agree that Thestrals and truly underrated; they're magnificent creatures...perhaps they are purposely overlooked due to the sadness that comes with being able to see them." She pressed her lips together, but she remembered the first time she had seen one. It had definitely surprised her after so many years at Hogwarts having being pulled by a mysterious cart, only for years later to realise it was these horse-like beasts.

"Unfortunately, yes." She answered to the question regarding breeding. "I put in a few requests when I worked her to lift the restriction or at least relax it somewhat, and although they did ease the guidelines, it's still monitored closely. They think it will get overrun or we won't be able to handle it. In reality, I believe Snowdonia is capable of holding far more dragons if they had the funds to expand to the full potential. But it can be a bit tricky convincing the officials of that."

She shrugged.

"But it's getting better, at least. I even have a few trainees at my shop that do work experience here, and there are a couple on the waiting list after they finish their certification. It's good to see more people taking an interest." She looked to Kris, smiling. "But what is it at your market that you're the most passionate about? Creatures? Cuisine? Culture?"
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"Then consider it arranged." said Kristoph.

He really would love to arrange that, and it wouldn't be all that difficult to sort, and it would be a pleasure to do so. Making her happy, appealed to him a lot.

"Yes, for a long while I didn't understand, especially as a kid, but as time moves on you then well...its a shock at first to see them and you can see why the average person would fear them rather than be awe of them, but now they really are quite special."

"Yes, the Ministry's the world over are rather inclined to want to contain and limit breeding of any species. They fear that's where our world will be breached and shown to the muggles or something to affect." It was part of the reason why there was often meetings between his father and the Ministry, ones that he was starting to attend as he came to handle more on the day to day operations of the market.

"Always fun dealing with the Ministry..." he said with a snort.

As they walked his gaze flicked around taking in the sights, "oh that's easy. It's the people. At anyone time you can talk to someone from the deepest parts of Africa to day trippers from this country. When time allows I like to talk to the visitors and to the market vendors. I think I get that from my father."
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"Yes. I've had the Ministry visit me a few times to ensure I'm not advocating any illegal harvesting of beasts or encouraging wild behaviour among breeders." She rolled her eyes. In actuality, she knew it was essential for the Ministry to be involved, but it did tend to rub her the wrong way sometimes when she was the one promoting the safety of dragons publicly.

At his answer to her question, she nodded, pondering for a moment before inevitably agreeing.

"I can see that. That can definitely be interesting; I like hearing stories about distant lands and other cultures. I should really travel more before deciding where to set up my new branch. Who knows, it might just end up in Germany." She winked at him.

Soon enough, they were at the hatchlings barn. After a quick nod in and check over by the head breeder, they were bid entry. There was multiple nests and stalls for variously aged younglings. The more docile were allowed to sleep in the same area and mingle freely, where as the more temperamental were either sectioned off with their own species, paired with a specific docile 'buddy', or giving individual space depending on their mood. All of them were undoubtedly adorable.

Hera led him through the centre aisle, pointing out a couple before eventually coming to a stall with a silvery-scaled hatchling.

"This is Cracker. She was born on Christmas, hence the name. For a Swedish Shortsnout, she's particularly docile." She spoke. The dragon was not as small as the others, presumably due to her age, but there was definitely still a young look to her with the smooths spikes and barely-there-talons. Without hesitation, Hera reached forward and stroked along Cracker's neck.
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Kristoph caught the roll of the eyes, "yes they do have that affect." Though despite the irritation of the German Ministry, his father rarely raged about them, as he always said, it's better to keep them sweet and no reason for them to pry and they'll leave you alone because at the end of the day it was all about economy of scale, being that they didn't waste man power or resources if they didn't have to. Anyway, they'd have to do an awful lot of digging to find out anything.

"Oh I am sure I can help with that decision" said with a grin as she winked at him, "and I always an advocate for travelling, but sometimes its best not to mix business with pleasure, otherwise you'll miss the sights."

Speaking of sights, they were soon presented with rather tiny dragons.

"Oh my..." he trailed off as he walked past various stalls and various tiny dragons, eventually coming to a stop at the one was named Cracker.

"How many years does it take before they become the size of that one we saw flying upon arrival?" he asked, tentatively but with resolve to put his hand inside the pen, letting the dragon get used to his scent before proceeding. He had met many a dangerous breed young and adult to know you don't just stick your hand in for a stroke, unless you were not bothered about losing an appendage.