A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #20687  by Andoniaina
Aina looked him up and down slowly, snarling slightly for a moment before looking him in the eyes.

"So easy to tell your secrets..." She spoke darkly. "Do you have no fear of consequences? You have no ideas of what I might do with this information?"

She stepped forward, finding herself the same height as him, flexing her fingers.

"Pale men are all the same, but not you, no? Take me somewhere private and answer my questions."
 #20690  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb caught it, took a sip with out hesitating, then handing it to Robin he said,

“You sure you want to find the answer to this?” But seeing the look Ivan gave him he said quickly, “Of course you are. Positively sure.”

Standing and throwing his jacket on he said to Robin with a grin, “Come on newbie...” before heading towards a side door.
 #20691  by Maximilian Rogan
“Private?” Said Dice with a smile, “So you can threaten the information out of me?”

He glanced down the street, then motining towards the ally between the buildings across the street he walked in, then turning to her said, “This will have to do. But listen... you will either need to give me a damn good convincing reason on why I should comply... or I can promise you I will ask him about it. Or...” he said, pulling out his wand, “We can fight this out in a cold ally... which I would rather not do...”
 #20692  by Robin Glover
Robin smirked. "Always happy to help." She beamed, drinking down the potion and rolling her shoulders. Inside, he was wary...she hadn't had many dealings with vampires, and even then, never one of this bloodline. She didn't know what abilities or temperaments they had, nd Robin couldn't help but feel somewhat uneasy.

But that didn't stop her from following after dice and Aina.
 #20693  by Andoniaina
Andoniaina stared at Dice a moment, studying his face.

"Is this a sly ploy...Or are you just dumb to challenge an ancient vampire like this?" She leaned forward, looking him in the eye. "You don't even know my abilities...I could be an illusion for all you know. Why are you so willing to fight?"

Her breath stank of rum, and dreadlocks waterfalls over her shoulders as she tilted her head side to side like a curious animal.

"You are afraid of me, and yet you are here trying to make rules, knowing that I have underlings and powers greater than yours...is my smile not convincing enough?"

She began to smirked, soon pulling shredded black tobacco out and pushing it under her lip.

"I have nothing to sway you other than answering questions in return...Or we can do it the last way and I can cut you to ribbons. Maybe you would like a ride on my ship? Or some of my herbs? I don't just threaten...I like the thrill of bartering. I am a pirate after all."
 #20703  by Maximilian Rogan
“I don’t want to fight you at all,” said Dice. “I am just trying to show tou how serious I am. If I lead you to my master he would cut me to ribbonds... and then his master would put me back together just so he could do it over again... but slower.”

Lowering his wand, but still holding it, he said, “Truth is I am afraid of you... but I am more afraid of them. So how you tell me why you want to meet him. My guess is it is more than curiosiy. You are looking for someone or something... you give me reasons and I decide if I am going to pass them on... Fair enough given the circumstances, right? I mean I might get beat up just for admitting to you that he even exists! I am already risking myself here.”
 #20705  by Andoniaina
Aina lifted her head, thinking for a moment, and then spoke in her raspy voice.

"Partly curiosity; I want to see what creature gives off such a scent. But also...my husband is obsessed with other creatures. I want to find out if they came into contact. I have been searching for him for centuries, and I feel like I keep missing him, or he is in danger, or maybe just fleeing from something. I have to find him, and a smell like that would be too delicious for Rasoanaivo to ignore..."
 #20708  by Maximilian Rogan
Dice raise his arm a bit, smelled himself, then said, “Are you sure you aren’t smelling me? Maybe it’s a combination... “

Looking up thoughtfully then he said, “Here’s what I can do. I can ask him if he knows this Rasoanaivo. Do you have a picture as well? Tell him you want to meet him. Let me know where you will be and... who knows.... Maybe he will look you up himself.”

With a smirk Dice added, “For a price of course. Nothing much. I simply want you to agree that should I call on you in the future... you will accompany me to any place of my choseing, no question. Deal?”
 #20709  by Andoniaina
Aina blinked.

"A picture?" She shook her head. "Last time I saw him, there was no such thing.I can describe, though..."

She took a moment to think about his condition, folding her arms. Just accompany him? She didn't actually have to help, or he didn't specify that much.

"Okay. Deal. "

And with that, she turned and left into the darkness.