A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #20541  by Andoniaina
Aina inhaled so deeply that her eyes rolled back in her head, showing only the whites for a long moment. She eventually looked over to Ivan, eyes hooded but pupils dilated and dark.

"I know what I smell...I am over 1000 years old...Iknow what I smell." She stepped up to Ivan, looking up at him. Aina herself was closer to the height of Dice than she was to Ivan's height, causing her to crane her neck to look at the Russian. "I can hear your blood pumping, your lymphocytes pulsing...your testosterone throbbing in your body. I can see the every crack in your lips, every pore and minor hair you have attempted to shave away."

She suddenly pressed her hand on his stomach, firmly pushing it up his torso to his chest where she removed it.

"I can feel every string of muscle, every bone that has been repaired, and your heart convulse with sudden anxiousness." She grinned that blackened grin again. "If I say I smell a Fleur Du Sang...there has been a Fleur Du Sang. I am never wrong."

With that, she turned to Dice, leaning forward again, looking him in the eyes.

"Have you ever met a Ramanga before? We are far less common around her, so I would doubt it. But I am far more dangerous than some French immortal. What powers do they have, hm? Intoxication? Thought perception? Teleportation?" She tilted her head. "Such cowards, are they not? Needing their victims to be enchanted with a childlike expression on their faces...other than that? All they do is run and hide."

She smirked.

"You give me your darkest rum. I have no need to feed on blood out of a bottle - I am not a desperate creature in need of a sleazy inn to provide my nectar. I am strong enough to last months without a feed. But even then...I am not like the others. I do not pick countless victims to drain dry...I, am Andoniaina from the Betsileo tribe. They are my followers; they offer me their blood willingly, their nail clippings, hair, gold, life. Everything I do has purpose, and drinking stale blood from a bottle is not one of them..."
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Giving Robbin a quick nudge to the ribs, Caleb said, “Hey now... I notice she didn’t even consider you so... don’t talk.” He smirked at her, then looking over to the vampire and her odd movments he said,

“I think what Ramazanov was quetioning was your ability to pick out the alpha by going to Dice there... not your ability to smell another vampire. And the vampire you are smelling on him?” He jerked his thumb towards Ivan and said, “She is under his comand.”

He of course assumed it had to be Perrine because... Wesley was dead, right?

He then added, “I am not sure your alpha seeking skills are what they use to be...”
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Dice glanced towards Caleb, then said in a lower tone, “Did I say he? I meant she... or... well... it could be and old sent but...” he coughed, clearing his throat before stepping back from the vampire and saying with a bit of a flourish,

“But I will get you your run my lady! And you will tell me tales of how superior the Ramanga are to other vampires. I have never met one of your kind. Most of my experiences are with Fleur du Sang.”
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Kyle had been watching carefully off to the side, keeping his eyes on this vampire. She was unusual to say the least; nothing like any other vampire. But even with that, he couldn't feel at ease; he didn't know what powers she had, and therefore couldn't predict what she was planning.

He glanced to Ivan to see his expression.
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"You assume alpha means strong and in charge, yes?" She glanced around, lifting her chin. She presumed this was the time for her to explain her meaning, but instead, smirked and remained silent, hitching herself up and starting to crawl over the bar. She saw a couple of them twitch and hesitate to lurch forward, but what harm was she really causing?

She jumped down onto Dice's side, stepping toward him, her black teeth ever present.

"You said he, because you mean he. You wreak of Fleur Du Sang testosterone...no vampire has that pungent smell unless it is fresh and new." She stepped toward him before gripping his wrist and pinning him against the back bar, leaning in close to inhale.

"Have you ever let him feed from you?"
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As she began to climb over Dice saw the others give a start, but giveing them a wave he said, “It’s ok...”

But suddenly she was on him, pressing into him, shoing she knew it wasn’t Perrine!

“Erm...” Dice swallowed hard, then looking back into her crazy eyes said, “Let isn’t exactly the word I would chose... more like has he? No... oddly enough. Likely doesn’t trust himself to stop. I do have very special blood. It’s lucky. You actually remind me of him a bit.... very controlling, creepy, proud, but... just not pretty like he is, but I guess we can’t all be lookers, huh?”

Dice was creeped out by her, but very, very intrigued, she stank of danger, and he loved it!

He glanced from one side to the other, eyeing his wrists where she gripped him before looking her back in the eye and saying, “Aren’t you at least going to buy me a drink first?”
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Aina stared at him, almost through him for a long moment, her grip tightening on his wrists.

"No." She said firmly. "I don't coerce like that with pale boys."

She looked him up and down, inhaling deeply.

"Perhaps...you are not the alpha. Cowardly, sly, attempting to sway me with blood...but the one I smell on you..." She grinned. "I've never smelled anything like it. Take me to it."
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Meanwile, the others at the table were listening with wide eyes. Caleb glanced around finally at everyone, then motioning them to lean in close he said, “Ok, either Dice has not taken a batha since he last saw Marlow... which is a bit disturbing in itself, or...” he let his words drif off, then said,

“Well what’s the “or”...?!! Marlow is still alive?”
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Dice pursed his lips. He had been trying to distract away her thoughts of what she smelled with talk of blood, but she clearly was not interested.

His eyes glanced to the others at the table, then smiling slightly he said,

“Well this... is all verry embaressing Miss, I...” he looked over to the table again, then said,

“The vampire you are smelling is dead. Long dead. He was rather an obsessin of mine... well we were very close and... I sort of have some of his things... cloths.... and his bones... in my bed-I mean under my bed... haha! I will show them to you if you like... to prove it. Trust me.. I wish he were alive.”
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Aina's eyes lit up, and then she surged her hands up, gripping at his collar and pulling him close.

"Take me to them. Show me."
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“Ok, ok, alright...” said, Dice, holding up his hands. “if you want to look at a pile of bones, be my guest. Wow...”

Shaking her off then he motioned to a server to take over the bar, then lead the vampire outside...

But once out in the ally he turned to her and said, “Look, I was just trying to throw the others off. He is alive, but I had to get you out of their before you blew it. That vampire is my master and he is suppose to be dead. And if the rest of the world finds out I gave it away I would be dead. So can you do me a solid and just... drop it. Because trust me... you two don’t want to meet...”